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Simply The Best, At last…

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My further sexual and incestuous adventures with my young sister

My sister is now 31 years old, her fanny is hairier and much bushier and longer than it has ever been, has a live in bf and has had twin daughters.
The bf is the trainee doctor who examined her with our own doctor when my sis wanted to find out if her hymen was still unbroken.
It was still intact but the trainee doctor said that he wanted to see her again as he was so taken with my sister being so hairy and when he asked why she had no underwear on, she told him she didn’t own any.
Her wanna be bf came to our flat to see her one day and she opened the door to our flat completely naked for him, and asked him to come in.
When he walked in to the flat sis told him to sit beside me on the sofa, and right away I started to kiss and feel my sisters tits.
As soon as I touched her tits she spread her legs really wide apart, then grabbed her bf’s hand and shoved it right onto her hairy fanny.
He wasn’t too sure about touching her but I just told him to carry on doing what she wanted him to and soon he had his huge cock buried right up inside her virgin fanny and my sister hardly noticed that she wasn’t a virgin any more.
Her bf lay on the sofa with his cock still buried inside her, then I yanked the butt plug right out of her arse and quickly replaced it with my rock solid cock, then her bf and me began to dp fuck her really hard.
It was then that he noticed that both of her 11 year old daughters were sitting naked on arm chairs, right opposite where her now bf was lying under my sister, their mummy.
Both girls were sitting with the soles of their feet flat together, showing off their hairy fannies, with their arms up, hands clasped together and behind their heads to show off the hairy bushes on their pits.
As soon as he saw them he wanted to stop fucking my sister but she wouldn’t let him get off of her and I was still banging away at her arse, so he couldn’t stop anyway.
At that point, both girls crawled to where he was lying, still fuckin my sister, and the girls started to play with his balls and with mine as well.
Bf started moaning that he was gonna cum if the girls kept playing with his balls, but both girls kept up their sexy treatment of our balls and told the both of us that they wanted to make both us guys cum harder for them to see and experience what happens when guys cum.
When he started cumming, my sister moved away from under him so that her daughters could reach his cock, and they started taking turns at sucking and wanking him quite hard.
The girls both managed to catch his copious cum load, one in her mouth which she swallowed and the other one in her hand, which they both started to lick of her cum soaked hand, bf was gobsmacked that two such young girls would do that to him.
I told the girls that I was about to cum as well, so the girls knelt beside me as I was fucking their mummy’s arse, ready to catch my full load too.
Then when I pulled my cock out of my sisters arse, I rammed the shitty, cum and piss soaked dildo right up her arse again, the girl who had caught his cum in her mouth, caught my cum in her hand and the other girl sucked my cock so that my cum would be fired right down her throat.
As I was cumming, I held her long hair in both hands and pulled her onto my cock, so that my cock would go right down her throat.
She stated gagging right away so I just pulled her head even closer, and she kept on gagging so much that she was sick on my cock, but I continued to fire my full load down her throat right into her belly until my balls were completely empty.
When I finally pulled my cock out of her mouth she looked at me through her tear filled, crying eyes, she said thank you daddy.
Sis sat up on the sofa, beside both her daughters and started kissing them, one at a time, fully on their mouths and feeling their hairy fanny slits, also one at a time, and as their mummy was feeling their hairy slits, both girls put the soles of their feet flat together.
I knelt in front of the girl whose throat I had fired my full cum load down, lifted both her legs up and over the arm of the chair.
Then I leaned down to her fanny and began licking it up and down and round and round her wee button of a clit.
She started moaning right away and held onto the back of my head and pulled me right in to her fanny.
Soon she was really writhing about and screaming loudly that she wanted to cum, so I stopped what I was doing, she begged me to continue licking and sucking her clit.
I said that she could only cum when I got my cock buried right up into her arse, so she said ok go ahead as I really need to cum.
She got onto all fours, then I got up close to her arse, lined up my hard cock with her tiny arse hole, gave an almighty push, and my cock went right into her arse hole in one fast, dry movement.
She started screaming, oh my god take it out, take it out that fuckin hurts so much, so I kept on banging away at her arse hole and she began to tell me to fuck me harder daddy, please fuck me harder and faster daddy as I’m cumming right now.
As I had been doing this daughter, sisters bf had started on the other daughter as well, but he was doing her fanny.
We agreed that I would only fuck the girls, including my sister in their arses and he would only fuck the girls fannies.
I fucked the girl I was doing until I fired my full cum load really deeply into her bowels, then I shoved one of her mummies butt plugs up into her arse to keep my cum inside until I decide if I want to let it out.
The same rules that my sister abides by, also applies to her daughters;
Naked in the house at all times.
Wear only same kind of clothing as mummy does when outdoors.
No shaving body hair off.
No underwear outdoors.
No shoes, only slip-on high heeled sandals in public, unless in a car or indoors.
No Pissing, Shitting or Cumming, unless you ask me if you can first.
All girls can get their arse holes pissed, shit and cum in, but have to keep a butt plug up their arses at all times to keep all the piss, shit and cum inside them at all times, until I decide to empty their holes or not.
Girls only get their fannies fucked by bf or mummy.
Girls only get their arses fucked by daddy or mummy.
Girls get any holes fucked at any time, any where, by mummy, bf or daddy.

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