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The Rain Shelter

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A middle aged man and a young girl come together in a rain shelter during a freak thunderstorm.

It was a beautiful warm sunny day when I set out to take my dog, Kola, for a wander in the nature reserve. Sunday mornings were always quiet as most of the town attended church.

I strolled along the pathways enjoying the sounds of nature, with Kola chasing squirrels and rabbits that she came across. The pack on my back was a little heavy mainly due to the bottle of water I carried for the both of us, but also the other items I always brought along, including lunch.

I didn’t see a single other human being all morning, which is just how I liked it. Mornings like this were my happy time.

After stopping for lunch, Kola began to whine. She hated being stopped for too long and that was her way of saying time to start moving again.

In the time we had stopped, the humidity had increased and there was definitely moisture in the air but it was still really warm. When we came out of the trees I could see black clouds in the distance so I decided to head back to town.

It started raining before I was half way back and it became torrential shortly afterwards. I was wearing a light-tshit and shorts so I was drenched skin deep pretty quickly. Kola and I began running until we reached the rain shelter which was about half a mile from town.

The shelter was completely open at the front but the roofed structure was quite deep with benches on all three sides. It was well tended so it was clean, dry with the benches in good condition. Kola shook herself dry and I extracted my towel and change of clothes from my backpack, got dry and into dry clothes.

It was thundering and lightening now in the distance which seemed to be getting closer. The storm certainly didn’t look like it was letting up.

I put me feet up on the bench with Kola beside me and my backpack as a cushion. I found the sound of the storm really soporific and combined with the warmth of the shelter, Kola and I nodded off.

I woke to the sound of a really loud close clap of thunder. The rain was bouncing off the ground outside making a tremendous noise. I had no idea how long I had slept.

I sat up to see someone huddled on the bench on the other side of the shelter. It was a young girl no more than 11 years old. She was wet through, her long hair hanging loosely over her shoulders and dripping down her body.

She was dressed in a thin patterned summer dress which was plastered to her body. She had her knees pulled up to her chest, so I could just see her pink panties were also wet. They were so wet that i could almost see her pussy through them.

Hi there I said, you look cold. She eye’d me suspiciously. She nodded slowly.

Are you lost, I asked, where are your friends or parents?

She hesitated and then, in almost a whisper, said she wasn’t lost.

We sat there in silence for quite a while before she asked “what is your dog called”?

Kola I said. Kola raised her head and pricked up her ears at the mention of her name.

Can I pet him, she asked.

“Her” I corrected, “yes of course” I said.

She got up off the bench and came over to stroke Kola, who wagged her tail frantically and licked the girls arm. She giggled.

The little girl really was wet, so I offered her my towel to dry off a bit. She took it from me and made a half assed attempt to dry herself.

I laughed and told her to give me the towel and just stand there stroking Kola and let me dry her hair.

I gave her hair a really good towelling, getting as much moisture out of it as I could. At least it was no longer dripping down her body. I took my comb and she let me comb her hair through.

I asked her what her name was. She said she was called Carrie Ann and lived in town. I’m Mike I told her and she already knew Kola.

I asked her again why she was out here on her own. She told me that her Mom worked from home and was on conference calls all day, even on a Sunday, so Carrie Ann had decided to take herself off for a walk. She got caught in the rain and came across the shelter whilst heading home.

She very nearly didn’t come in when she saw me, but didn’t want to be out in the rain, thunder and lightning, so risked it.

She was still shivering despite the relatively warm air. She really needed to get those wet clothes off, wring them out and let them dry off a bit for when the rain stopped. I told her so.

She looked horrified at the suggestion and shook her head. I can’t do that mister, she said, I don’t know you.

“Mike” I corrected, call me Mike. I have a fleece in my back pack that you can put on whilst your clothes are drying. I won’t look whilst you change.

I pulled the fleece out and put it on the bench next to Kola. I then turned my back.

She was struggling to remove her dress as it was sticking to her. “Can you help me Mike” she asked.

I turned around to see she had already removed her panties and had the dress up over her hips but was struggling to get it over her head.

I couldnt help staring at her little bald pussy, so pink and perfect. I helped her off with the dress and wrung it out before laying it out on one of the benches to dry. I did the same with her little panties, resisting the urge to give them a sniff.

Carrie Ann stood there naked with one arm across her chest and the other covering her pussy with a hand.

I sat down motioned her over and dried off her back, shoulders and arms, before putting the fleece on her. Once she was decent(ish) she relaxed a bit. I suggested I also dry her legs. She nodded.

I dried off her feet and worked up her legs until I reached the top. I reached under the fleece and dried her bottom. She opened her legs so I towelled off her pussy.

She looked embarrassed at me rubbing the towel down there. I had a massive boner. I’d never looked at little girls before or thought about them being naked, but being so close to Carrie Ann’s naked body and seeing how perfect it was, got me all fired up.

I put my hand on her bare leg. She jumped.

What are you doing, she asked looking alarmed.

I’m just seeing if you are dry I replied.

She relaxed. OK she said.

I put my hand back on her leg. It did feel cold. You are freezing I said.

Yes, she said, your hands are nice and warm.

I put both hands on her thigh and rubbed it to warm it up. She looked quite relaxed, so I moved my hands further up, repeating the rubbing with each advance, until I reached the top.

She opened her legs and I moved up until the side of one hand was rubbing her pussy and the other brushing one of her buttocks.

She closed her eyes.

I did the same on the other leg, moving up to her pussy again. This time her pussy was warm and moist. It was a different kind of moist from what it had been from the rain. This moist was warm and viscous.

I moved my hand so it was flat on her pussy with my middle finger between her labia. She opened her legs a bit wider to let me have better access. My other hand cupped her buttock and caressed them gently.

A whispered “oooh” came from her lips. She opened her eyes and looked at me. “That feels really nice mike”, she said.

“You feel fantastic” I told her. She looked delighted. “I do” she questioned. “Yes you do”, I said, “You have a beautiful body” and I slid the zipper down on the fleece she had on.

I hadn’t really gotten a good look at her tits when she was undressing, but now I could see she wasnt as flat chested as I first thought when her wet dress clung to her. She definitely had small budding breasts with gorgeous nipples that stood to attention.

I moved my hand from her ass and stroked her chest whilst still stroking her pussy. Her little tits felt so soft and smooth, her nipples deliciously hard.

I tasted them between my lips, teasing each one with my tongue.

She started to push back against my hand on her pussy increasing the pressure between her legs. I took hold of her little hard clitoris between thumb and forefinger and played with it. Carrie Ann gasped, gyrating her hips wildly and breathing hard.

I put my hand back flat on her pussy and rubbed hard over all of her pussy. She came loudly. Oh my lord, she cried very cutely I thought. Oh my Lord, she exclaimed again, her pussy pulsing hard under my hand.

I put the towel on the bench and sat her on it. She was still gasping for air with her eyes fully closed.
I kissed her on the lips causing her to open her eyes in surprise. I kissed on the neck, down her chest, on both boobies, down her tummy and onto her pink little cunt.

She moaned and squirmed as my tongue came into contact with her clitoris. Flicking it and sucking on it, her moans became louder. I licked harder, letting my tongue flirt with both of her openings. She tasted amazing.

When I came up for air she told me not to stop and pushed my head back down to her dripping honey pot. She ground her pussy into my face with surprising strength, squashing my ears between her warm soft thighs and she helped herself to another orgasm. Sweet Jesus Mike”, she whispered, “what are you doing to me”.

Are you OK I asked her. I am so OK, she exclaimed, so darned OK. Please don’t stop she pleaded.

I had no intention of stopping. I needed to release my cock from my shorts as it was hurting under such strain.

I stroked her pussy and asked her if she had ever seen a man’s penis. She said she had. I told her I needed her to see mine and pulled my shorts and undies down. My cock sprang up with considerable force and quivered before her face.

She stared at it open mouthed and wide-eyed. It’s so big and hard she said. Do you want to touch it I asked. She reached out and placed a finger on it and withdrew her hand immediately. Not like that I told her, taking her hand and placing her fingers around the shaft. Shit that felt good.

Carrie Ann was fascinated by my balls, squeezing them a little too hard and laughing at my reaction. It was lovely to feel her investigating my cock and balls with her little hands. I was delighted and surprised when she kissed me on the cock. she told me my cock smelled wonderful.

She wanted me to rub her pussy again, so I used my cock. Kneeling between her legs, I placed my cock between her pussy lips and began humping. Her pussy had cooled off a little and felt cold and moist against my hot cock, but soon warmed up. She leaned against the back of the bench and looked between her legs at my cock ploughing her labia. I brought her further forward on the bench so part of her buttocks hung over the edge, then I pressed my balls against her ass and humped her cunt.

The way Carrie Ann humped me back was frantic. I could not believe that it was the same little girl i saw for the first time just over an hour earlier when she looked like a frightened drowned rat. Right now she was going for another climax with maximum enthusiasm. How I envied girls and their ability to orgasm again and again. I was holding off mine for dear life.

To put off the inevitable, i sat on the bench and had her sit on my lap, facing me, with her little vagina straddling my penis. She rode me like a fucking race horse until she came again, her howls drowned out by the noise of the storm.

She had barely finished cumming when she raised herself up, took hold of my dick, put it at the entrance of her pussy, then with no hesitation she dropped on my lap forcing my cock into a tight virgin cunt. She grunted and screwed her face up in momentary pain and then began to fuck me.

I held her little bottom in both hands pulling her down as i thrust upwards, i had my mouth on hers and on her tits as she thrashed about bouncing on my throbbing knob.

I was reaching the point of no return so i lifted her off me, bent her over the bench and entered her from behind. There followed about 90 seconds of hard fucking before i pulled out, pressed my cock between her ass cheeks and unloaded right up her back. The pleasure i got from shooting my load whilst pressed between her little ass cheeks was off the scale. My cock twitched away for several minutes until my balls were drained.

We both lay back on the bench exhausted and breathing hard whilst the storm raged on. I leaned across and kissed her between the legs. She grabbed my head and helped herself to another orgasm smearing blood, sweat, her juices and my own cum across my face. The girl was insatiable.

Hours later, when the storm had abated and we were cleaned up, dry and dressed, we headed out of the shelter and back into town. I arranged to meet her next Sunday, same time, same place.

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