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Little Brother Cucked By Big Sister – Part II

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I stepped back from the door, my stomach churning and breathing rapid. I had never felt these kinds of feelings before and I didnt understand what was going on with me. I felt completely powerless, and eventually I could not take watching this anymore.

Silently, I made my way back to my room and got into bed, the racecar designs on my bedsheets reminding me how childish I was compared to seventeen year old Tony. It was so unfair that he had a car and could take my sister wherever he wanted while I was stuck playing with hot wheels. It was unfair that Tony had already had his growth spurt while I was still a pipsqueak without a single body hair. How was I suppose to compete with that?!

As I lay in bed, I had to cover my ears with my hands to try to block out the sound of my sister’s giggling coming from the other room. Even after having drowned out the sounds, I could still picture what was going on in my sisters room. It started off slowly at first, then went so quickly, and so intensely, especially when the bed started rocking and I could hear what sounded like my sister stifling her own screams with a pillow.

The fact that my sister was having sex with another boy hurt, but as I continued to listen, it also felt…good. I was conflicted by my feelings for my sister and my desire to be with her, and my desire for her to be happy, no matter what.

And right then, as I laid my head on my pillow and closed my eyes, I listened to what sounded like Veronica reaching her climax, and I pictured her face with vivid detail, imagining her moaning mouth forming into a smile as she turns to look at me. It made me feel weird, my stomach turned and I felt a drowsy dizziness, but in my head all I could picture her saying as I drifted into sleep was,

“Thanks for knowing your place little brother..”

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  • Reply Nick T. ID:2wcg8yx6id

    Not my real sister but my step-sister cucked me. We used to masturbate together but she never once would let me fuck her. One night she tells me to come to her room and I sneak up there all ready to jerk off but was shocked that there was a dude I didn’t know in her room. So I started to walk out. She asked where I was going. I said out. She said stay. What the fuck was this shit, I thought. One thing led to another and a minute later she pulls her shorts to the side and asked me if this was what I wanted. I wasn’t sure if she was about to finally let me fuck it so I said yeah. She said well, you’re not going to but then took her shorts completely off. Confusing. I still didn’t get it. She lay back on her bed and the dude smiled and started taking off his pants. No fucking way, I thought. Yep. I thought she was going to suck his dick but she just jerked him for a minute and the next thing I knew he was fucking that pussy for all he was worth. She tells me to stand beside the bed and jerk off. I said no, but ended up doing it anyway. When I left the room they were still fucking. She was telling me I better not leave but I did. I went to my room and jerked off again later thinking about them fucking, confused as hell. Cucking is one thing when you’re an adult but in your mid-teens that shit fucks with your head. You have no fucking idea what the deal is. A couple of days later she wanted to masturbate together and I started trying to get her to fuck and she wouldn’t do it, as usual. I thought well what the fuck.