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you need to have read the previous story to understand this one. Keep in mind all my stories are real life and happened

Sara was such a sweetie. She was maybe 5’2 but older than Kat by almost a year making her 13 now. Her hair was half way down her back and she had a perfect bubble butt. Her tits although only about an A were perfect for her petite size. She was into gymnastics so her whole body was firm and luscious. Brian did in fact ask me to stay and look after things at the house and I agreed. They left the next day for Mexico for 7 days and I had the entire house to myself. I actually didn’t expect Sara to ever have the courage to come down for a visit until the first afternoon when the front door bell rang and I opened it to see beautiful Sara standing there with a look of apprehension and fear on her beautiful face.
I told her to come in and as soon as she was in the door I told her she didn’t have to do anything just because Kat had and we could just sit and have a soda or something and she could leave. She said ok and we went into the family room off the kitchen and I got her a soda. She had taken her coat off and was dressed in tights and a large wool sweater and as she walked away from me I could almost taste her perfect bubble butt.
We sat across from each other and made small talk about how school was going and she told me that she had made the elite squad in gymnastics. The topic of Kat came up about something that had happened in school and all of a sudden Sara said ”Hugh did you really do the stuff she said ”. I asked what she had been told and she said Kat had told her how I had licked her cunt and yes she said cunt and that Kat had jacked me off and we had played with each other. I asked her If she had talked to Kat since and she said she hadn’t talked to her before she left for Mexico. Then she started to giggle and said “you fucked her didn’t you Hugh”. She had her hand in her crotch and was rubbing her cunt lips and her voice was a bit shakey as she spoke. I just smiled and said I don’t think a gentleman kisses and tells and laughed.
She said you don’t need to worry I would never tell because Kat has stuff on me too so we would both be in trouble. I asked her what Kat had on her and she turned red in the face and looked down but didn’t say anything. I told her that since she knew what I had down with Kat it was only fare that she told me what she had done. She said “ok I guess that’s fair.”
I sucked two boys at school in the bathroom and made them cum. I asked her how it happened and she said that the one boy liked her and finally talked her into jacking him off but when they got into the stall of the boys bathroom there was another boy there as well. At first she said she didn’t want to do it in front of the second boy but her boyfriend convinced her it would be fine and since she was a bit horny she agreed. Her boyfriend had dropped his pants to the floor and pulled his cock out of his shorts. She said it was the first cock she had ever seen and to her it looked huge. She asked him if all boys had big cocks and he said no they are all different and told his friend to pull his cock out so she could see. He did and now she had two cocks in front of her. It made her very wet and so she took a cock in each hand and started to jack the boys off without even thinking about it. They started to rub her tits under her clothes and made her even more horny. Her boyfriend pushed her by the shoulders and she knew what he wanted and by that time she wanted to try it too so she dropped to her knees and started to suck his cock while still jacking his friend. She didn’t know why she did it but both cocks were at eye level so she went back and forth sucking each cock. Her boyfriend came first and shot a small stream of cum onto her face and pulled away. The other boy shot way more like two thick ropes of cum some on her hair but a lot stayed in her mouth and she swallowed it. She said it only took about a minute for them to cum. She said it didn’t taste bad only a bit salty. Then they left her there. I asked her did she like doing that or was upset by it. She said she didn’t mind but felt a bit used when they left her there.
I told her I thought she was still aroused by it because of how she was rubbing her pussy and she looked at me and turned bright red and pulled her hand out of her cunt. I told her it was ok and that we all get aroused by things sometimes. She then said Kat had told her my cock was way bigger than those boys in her school and that Kat had had trouble getting it in her mouth. Before I could say anything she said “Can I see it. I’ll show you my tits if you do. I don’t know what to do really but I’ll try to do it right. I said that s fine and if you really want to I’m ok with it. I undid the front of my jeans and pushed them down to my knees and told her when she was ready she could pull my underpants down. My 8 inches of ridged cock was tenting my underpants and when she pulled them down it popped out and stood straight out in front of me.
She stood up and pulled her sweater off over her head and reached around and undid her little bra. Her tits were perfect. Half lemon sized with small dark areola and cute nipples standing at attention. I moved over to her chair and stood in front of her so she could get a good look and she just stared at it with her mouth open. She then reached out and took my cock in her hand and started to jack me. My cock was at mouth level so I put my hand on the back of her head and gently pulled her to my cock. She licked the head first and got some pre cum but didn’t stop. She took the head into her tiny mouth and started to suck and jack me at the same time. I leaned down a bit and started to play with her nipples and she gasped so I used both hands and had a tit in each hand gently pinching her nipples and massaging her young firm tits. When I was ready to cum I told her and she didn’t pull away so I let go into her mouth. She did her best but only swallowed about half of my cum and the rest came out of her mouth and down onto her chin and dribbled on her tits. I rubbed it into her tits as she finished. She leaned back and sighed and said “Wow Kat told me it was big but I never thought it would be that big. How did you ever get that into her cunt” as she wiped her chin and slipped her finger into her mouth. I said you know your cunt stretches a lot for a baby to come out so its just a matter of practice and even your small cunt would have no trouble taking my cock all the way. She watched as my cock deflated and dripped the last few drops of cum on her legs. She said thank you I really liked doing that and at least you didn’t leave. I told her boys don’t know how to treat a girl yet but I do. Then I asked her if she want me to help her cum and she said she was a little scared and wasn’t sure. I said that’s ok we’ll maybe try again if you decide to come back. She got dressed and said good bye and left.
It was 3 days before she came back and when the bell rang I thought it was the workers come to install the new counter tops. When I answered the door there she was all shy and nervous. I invited her in and told her the workers were supposed to come soon to do some work but if she wanted we could just sit and talk or we could go up to Kats room where we wouldn’t be disturbed. She didn’t think twice and said “ lets go up to Kats room.’ When we got upstairs and she took her jacket off she was again wearing a pair of leggings and tighter top than last time that showed off her tits. I said you can sit on the bed if you want I I’ll stand over by the door if it will make you feel more comfortable. She said “no its ok you can sit with me on the bed.” So there we were sitting on Kats bed together not even looking at each other. Finally I said I wish I knew where Kat kept her dildo and maybe she could try it and I would even leave the room so she wouldn’t be nervous. She immediately piped up and said “ I know where it is if she doesn’t have it with her” and jumped up and went to Kats dresser and pulled the bottom drawer open and pulled some sweaters out. To my surprise she pulled a box out that certainly held more than the small dildo I had seen Kat with.
We went back to the bed and sat down and opened the box. Inside was an assortment of dildos and anal plugs and beads. I was a little amazed but Sara seemed to know they were there. I said do you know what these are all for and she giggled and said Kat had showed her before and told her what they were all for. I pulled the anal beads out and was playing with them and asked her if she had tried any of them yet. More giggling followed and she said “ya, I tried a couple of them with Kat.” I asked which ones and she pulled the little dildo out that Kat had been using when I caught her and pointed to the anal beads and said “just these two”. I asked if she had enjoyed them and she nodded but wouldn’t look at me. I told her it was ok because girls unlike boys needed aids to help them with their sexual needs. She said ”so you don’t think I’m like some freak then.” of course not” I replied “its all natural” She was playing with the beads but refused to look at me so I put my hand onto her chest and played with her tit outside her top. I could feel her heart beating so fast I knew she was aroused. I gently took both hands and lifted up her tight top and pulled it over her head. She didn’t stop me in fact she seemed to want to help me. Once I had her top off I pulled her training bra up over her tits and then she lifted her arms over her head so I could get it completely off. Her little nipples were erect and hard and I played with them and pinched them until she moaned and put her one hand on top of one of my hands and moved it down to her leggings. I got up and took her by the arms and pulled her to her feet and started to slide her legging down. I said “ are you ok so should I stop” She just moaned again and started to push her leggings down. I said “ why don’t I undress you and you undress me.” She nodded ok and started to unbutton my shirt. When I pulled her leggings down her panties came with them and there she was totally naked and amazing. She had hardly any cunt hair and I couldn’t believe but I could see two lips inside her outer labia just handing down a bit and realized she had a butterfly cunt even at 13. By now she was undoing my pants but was having trouble getting them opened so I undid them and slid my jeans and underwear off and let my raging hard cock out to stand straight in front of me.
Her hips were spread more than Kats and her bubble butt was perfect. I lay her down on the bed and went down and licked her cunt to get her wet. It wasn’t necessary as she was already dripping wet but I did get a complete view of her 13 year old cunt. I had been right. The inner lips hung down and wrapped around her outer lips and looked like butterfly wings. She seemed to be embarrassed so I asked her if she wanted me to stop and she said “ no but my pussy is funny looking so don’t be grossed out ok”. I asked what she meant and she said I have these big inner lips and they hang down and are gross. I smiled at her and said “you are so lucky to have a butterfly cunt. That’s what a cunt like yours is called. Men love them and you will be way more sensitive to licking and fucking than girls who don’t have one. She said “really, you’re not just saying that “ I said “nope. That’s my favorite kind of pussy” and I leaned in and started to lick her from her asshole to her clit which was poking out of her clitoral hood like a little cock. She grabbed my head and pulled me to her and was moaning so loud I told her to hold a pillow over her face so nobody would hear us. She did and within 5 minutes she had her first orgasm. I was a small one but she was too young to fake it so I was an orgasm.
I kept licking her and grabbed the little dildo and slipped it into her now dripping hole. I inserted it gently and I slide all the way in with little or no trouble and she closed her eyes and threw her head back and grabbed the pillow and started to moan and push her hips up to me and bounce on the bed. It didn’t take long before she was in the throws of another orgasm and reached out and grabbed my head and pulled it even deeper into her slit. I moved my licking back to her anus and started to lick and suck on her back hole and I though she was going to explode. The dildo in her cunt and my licking of her asshole had her crazy with lust. I took a chance and inserted my middle finger into her asshole as I pounded her cunt with the little dildo and within 15 seconds she exploded. Turns out little Sara was a squirter. Her cunt sprayed my face and chest with several blasts of hot juice and she almost fainted. She pushed my head away and said “please no more I can’t take anymore.” I stopped and pulled the dildo our of her cunt and my finger out of her asshole and go up and lay beside her. I waited a couple minutes for her breathing to come back to normal and asked her if she was alright. When she finally looked at me she was crying and said “I have never felt anything like that ever. It was so amazing and mind splitting I though I was going to faint. I think I almost did.” With that she got dressed and headed for home. She said her mom expected her and she was already a bit late. I kissed her on the mouth and showed her to the door.
The next day at 10 am when I had just got out of bed the front door bell rang. I put on my robe and went down and opened the door. There stood Sara with a backpack in her hand. She brushed by me into the foyer and turned and giggled and said “guess what.”. Without waiting for a response from me she said “my mom said its ok for me to go to a sleepover and my girlfriend is going to cover for me if my mom calls and then I’ll call her on my cell. I can stay with you all night. Are you as excited as I am.” As she threw herself into my arms and hugged me.
After my hug she turned and headed for the stairs to the bedrooms and Kats room. I followed her up still trying to decide if this was in any way a good idea. As with everything that had happened since Thanksgiving with Kat and her I decided that none of it had been even close to a good idea but my cock had already decided for me as it was rising in my undershorts so I decided to follow his lead.
She was already getting Kats toy box out and had it open. I sat beside her on the bed and she said “so what do you want to use on me first” and giggled like the teen she was. I reached in and pulled out the toys and laid them on the bed. There was the small dildo I had already used on her and the anal beads. There were two other dildos one with power and the other one larger than me and two different butt plugs of varying sizes. I still had trouble believing Kat had been able to buy these at 12.
I said” I think you really liked it when I put my finger in your asshole so I think we should start with beads and while I use those on you I think my cock will need some mouth attention don’t you” . With that she just started to undress and said “ Yes Daddy”. I just about came right then. When she was naked she opened my robe and pulled me underwear off to release my fully hard cock and pulled me to the bed. We lay down in a 69 position and her legs were almost fully spread to expose her pink puckered butt hole. I rubbed her cunt to get some of her juices to lube her asshole. She had already started to play with my cock and was licking the head. I used her juice and had her anus well lubed and started to slowly insert the first of the 12 beads which was the smallest.
She moaned and pushed her cunt and ass down more to my face but my arms were keeping her from sitting on my face. I pushed two more beads into her asshole and then started to push them in and pull them out like a cock fucking her. She groaned so I asked her if I was hurting her and she pulled her mouth off my cock and told me she loved it. With that approval in hand I push the beads into her ass up to the tenth bead and started to lick her cunt at the same time and I butt fucked her with the beads. She hunched her back up after a couple minutes of that attention and I could feel an orgasm coming and hoped it would be a squirter like before. I wasn’t disappointed for in a few short minutes her cunt erupted and sprayed my face and whole upper body with her juices. At the same time I came in her mouth and this time she was able to swallow it all as rope after rope of hot cum shot down her throat.
She snuggled up to me then and said “I think I want to try real fucking but I’m afraid it will hurt me. Its so big and I think it might tear my cunt”. I had an idea and told her the best way for a girl to start was to sit on the cock and take however much her cunt could handle. She got all excited and started to kiss me and I could taste my cum as she pushed her tongue into my mouth. I told her to go get us a soda for her and a beer for me since I was sure we would need something to drink. She went to get the drinks and I quickly ran into my bedroom and grabbed a Viagra and when she got back she said “can we try it now” I told her I needed some time to recuperate as men couldn’t just cum whenever they wanted like a girl can. We turned on the tv and I purchased and porn video and asked her had she ever seen one. She said no so I turned it on.
It started with a group of girls from a private school going on an outing. Their bus broke down and the headmaster found an inn that could accommodate the 6 girls and their headmaster and one female teacher. It moved on to 3 of the girls in one room and 2 of them were telling the third one who was obviously naïve about sex and most of it was wrong in order to tease her. She gets upset and goes up to the headmasters room and he lets her in and she tells him what the other girls were saying and asks him where cream comes from. She is still in her school uniform and he is in his underwear covered by his robe. He tells her that cream comes from cows and she stops him and says not that cream, boy cream. Now he tries to describe how boys get boners and she asks what’s a boner so he explains it when boys cocks get hard. The girl giggles when he says cock and he says what do you call them. She says willies and he laughs. He is getting aroused and explains how the blood rushes into a boys cock when he’s aroused and it gets hard. At this point he is hard and as he tries to adjust himself the young girl sees his bulge and reaches over and pulls open his robe and his cock has sprung out of his underwear and she grabs it and say she wants to see boy cream and can he show her. It moves on with the headmaster getting her to suck his cock and he fucks her several times.
Sara is so aroused watching it she is playing with her cunt lips and says to me “I guess that makes you my headmaster” and giggles at her joke. Watching the movie and her masturbating has my cock starting to rise to the occasion which she notices immediately. I tell her to jack me to get it really hard while we watch the rest of the movie. She strokes me for a minute and the goes down and starts to suck me saying “this should make it go faster”. And it did.
She was ready to try fucking she said but was still scared and worried how much it would hurt. I had her sit on me and just rub herself up and down on top of my cock. I told her that when she was ready to lift up and insert my cock in her hole and slowly lower herself onto my cock. If it hurt too much she could just climb off. She said ok and lifted up and inserted my cock head into her now very wet hole. She pushed down and the whole head disappeared into her still virgin cunt. She pulled out and then did it again taking a little more cock. She kept this up until my whole 8 inch cock was firmly in her cunt. I told her she had done it and she said “really that didn’t hurt at all” and she started to move up and down on my cock. I picked up her rythum and we got into a good one of her rising and as she pushed back down on my cock I would rise up to push into her. Her breathing was getting heavier and she was moaning and just enjoying herself like I wasn’t there. All of a sudden I felt her abdominal muscles clinch and her cunt grabbed my cock like a vise and she exploded into the biggest orgasm I had ever given any female in my life. She sprayed her cunt juices all over. They were coming out in streams and each time she sprayed she would almost scream with extasy. When she was done she collapsed on my chest and started to cry.
“OMG she said and the tears ran down her face. I can’t believe what just happened. Did you cum too. I lied and told her I had to make her feel better. She rolled of me and we slept.
Over the next several hours until we were both completely drained and tired we fucked 6 times. Thank you Viagra. We slept curled up to one another and I woke up to her sucking my cock and relieving my morning wood. It was already 9 am and the workers were coming at 10 so I got her dressed after she had a shower so she wouldn’t have that just fucked smell all over her when she went home and sent her on her way. She loaded my phone number into her phone and kissed me and left.
That afternoon I got a text saying her family were going skiing and she would be gone for the rest of the week. I was alone and kind of glad as I wasn’t sure I could take much more fucking at my age lol.
More to come if you liked this. Please remember that all my stories so far are true so maybe not as much hard sex as in other stories

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  • Reply A. ID:5u1d7cg49j

    Hope you bred them

  • Reply Piti ID:2pdxsy1k0b

    Verdammt tolle Geschichte und wenn es wirklich so ist wie du schreibst bewundere ich dich ubd würde do gerne dabei sein und zu dir Gonzo bitte bitte lass uns mdhr aus deinem Leben etfahren

  • Reply Gonzo ID:3jsldmj76ia

    seems some people on this site have issues with real life stories. They must have very boring lives and are just jealous . I personally loved the story and have had a lifetime full of this very same scenario. Since the age of 12 I have enjoyed young pussy taking two 7 year old twin sisters. Since then I have been attracted to them immensely . All young budding girls deserve a good cock orgasm getting the best treatment possible. It has always been a pleasure training them and even now at my older age i am training two sisters age 13 and 9. And “YES!” they called me daddy also lol!

    PS. the younger one is a squirter just like Sara and she taste magical.
    Please write more and thanks.

    • Hornyboy ID:1dzvbmezptq7

      I want to hear more about you training the sisters

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      Loved the story! at least no pussy got wasted and funny how much young girls really love sex and trap men with their pussies.

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    Love your it, more please

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    Keep the stories coming … yesss!