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Sister In Law To Remember

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Abused and neglected sister in law takes advantage of her teenage brother in law

This story is true just the names have been changed to protect those involved. If you enjoy please leave a comment below.

To start my name is Kevin and since I am still a teenager (16) I get to be the designated babysitter for everyone in my family. So when my brother Daniel and his wife Tiffany asked if I could babysit for them one Friday night I said yes. Now Daniel and Tiffany’s marriage was not the best. They fought and it wasnt always just yelling. But friday was supposed to be their day. See Daniel sometimes had to leave for work and could be gone for a week at a time. It was hard on Tiffany to be alone and care for the house and kids. So they decided to have a date night friday right before he had to catch his flight. They picked me up and brought me to their house where the kids were already eating dinner and they left shortly after.
“Make sure the kids are in bed soon its getting late” Tiffany said.
“They will be fine. Go have fun.” I replied.
With that they left and the kids continued eating while i made sure everything was ready for bed. They Brushed their teeth got in pj’s and played around for a little before going to bed.

So i figured with them in bed i would sneak out back smoke a joint i had from a friend earlier. It was dark outside maybe an hour or so after they had left. once I finished the joint I went back in to watch some tv and not shortly after I heard a car door shut and in walks Tiffany.

“Hey how was your night?” I asked.

Fighting back tears tiffany told me that they had drank too much and that her and Daniel got into a fight at the restaurant and he left her there and went to the airport. she had to take a cab home.

“Damn it… I’m sorry that happened.” I tried to make her feel better.
“I hate it I spent so much time getting the kids fed and I showered and did my hair. I tried to look pretty.” She said starting to tear up
“It’s ok… Come here.” I said pulling her in for a hug. I could smell the alcohol on her but it didn’t bother me. “I… I think you look pretty” I said into her neck.

She felt the wind from my words brush across her neck which caused bumps to rise down her skin and she just kind of pulled me close with one of my legs between hers she just rubbed herself on me and let out a soft mmmm as we held each other for a moment. she soon snapped out of it talking to herself “What are you thinking. you shouldn’t” and then headed for the bathroom.

“I’m going to get comfortable these close aren’t it.” She said as she entered the bathroom.

Flustered I stood in the kitchen slowly realizing what happened. I instantly got hard thinking about it. I didn’t care she was my brothers wife. I didn’t care she was my sister in law. All I cared about was this older woman that just held me pressing her chest into mine while she started to please herself with my leg. She came out of the bathroom with just a bathrobe and some lose fitting leggings. I was jittery but asked if she wanted to smoke a cigarette before calling it a night. She said sure and then we went outside. I didn’t have any but I knew she would let me have one of hers. Which she did but as she handed it to me her robe slid open just slightly where I could see down her cleavage. We lit our smokes and took a couple drags before she playfully said ” You’re a little young to be looking at such older women are you?”
Taken a back a little but willing to push the boundaries I replied ” You’re not that much older than me. And trust me anyone would be lucky to see what I just saw.” looking at her breasts.
“You like that?” She said with a smile as she opened her robe some more.
“Yeah I do.” I dropped my smoke and brought both my hands to her chest and went inside her robe to feel her big tits. I looked up at her and she just closed her eyes and continued smoking. So i pulled her breast completely out and started sucking on her tit while I played with the other in my hand. Flicking my tongue across her hard nipple she put her hand on my head and pulled me close. Then put her smoke out and just ran her hands over my body while I licked and sucked her breasts taking time with each one. My cock now attempting to rip through my jeans I started to unzip my pants. At the same time a neighbor dog started to bark which made Tiffany snap out of her pleasure state and realize we are in the back yard and I am about to pull my cock out. She pushed me back and pulled up her robe.
“We can’t do this” She said going in the house.
“What? Wait.” I replied following her.
When we got to the hallway she turned and kissed me. Deep. Pulling me in close to her. My hands finding her chest again. I was ready to burst. I pulled my dick out as we kissed. She reached down and grabbed it and started jerking me off between our bodies. I pulled down her pants to expose her pussy. She had a full dark bush. I didnt mind though I started rubbing her slit up and down teasing her hole making her soaking wet. Then I put my cock between her legs and just started grinding against her pussy while we made out.
“I can feel the heat from your dick.” She said
“You got me so hard right now I cant take it.” I replied as we went to the bedroom.
Once we got in the room Tiffany immediately removed her clothes so I began to do the same.
“Wait.” She said. “I wanna do it.”
Then she pulled my shirt over my head as she sat down on the bed to then pull my pants down. My cock stood hard directly in her face as she looked up locked eyes with me and smiled as she took the head of my dick in her mouth. Her hands rubbing from my ass to my thighs to my chest and stomach she was feeling my whole body while she took my whole cock deep in her throat. My mind was racing. This was the best feeling ever and she was giving it to me. I pulled her away because I didnt want to cum just yet. laying her on her back she spread her legs and was expecting me to climb on top of her. Instead I positioned my head between her legs.
“Are you sure?” She asked me
“Oh hell yeah I’m gonna eat this pussy until you cum on my face.” I told her.
Then started teasing her clit with my tongue as I slowly made one of my fingers enter her warm wet pussy.
“Oh fuuuu…” She let out while putting a pillow to her mouth.
I started sucking her clit like a baby bottle while I used to fingers to fill her tight pussy and curl up to rub her pussy real good. with my other hand i pushed on her stomach making her start to cum so i sped up my pace sucking and licking her clit until i heard a gooshy splash sound and she came and squirted in my mouth. That turned me on so much i jumped up and positioned myself between her legs and eased my cock in. She wrapped her legs around me and pulled me in until my shaft was completely inside her. feeling her pussy stretch the whole way.
“OHHHHHHH” She screamed as she put both hands on my face and kissed me.
We pushed our foreheads together and i started thrusting hard and deep into her. feeling our hips hitting together. the sounds of our wet flesh slapping as i fucked her harder and harder.
“Hold on.” I told her. ” I dont want to cum like this. Get on top.”
And i rolled her over the top of me and she just kinda sat there.
“Im not good on top.” She said With her hands on her tits. “I dont get on top i dont know what to do.”
I pulled her in close and kissed her again “Its ok i just want to feel your body ontop of mine. let me do all the work.”
Then i laid her ontop of me chest to chest and i pushed my dick back inside her and thrusted up hard and fast.
“Wait… wait… wait… oh god oh gooooooooood.” She squealed and she came on my cock again.
Hearing her squeal like that and then say my name and for her to say for me to fuck her AND to cum inside her all sent me over the edge i grabbed her ass and thrusted deep in her and came so hard bursts shot out of my cock and squirted out of her pussy onto my balls. She kept grinding on me continuing her orgasm until she just collapsed on me releasing her full body weight on me. I held her close as i kissed her neck and cheek. once she rolled over off of me we cuddled naked and slept through the night together. And that was just what happened on Friday.

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    Would love to read more

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    Follow up?

    • KingSass ID:1de1oq2jmh0p

      Depending on how popular this story gets i will write a part two. Many things had happened after the events of that night