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Our second hotwife experience

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This is the second of five parts of a true story of how my wife and I experienced hotwifing together

August 21, 2023

About a month went by when my wife and I were grocery shopping and a very attractive man walked by us and I took notice of him. I looked over at my wife and she apparently paid him no mind. So, I asked her if she saw that guy who just walked by us and she looked up at me and played stupid and said, “What guy?” Looking around as if she was going to see him after he had walked from the aisle. I was like, come on, you’re kidding me, you didn’t see how good looking that guy was. She smiled which was an indication that she had and that she was only fucking with me.

Our marriage was great at this point not all due to our newfound extracurricular activities of hotwifing but that had a major role to play. The fact that we loved and trusted one another as she fucked other men in front of me and to be faithful and true when it mattered the most, when we were alone without each other. This was something that the average couple could never understand.

After the attractive man walked from the aisle my wife looked at me with a partially concerned look on her face then she spoke. “Since that night, I have been looking at every guy that I lay my eyes upon thinking if I would enjoy fucking him or not. It’s like you and I opened up a door in my mind that I just can’t seem to close.”

I interjected before she could finish her thought. “The question is, do you want to shut it or leave it open?”

She shrugged her shoulders and looked toward the floor. “I dunno, I guess I want to leave it open, but I would like to have the option of closing it if I preferred.

I quickly commented, “honey you do have the option of closing it, we can opt to never have that experience ever again and I’d be okay with it.”

She shook her head no, “that’s not what I meant. I meant to be able to close it in my head, turn it off so to speak. Seriously, as it stands now, every man and woman that I come across that is the least attractive to me, I immediately begin to think what I could do with him in the bedroom.”

I replied, “that’s because it just happened a month ago so the experience is fresh and exciting, and it will subside eventually.

She looked up at me and said, “you think so? I nodded my head and lied.”

I have no idea why I lied to her and simply didn’t inform her truthfully what I thought. Probably I didn’t want to frighten her steering her away from being my hotwife. I don’t believe that the excitement will ever go away and I knew it. It had infiltrated my mind to the point that before we even made her into my hotwife I looked at everyone as a potential subject thinking of how much pleasure it would bring me to watch them fuck my wife. It’s as if my brain was hardwired at birth and hers is being hardwire now.

The next day was Thanksgiving Day, so we packed the car and headed north to see her family. It was a one-thousand-mile drive, so we had plenty of time to discuss furthering our hotwife experience.

It didn’t take very long after we started to drive for her to bring it up. I believe she wanted to discuss not closing the door, but she desired to know how to keep it open and for it to remain open.

She said, “so, who are you going to choose to fuck me next? I looked over at her with disbelief because that is the first time in our marriage that she spoke so blatantly in this manner.

I smiled and told her what I was thinking, “let’s get the pizza guy to fuck you a few more times, how does that sound?

She apparently seemed happy about it because as we further discussed what he could do to her and what she could do to him, she removed her pants, and panties, spread her legs up on the dash and started to finger and play with herself. She asked me if it was okay if she masturbated thinking about him doing things all those things to her.

I agreed and said, “that is what it’s all about. The freedom of not hiding your true desires and secretly thinking about them and feeling dirty afterward. Don’t you feel so much more liberated since you started to fuck him?”

She ignored me and removed her fingers from her pussy and brought them to my mouth and said, here, see how wet I am because I’m thinking about him fucking my pussy and my asshole again. She placed her fingers in my mouth and all I could taste was the sweetness of her wet pussy. She masturbated in front of me while riding eighty miles an hour north on Interstate 95 something that she has never done in the past.

As she began to moan with pleasure I began to get a hard-on, so I pulled down my pants and underwear and she immediately without any hesitation leaned over and started to suck on my cock. Before she started to suck, she licked the pre-cum that was coming out of the head of my cock. She always said that it was the sweetest tasting secretion that my body produced so she enjoyed licking and tasting it. Also, she said that she could determine how turned on I was by how much pre-cum I produced.

I came in her mouth about ten minutes into her sucking my cock and she happily swallowed it down completely. She returned to fingering herself and she moaned with pleasure as she came multiple times. Then she reached into her bag and pulled out a vibrator that she had recently purchased and started to fuck herself with it. I was very surprised at this behavior because before she became my hotwife her desire for sexual activity was minimal and she would never have purchased a dildo to play with.

When we returned home to Florida, she couldn’t wait for me to contact the pizza guy to come and fuck her. We barely got out of the car, and she asked me, are you going to contact him right now? I really want to fuck him. So, I grabbed my cell and called him. He answered and I explained that my wife wanted to fuck him right now and if he could come over. He indicated that he’d be at our house in just 15 minutes. I informed my wife of this, and she got this wild look on her face like she was turned on.

I smiled and she spoke softly almost in a whisper. “Should I shower after sweating all night and all day long sitting in that fucking car or do you think that he’ll like my being dirty and stinky.”

I sighed and replied, don’t shower, he will be delighted that you are dirty and stinky. She asked, what about my asshole? I should at least take a wash rag to it, huh? I nodded, no, don’t do that, I’m telling you, he’s a man and if he’s anything like a man then he will love licking and eating your dirty asshole. She got really excited, stripped down to nothing but her underwear, ran upstairs and said that she’d be waiting for us to come up.

He arrived around 7pm and I answered the door. He swiftly came in and asked where she was almost as if he couldn’t wait to get started on her as much as she wanted him to get started on her. I told him she’s most likely lying naked on the bed waiting for you. He smiled and gestured to me if it was okay for him to go upstairs, so I shook my head, and he ran up the stairs like a kid in a toy store.

After about five minutes I heard her start to moan with pleasure. I immediately got a hard-on, but I remained downstairs to make it more exciting for her. After a few minutes I heard her scream my name, Billy, she called out, get your ass up here and watch this guy eat my pussy.

I laughed to myself, walked upstairs, and observed her lying on her back with her head hanging off the side and her legs spread wide open.

He was naked between her legs sucking viciously on her pussy and when I walked into the room, she looked at me with a look as if she were being sexually pleasured and said, “thank you honey for allowing him to eat out my pussy and fuck my asshole and mouth. I love you for making this happen for me.”

Her eyes then rolled back into her head as he was rubbing his entire face up and down back and forth on her dripping wet hot pussy.

This was the second encounter we had and there would be three more before the big one, two guys and double penetration. She wasn’t aware that this is what I had planned but it was in the works. The two of them explored one another sexually three more times after this encounter to a level reserved for intimate lovers. This is what they had become, intimate lovers. This was a major turn on for me that my wife had a sexual confidant they she could indicate to me that she wanted to fuck, and I could get him over instantly every time. She was being treated as if she were a sex queen.

Their exploration of one another resulted in her getting kinkier than she has ever been with me by far. He had already sucked on her toes and armpits, her asshole and her pussy, they had kissed, and she had sucked his cock and swallowed his cum, she had eaten his asshole and there was nothing more that they could do, or was there?

So, on the fourth encounter I’m watching as I have always done, and they are fucking and sucking every part of each other that they possibly could, and she had him lie down on the bed with his head hanging off of the side and tilted slightly backward as if she was going to fuck his throat. Then she straddled his face with her pussy just over his mouth and she told him to open wide. As he freely opened his mouth, she told him to stick out his tongue and taste her pussy.

He complied as she looked over at me with this devious grin on her face and she asked me, babe, am I permitted to pee into his mouth and have him drink it? It didn’t take me very long to answer her, almost a half a second later I said, sure okay if that’s what you want to do, yes. So, she looked down at him, smiled and said, are you ready? He nodded and she let her bladder loose peeing into his mouth and to my surprise he drank every last drop of it. Now, this is something that she and I definitely never did, and I never thought in a thousand years that she could be so fucking kinky. She would never even think about peeing into my mouth. It was obvious to me that hotwifing was changing her. But was it changing her for the good or for the bad?

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    Thank you for the info. but I don’t want to chat on any type of platform , because I’m married and I don’t want my husband, god forbid find out that I’m chatting sexually with a strange man other than him !! I know you can understand that !! but thanks again on being my knight in shining armor and please, give me a comment on each of my current stories , so alabamaslama see’s that your looking out for me !! (HUGS & KISSES) Britney

    • PrettyToes ID:14grun306ib


      I totally understand and I am curious now. If I may, please allow me to address your points of concern individually as I have but one question for you if you do not mind. Is your husband currently aware that you write and publish erotic stories on an online chat platform and that you periodically make contact with other writers and briefly chat with them?

      Chatting in ‘Session’ is not to get intimate or to be sexual with you by any means, it is to protect us from ourselves and what we choose to divulge either intentionally or mistakenly is all. It affords both of us the ability to communicate freely without having the need to be too concerned about what we choose to write to one another. Most chats in here should not be publicly posted to preserve the dignity of the community itself. The extreme chats regarding raping, molesting, and sexually abusing prepubescent children should be topics reserved for private chats between other likeminded individuals not publicly broadcasted for everyone to read.

      You wrote, “because I’m married and I don’t want my husband, god forbid find out that I’m chatting sexually with a strange man other than him !!” So, I gather that you consider me to be a ‘strange man,’ huh? JK, LOL! Please do not assume that my desire to show you how to conduct a session chat is in any way related to sex. My only intention is to teach you how to set it up, exchange session ID’s, chat for a moment, and that is all.

      Your session chat ID changes every time you terminate a session as the system generates a new encrypted key for access to every new session. So, if you leave your session open as I often do, there is no need to generate a new key, however, if you run into crazies and choose to close it as I have often needed to do, that session is terminated. Thus, it is deleted from the servers and contact with whomever you were chatting with would need to be reestablished by issuing them a new session ID.

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    I just wanted to thank you for sticking up for me pretty toes !! your right I can’t trust anyone here ,all I want to do is write sex stories and that creep wanted to join up with me to exchange ideas for stories then I warned him that someone else has the same name as me . I admit that Iam naive and to trusting of people !! so thank you again Britney

    • PrettyToes ID:14grun306ib

      You are most welcome Britney! I just discovered you and I am looking forward to reading your work. I searched Alabama and I could not find anything that he had written. Also, I see that you chose one of my not so popular stories that has null traffic on it most likely because you would not want Ray, or Alabama, or whatever his name is following you and reading what you are posting on writer’s message boards. He is highly intelligent so be careful and look after yourself in here. I trust nothing that I hear and half of what I see when I am perusing in places like these. I never chat or make friends or acquaintances like this probably because I am so sick of getting burned by white trash, Nigerians, gold diggers, etc.

      Allow me to make a few suggestions. If you are going to continue to frequent this website and others like it before you start getting friendly with someone, I would suggest that you download the sessions app, open a free @proton.me account, download a TOR browser, and get a decent VPN not necessarily in that order. Sessions is the safest way to chat with someone, exchange photos, and feel someone out. It is a totally anonymous end-to-end fully encrypted chat platform that utilizes the TOR network, which reassures you that what you are communicating with someone is 100% private and stays private and it gives you control over all the data that is open during your session. Your IP address is not trackable, your service provider is hidden and there is no way for someone to hack into your device while you are chatting with them unlike G-chat, Telegram, Facebook messenger, etc. Hell Google is the worst of them all!!! It is the safest chat platform on the market, and it is impenetrable by law enforcement, and it is free! The session ID’s look like this:


      Download it and I will help you get started with the other stuff to button you up and begin to professionally protect

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    Absolutely a delightful story of hotwifeing. I want this story to go on forever.