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Jack Preps his Wife for the Swingers Club

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In his attempts to covertly convince his wife to join a swingers club, Jack may find that he has bitten off more than he can chew.

A few weeks passed and Jack continued his plan of prepping his wife for their invitation to the private swingers club. During their lovemaking sessions, Jack got Trisha to feel comfortable watching porn and he continued to show her hand-picked videos that would covertly get her into the right frame of mind. Threesomes. Cheating wives. Interracial porn. Trisha seemed to enjoy the videos and was beginning to try new things in bed. Tonight, Jack picked a porn site that specialized in swinger videos.

As they watched the couples swap partners and fuck each other in group sex, Jack saw that Trisha was getting turned on. He watched as her hand slowly made its way down to rub her clit. He could see her panties getting wet as Trisha absent mindedly played with herself while staring intently at the screen.

Jack turned to Trisha and asked, “Do you think this stuff really happens?”

Trisha looked at Jack with a questioning face and said, “What do you mean?”

“Swinging” Jack said. “Do you think this really happens? We always heard rumors about it in our old neighborhood, but it seemed like urban legend.”

Trisha continued playing with herself and said, “My friend Gina told me that she and her husband were once approached about it, but they blew the person off.”

They continued watching the video. There were eight people on the screen. They seemed to be legit amateurs as none of them were the typical porn models you see in staged videos. One couple were fucking missionary style with the woman’s feet spread high in the air. Next to them, a cute brunette was riding a bald guy with a huge cock. She moaned intensely as you could tell she was having an orgasm. Jack saw Trisha was getting very horny as she was biting her lip while watching this action. Jack pulled his dick from his boxers and stroked it.

“Damn, they sure seem to be enjoying themselves.” Trisha did not respond as she was engrossed in the video.

“Do you think you could ever do something like that?” asked Jack.

Trisha’s concentration was broken, and she looked at Jack. Do what?”

Jack looked at his wife and said, “You know, swing. Have sex with other couples.”

Trisha laughed and said, “No! That would be weird.”

“What would be weird about it?” replied Jack.

Trisha shifted uncomfortably on the bed and said, “I don’t know. It would be weird to have sex in front of other people…not to mention WITH other people.”

Jack smirked and noted, “You didn’t seem to mind having sex with other people when you took your trip to Florida.”

Trisha looked at her husband and said, “Jack, I thought you said that was behind us?”

Jack smiled and said he was only kidding. “You know” Jack said, “I’ll bet you could find a nice big dick to ride like that brunette in the video if we swung. I know you liked fucking Tom’s big cock.” Trisha didn’t say anything. She thought about Tom’s enormous endowment and how he made her orgasm like never before.

“Hypothetically, what would you say if a couple offered to swing with us?”

“Jack, stop. I don’t want to answer any hypothetical questions. It’s a waste of time.” Trisha replied.

Jack countered, “So, if some guy with a 10-inch cock wanted to swing with us, you would say no? I know that you liked being fucked by that guy who was hung like a horse. I could see it in your face in the video.”

Trisha was getting slightly irritated at being reminded of her infidelity and said, “None of that is going to happen. It’s just porn fantasy that you men dream up in your head.”

Jack paused the video and said, “I guarantee you that I could easily find some guy to come have a threesome with us.”

Trisha cocked her head to the side in an inquisitive nature and said, “You want me to fuck other men? A few weeks ago you were pissed about my one-time lapse in judgement and now you want to share me with other guys?”

Jack smiled and said, “You know, maybe we needed something like that to happen to open our minds. To spice up our marriage. Yes Trisha, yes I do want to watch you fuck other men.” Trisha’s jaw nearly dropped to the floor. She could not respond. “It would be nice, however, if I got to fuck other women as well seeing that you have already done it twice with other men. Swinging seems to solve both issues.”

Trisha rolled over to her side of the bed and said, “You are gross. I am going to bed.”

Jack laughed and said, “Think about it. It makes sense.” Jack was still horny so he jacked off while laying next to Trisha. As he was stroking his cock, he reached his hand down Trisha’s sweatpants and played with her pussy. Trisha was soaking wet. Jack smiled as he knew he was getting through to her.

Although Trisha was acting the prude, as she lay with her back to her husband she was thinking about what he said. “Does he really want me to sleep with other men?” Trisha’s mind went straight to Tom’s big cock, the one she fucked on her one-night stand. At this point, she couldn’t even remember what Tom’s face looked like, but she could remember the way his manhood felt in her pussy. She remembered how he stretched her labia and touched every sensitive spot in her vagina just by being inside.

She loved her husband, but it was just a fact of nature that his smaller cock could never satisfy her the way Tom’s had. It was not her husband’s fault and she felt guilty about it. Trisha thought to herself, “He did say that he forgave me and that he actually wants to watch me fuck someone else. He wouldn’t say that if he didn’t mean it. I was expecting a possible divorce from this, and now we may turn into swingers? What the hell is happening?”

A few days later Jack received a message from Edward. When Jack checked the calendar, it had been exactly 8 weeks since their meeting at the restaurant. Jack and Trisha received an invitation to have dinner with Edward and his wife at their home. Jack told Trisha to clear their schedule for Friday night as he informed her of the invitation.

“Who are these people?” asked Trisha.

Jack fibbed a bit and said, “I met Edward through work. I really like him. It sounds like their situation is very similar to ours. Married. A few kids who are now out of the house. They are a few years older than us. Early fifties I think.”

Other than the occasional date nights they had been recently taking, Trisha and Jack rarely did anything such as going out with friends. Dinner with some new people sounded nice and Trisha agreed to go.

Friday came quickly and it was time to head over to Edward’s house for dinner. Jack wore jeans and a button-down shirt while Trisha wore a green silky dress that hugged her curves. Because the dress was so slinky, she wore thong underwear to hide her panty lines. Jack always loved this dress as it was one of the few Trisha owned that exposed any cleavage.

The couple drove to Edward’s house which was in a gated community and one of the wealthier ones in the city. Jack punched in the code Edward had provided and the gates swung open.

Jack rang the doorbell. A few seconds later Edward opened the door with a beautiful woman at his side. The house guests were invited inside and Jack introduced his wife Trisha. Edward took her hand, kissed the back of it and said, “I am Edward. It’s a pleasure to meet you.”

He turned to the woman at his side and said, “This is my lovely wife, Victoria. Please, call us Ed and Vicky.” Vicky was wearing a cream-colored dress that showed ample cleavage. Unlike his wife Trisha who had natural breasts, it was obvious that Vicky had a boob job as they were a bit too perky for her age. Vicky had brunette hair, stood about 5 foot 7 and was slender. She appeared to be similar in age to Jack and Trisha in her mid-to-late 40’s.

The couples made their way to the living room and Vicky asked if they wanted drinks. Edward instructed her to bring two scotches for the guys and to bring Trisha whatever Vicky was drinking. Upon Vicky’s return, conversations began and they were having a great time. Vicky asked Trisha if she could join her in the kitchen to check on the dinner that was in the oven.

When the ladies left the room, Edward turned to Jack and said, “Jack, your wife is a knockout! We are so glad you accepted our invitation to come over tonight.”

Jack smiled and jokingly said, “She does clean up nicely. Thanks for having us over.”

Becoming a bit more serious, Ed asked Jack if his wife had any clue about what was going on. “I assume you still want to join our club?”

Jack informed Ed that he had not formally told Trisha about the swingers club, but that he was “warming her up to the idea.”

“How do you mean?” asked Edward.

Jack told Ed about his scheme to deprogram his wife’s inhibitions by having her watch selective porn videos and by bringing up the topic of swinging and fucking other men.

“What has been her reaction to this?” inquired Edward.

“Well, our sex is better than ever, so I think she is getting close. I will officially tell her about the club soon.”

Edward took a drink. He was not entirely confident in Jack’s plan to convince his wife to join their club. Ed thought to himself that he may need to intervene to help Jack. He then looked at Jack and said, “You only have one month left. We will need your decision by then.”

Just then, Vicky and Trisha came back to the room with new drinks in hand. After some additional conversation, the couples were getting along quite well and Jack was happy to see Trisha having a good time. A loud sound from the kitchen indicated that dinner was ready. Vicky asked Jack if he could help her in the kitchen with the food. Jack obliged and left Trisha alone with Edward.

Trisha found Edward to be quite charming and intellectually stimulating. During their conversation, she could not help but to notice Edward staring at her cleavage. His attention was welcome, and it made Trisha feel alive. Trisha glanced down and could not help but to notice the bulge in Ed’s pants. He was sitting on the couch with his legs slightly spread to the point where his pants fabric was tightly stretched over his manhood. Trisha quickly looked away and babbled something to change the subject.

Vicky beckoned Ed and Trisha to come for dinner in the dining room. Ed pulled out a chair for Trisha and asked her to sit next to him as Vicky and Jack were already seated on the opposite side of the table. Dinner went splendidly and there was plenty of drinking and laughter.

At one point while eating, Trisha dropped some food onto her dress. Jack laughed and noted that Trisha can rarely get through a meal without spilling something on her clothes. Trisha stood up and excused herself to clean up. Having known where the kitchen was from helping Vicky earlier, Trisha headed there to find a towel to clean herself. Trisha was looking in the cupboard when she sensed something behind her.

Trisha turned around to find Ed standing close to her. He smiled and leaned forward so his face and body were just inches away Trisha’s. He reached into the cupboard behind her and retrieved a dish towel. “I believe you were looking for this?”

Trisha laughed and said, “Yes, thank you. I am such a klutz. I cannot believe I spilled food on my dress. This always happens.”

Ed rinsed the towel in the sink and then returned to Trisha. While she expected him to hand her the towel, she was surprised when he gently began to clean her dress.

“Please, allow me. You are a guest here.” Trisha stood frozen as Ed wiped the food from her dress. One bit was on the side of her left breast and she blushed as Ed slowly wiped the curve of her tit. He could see that Trisha was not wearing a bra as her nipple became visibly erect through the silky fabric of her dress. Trisha smiled at Ed and thanked him.

Edward quickly raised the towel and said, “Oops, I missed a spot.” He took the wet towel and wiped the side of Trisha’s cheek just next to her lip. “You had a bit of cream at the corner of your lip. I wouldn’t want Jack to think we were up to something while we were alone in the kitchen.” He gave Trisha a playful smirk. It took Trisha a second, but when finally understood the sexual nature of Ed’s joke, she blushed. She did not think that there was anything next to her lip, but she enjoyed the attention that Ed was giving her.

When they returned to the table, dinner continued, and dessert was served. Trisha jumped slightly when she felt Ed’s hand rest upon her knee. She looked over at him, but he ignored her as he was engaged in conversation with Jack and Vicky.

“What is he doing?” she thought. Trisha was slightly aroused, but also conscious of the fact that their respective spouses were literally sitting 3 feet across the table. Ed slowly started to slide his hand up Trisha’s thigh when she abruptly stood up and announced that she needed to use the ladies room. Vicky noted that the downstairs guest bathroom was being remodeled and she would need to use the master bathroom. Vicky asked Ed to show Trisha the way.

Ed led Trisha to the master bedroom so she could use the master bath. Along the way, he noted the remodeling they had been doing in the house and that they had just finished a custom closet for the master bedroom.

Trisha told Ed that she and Jack were thinking of doing their closet as well and asked if she could see their finished product after using the restroom. Ed showed Trisha the master bathroom and then took a seat in a chair in his bedroom.

Trisha was relieved to be by herself for a second in the bathroom. She was very attracted to Ed and felt that he was coming on strong. She thought to herself, “I can’t do anything with his wife in the house and Jack is here as well. This flirting is exciting though!” As Trisha lifted her dress to sit on the toilet, she noted that her panties were wet. Ed’s advances were making her horny, but what could she do? They were at a dinner party for God’s sake. Trisha went to the bathroom and cleaned herself.

Trisha exited the bathroom to find Ed sitting in a chair in the bedroom. He stood and said, “Would you like to see the new walk-in closet?”

Trisha’s mind was shaken from her thoughts about Ed and she readily agreed to see the closet. The newly remodeled closet was spectacular. It was just what Trisha wanted for her own home. Ed started by showing his side of the closet and then walked to Vicky’s side and asked Trisha to follow.

As Trisha looked around Vicky’s side of the closet, she was shocked to see a number of sex toys sitting on a shelf. She quickly turned and said, “Uh, I think Vicky left some of her personal things out.” Trisha looked quite embarrassed.

Ed looked at the collection of his wife’s dildos and smiled. “Vicky does love her toys. What about you? Do you have any similar toys?”

Trisha blushed and stumbled upon her words.

“Don’t be embarrassed. We are both adults here. Jack told me that his job takes him away from home quite often. You must get lonely without him.”

Trisha smiled and said, “Well, he is gone a lot and yes I do miss him often.”

Ed took a step closer to Trisha and said, “You must get urges with him gone so often. I would imagine that a sex toy or two would take care of that?”

Trisha could not believe she was saying this, but the words “Yes, I have a few toys to help with that” came out of her mouth.

Ed picked up a large white dildo from the shelf and said, “This one is Vicky’s favorite. I love to watch her please herself with this one. It always gets her off.” He put the dildo back on the shelf and stepped closer to Trisha. He looked her in the eyes and said, “A woman as beautiful as you are, your husband is a lucky man. If I were him, I wouldn’t be able to stand being away from you.”

Ed leaned forward and kissed Trisha on the lips. Trisha’s eyes were as large as dinner plates. She could not believe what was happening, but she liked it. She felt Ed’s hand grab her breast and fondle her hard nipple. She closed her eyes and let out a soft moan. Ed’s other hand quickly found Trisha’s pussy and he rubbed it through her dress. She let out a stifled squeal and reached for Ed’s cock. They felt each other as they passionately kissed.

Suddenly, Ed spun Trisha around and lifted her dress.

Trisha turned her head and whispered, “What about Jack and Vicky? They will hear us.”

Ed leaned forward and said, “The dining room is on the other side of the house and all of these clothes hanging in the closet will muffle the sound.”

He pushed Trisha’s panties to the side and rubbed her wet pussy as he pulled out his cock with his free hand. Trisha grabbed onto the frame of the closet as she felt Ed push his cock inside of her. Trisha was so wet that Ed wasted no time in pounding her quickly. He grabbed Trisha’s shoulders and pumped his cock deep inside of her vagina. Trisha wanted to scream but bit her lip in an effort to quiet the sound.

Back in the dining room, Vicky and Jack had finished dessert. Jack noted, “Trisha and Ed have been gone for a while. Should we check on them?”

Vicky smiled and said, “I am pretty sure that Ed is trying to fuck your wife right now.”

Jack looked startled and said, “What?”

Vicky looked at Jack and said, “It’s what you want, isn’t it? Your wife to fuck other men? You did ask my husband to join our club, did you not?”

Jack gave a weak smile and said, “Well, yes but I was not expecting this tonight.”

Just then, Jack and Vicky heard a sound coming from the bedroom. It was a quiet, faraway noise that sounded like a woman. Vicky chuckled and said, “Well, well. It sounds like your wife and my husband are getting acquainted with one another.”

Jack’s stomach dropped. Was Ed really fucking his wife in the next room? Jack had talked a big game over the past few months and thought he was ready, but he did not expect things to happen tonight. His concentration was broken when he felt Vicky’s hand rub his crotch.

“For someone who is so worried about his wife getting fucked by another man, you sure do seem to be enjoying it. Vicky squeezed Jack’s cock and she whispered into his ear, “Let me help you with this.”

Vicky turned Jack’s chair and she dropped to her knees. She unbuckled his pants, slid down the zipper, and reached into his pants to unleash his cock. Jack leaned his head back as Vicky’s mouth swallowed his manhood. Jack could tell that Vicky had more experience giving head compared wife Trisha. After blowing him for a while, Vicky would suck his balls and then work her way back to his shaft. Jack loved every minute of this.

Trisha could no longer hold on to the closet frame and reached back to grab Ed’s cock. Ed stopped thrusting long enough for Trisha to get on her hands and knees. He lifted her dress again and plunged his dick into Trisha from behind. Trisha hung her head down as Ed vigorously thrust into her. She could hear the rhythmic smacking of flesh hitting her ass and was worried that Jack and Vicky would hear.

Trisha grabbed the carpet as Ed fucked her and brought her to orgasm. Soon after, she heard Ed grunt repeatedly and felt his warm seed flood her vagina. As Ed pulled out, Trisha could feel cum drip from her pussy and run down her thigh. Fearful of being discovered, Trisha quickly grabbed the fabric of her dress and pulled it aside so it would not be stained with cum.

As Ed lay panting on the floor with his pants around his ankles, Trisha quickly ran to the bathroom to clean up. When she emerged, she found that Ed was gone. Trisha could not believe what just happened. She had been faithful to her husband for over two decades and now she had fucked three different men in a matter of months.

“Jack did tell me that he wanted me to fuck other men. Should I tell him about this?” Trisha was conflicted. For now, she thought it best to tidy herself up and return to the dining room like nothing happened.

When Ed returned to the dining room, he saw Jack sitting in a chair at a strange angle. He walked in further to see his wife Vicky with a dick in her mouth and Jack’s head tilted back in ecstasy. Ed knew that Vicky was an expert cocksucker and decided to sit back and watch. As Vicky had already been working on Jack for a while, it was not long before he tensed up and blew his load. Vicky did not want Jack’s cum to make a mess, so she held him tight and swallowed every drop that spurt from his cock.

Right after Jack came, Ed said “Looks like someone got an extra helping of dessert.” Startled, Jack sat up and began to button his pants. Vicky looked at her husband and licked the cum that remained on her lips.

In a playful retort to her husband, Vicky stood up and said, “It sounded like you gave Trisha quite the tour of our new closet.”

Ed smiled and said, “I have no idea what you are talking about.”

The three of them were sitting at the table when Trisha finally reappeared into the dining room. Trisha was smoothing her clothes and apologetically said, “I am so sorry, I was in the bathroom for a while and then I kept Ed far too long asking him questions about your new closet. It is beautiful!”

Vicky smiled at Trisha and said, “Yes, we do like it.”

Soon thereafter, Trisha noted that the time was getting late and that they should be heading home. She glanced at Jack and gave him the “it’s time to go look.” Jack and Trisha thanked their hosts for a wonderful evening and all exchanged pleasantries as they parted ways. As they walked to the car, Trisha could feel cum oozing down her leg. She quickly opened the car door and sat down making sure to cross her legs tightly.

On the car ride home, Jack asked Trisha “You and Ed were gone for an awfully long time. Was everything ok back there?”

Trisha had no idea if Jack was wise to the fact that she had fucked Ed just a few rooms away, but she was not ready to tell him. “Well, you know Ed. He wanted to show me every detail of the closet. It is huge!”

Jack laughed and said, “I’ll bet it is! Vicky was telling me about it.”

From Jack’s response, Trisha could not tell if Jack knew anything.

A few minutes later, Jack noted, “Did you hurt your ankle? I noticed that you were walking a little funny on the way to the car?”

Trisha began to panic. “Oh my God, he knows. He knows!” were the first thoughts that ran through her mind. She regained her composure and responded “No, no problems. I think the path to the driveway was just a little uneven.”

To be continued…

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  • Reply Cappy ID:1a4kzeo38i

    How delightful. This story is progressing well. Not rushing ahead too fast, savoring in the details of her awakening. This is exciting. She definitely needed this nice introductory closet fuck and probably more, before The Big Event happens. I can’t wait to read what happens next.

    • Slawdog ID:16o42quywkyl

      Thank you Cappy. I agree. Not writing this just to have a gratuitous sex story. I don’t honestly believe that real people get into things like this on a whim as many stories show. Trying to give a somewhat realistic account of how this could happen with this particular couple. Many aspects of this story are a true reflection of our real life (all names changed of course).

    • Slawdog ID:16o42quywkyl

      Thank you Cappy. I want to write this saga in a realistic way of how this could happen rather than a simple gratuitous sex story. I don’t think most real life people would simply jump into something like this. In many ways, this story mirrors some my real life. The amount of sex will definitely pick up as the story progresses.