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Jonny’s Family

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I have another encounter with Jonny and his Dad and got more than I bargained for.

Jonny and I caught up again a few months after my encounter with his Dad. We were jamming in my front room for a couple of hours. Jonny hadn’t spoken about what had happened that evening so I felt I had to bring it up.

I had been wondering why Jonny let his Dad do what he did. I mean, in the end I was OK with it, but initially I was very scared. What I couldnt understand was why Jonny didn’t stop his Dad. In fact, when he was told to hold me down, he did.

Jonny was reluctant to talk about it. He didn’t express himself well at the best of time, usually using quite childlike language, and trying to discuss the behaviour of his Dad was difficult for him.

I got out of him that his Dad had actually been buggering him since he was a young boy and had carried on intermittently until present day. I was surprised that Jonny put up with it as he was well into his 30’s and his Dad was into his 70’s.

Jonny said he didn’t like it when he was a boy but didn’t know it wasnt normal. He thought everyone’s Dad must do these things. Then he got used to in and finally he got to like it. He said he had only ever done those things with his Dad until I came along. He also said his Dad had only done those things with him until I came along.

Finally he told me that he wanted to do it again with me and he thought his Dad did too. He said that they had been doing the things that I had showed them and they called it “Doing an Aido”. Jonny called me “Aido” when every other person I knew on the planet called my Aidy.

Jonny asked me if I would “do an Aido with them again”. I had already made up my mind, before we had the talk, that I would do it again, so I told him i would. I stressed that I wasn’t going to suck anyone’s cock and no one was sucking mine. Furthermore, nothing was going up my arse and my cock wasn’t going up anyone else’s arse. That understood, I agreed.

We made plans for me to go over to Jonny’s the next night. I was quite excited. I just liked the idea that those two were going to use my body for their pleasure. The fact that they wanted to see me nude and wanted to touch me thrilled me. I liked the feel of a hot hard cock against my skin and the sound of them enjoying my body. Strangely enough, it wasnt really about me getting my rocks off in the way I had with Mark, Brian, Lisa, Roisin and Kaitlin, it was just my enjoying them enjoying me, if you know what I mean.

The next evening came and I told my parents that I was going over to Jonny’s for a couple of hours. They told me to be back before 9:30 and I agreed. I was really fired up because I had put on a pair of Rosins panties that she had given me. They were so soft and comfortable and the fact I was wearing them gave me a raging boner.

Jonny answered the door and said we were not going to his workshop today, rather we were going up to his room. He said his Mum and Dad were watching TV and wouldn’t bother us for a good while.

I had never been to his room before and only been in his house to get through to his workshop. There was a very musty smell in the house, but often other people’s houses smelled funny and I am sure our house smelled strange to them.

He had quite a big room. My room at home as slightly larger than the box room at the front of the house, but Jonny’s was much bigger. He even had a double bed.

He had a lot of electronics in there including a record player liked up to cool looking amplifier, graphic eq, tape deck, radio receiver and a massive pair of speakers. Most of the equipment he had built himself. He also had a radio transmitter that he referred to as Ham Radio or something like that.

I sat on his bed and he asked me if I would get undressed. I stripped down to Roisin’s knickers and sat there waiting for Jonny to notice. The knickers were much less effective at containing my boner and my cock was peering from under the waist band and the weight of it was causing them the come down at the front.

He had taken all of his clothes off and was keen on me touching him. He didn’t comment on what i was wearing. He sat beside me and I took hold of his massive dick with both hands. It was as hard as iron and reached up past his belly button. I pulled back is foreskin and ran my fingers around the head of his cock. I was giving him a damned good wank and wasn’t that bothered that he ignored my cock.

He asked me to stand up so he could do an Aido on me. I told him that as we had his bed, it might feel nicer if i lay facedown on the bed and he climbed on top and did it that way. He was up for it.

I lay down on his bed leaving Rosins knickers covering my bottom. Jonny clocked what I was wearing. The knickers were made of some sort of thin synthetic fabric and whilst it wasnt shiny, it felt silky and smooth. They were a pale pink with yellow lace on the legs and waistband. On the front was one of the Mr Men or Little Miss character, I can’t remember which.

Jonny’s eyes nearly popped out of his head. He reached out an ran his hands over my knicker clad bottom. He asked me where I got them from. I said I couldnt tell him. He couldnt stop touching me in them.

I suggested that he start by putting hos cock on my buttocks whilst i was still wearing the panties, and then he could pull them down when he was ready to push between my buttocks.

He didn’t need telling twice and he climbed on top of me, supporting himself on his arms and brushed his dick across the surface of the panties and my bottom. It felt good to me. My cock was throbbing in its silky pouch. Jonny told me it was feeling amazing and enjoyed the sensation for a good 10 minutes.

He then lifted himself to his knees and pulled the panties down my thighs and placed his cock onto my bum and let his full weight press me into the bed. The feel of his hot hard cock on my bare bottom felt fantastic. Jonny was exclaiming his thanks to God has he rubbed himself against me. I told his that the sensation was the best if he let his balls make contact with my cheeks as well as his cock. He adjusted his position and gasped with pleasure, He took his time enjoying every moment. He moved his cock over each of my buttocks as well as pressing into my butt crack. I was loving it too.

My bum was quite sweaty and coated with precum by the time he picked up speed, gripping my hips and thrusting hard. It wasnt long after picking up the pace when his cock began pulsing between my cheeks and hot sticky cum squirted up my back. Jonny was knackered hand rolled off me onto his back breathing heavily. “That was fucking great Aido” he said.

After a few minutes of recovery, he asked if he could go down and get his Dad. I was as horny as fuck and said hell yes.

Jesus Christ, his Dad said when he saw me face down on the bed with a pair of girls knickers halfway down my legs. He took off his trousers and underpants displaying his huge member which was just like his son’s.

He took the knickers off me. I said that he might find it fun if I put a couple of pillows under me so my arse would be raised giving him better access. I did that and he spread my legs apart.

I reinforced that he was not to put anything up my bum and he said he wouldn’t. He climbed aboard and placed his massive phallus against my cheeks. Jonny told him about getting his balls on my buttons, but his dad was much more interested in ensuring his dick was between my cheeks with his shaft rubbing across my arsehole. Doing that, he began moving his hips rhythmically. With his weight pressing down on me, I could feel by Bumhole deforming as he pushed his shaft across it. It was an odd sensation. Not altogether unpleasant.

His Dad was a sprightly old feller and pounded me with no less enthusiasm than his son, but there was a lot more swearing and grunting. He was very vocal in expressing his enjoyment and i have to say that I was loving his enjoyment too.

He lifted his weight off me and knelt between my legs. He put he dick between my buttons right where they met my balls. I could feel his saggy old sack on my balls. Still kneeling up he squeeze my buttocks around his cock and thrust his hips causing his dick to scour my bumhole and the sides on my butt crack. I could feel his hot glands tunnelling along the length of my crack whilst his balls impacted my scrotum like two fleshy wrecking balls.

I through he was going to cum, but he abruptly stopped and asked me to turn over. I scooted off the pillows and lay with the flat of my back on the bed. He lifted my teenage legs up to his shoulders and he placed his dick against my cock and balls and started humping me.

His large veiny cock dwarfed my raging boner and rubbed my balls and my shaft as he humped me. In some ways it was really nice as he was stimulating my cock as he rubbed his along my shaft, but it gave me a bit of a pain in my stomach when he pressed hard on my balls. Also, I could now see his red wrinkly face close to mine as he began cumming on my stomach, cock and balls. If you have ever seen the cum face of an out of shape 70 yo man, then you probably can’t appreciate how unattractive it is.

Whilst his cock was still pulsating and his cm was shooting over me, heard the door open. My view was blocked by Jonny’s Dad’s head but I thought Jonny had left, but when he rolled off me exhausted and spent, I saw I was wrong. Jonny was still in the room and still nude, but his 70 yo Mum had come into the room.

I had absolutely no idea how this was going to play out. I thought she was going to go all Rita Hayworth and freak out. She didn’t.

She closed the door and sat on the bed next to me. She was running her eyes over my body and was fixating on my cock. She reached out and took hold of it and, with a bony hand, brought it to full erection.
She announced I had a lovely dick, a lot smaller than the others, but perfectly formed as she put it.

She was your typical 70 yo in looks. Not unlike one of my teachers, Mrs Tollan, from my Primary School.
I started to get up but Jonny and his Dad told me to stay where I was. I thought she was going to watch Jonny and/or his Dad play with me some more, but I was wrong.

She began disrobing, removing his grey cardigan, an old stained blouse and her elasticated pants. She stood there briefly in a large white bra and massive white granny knickers. Her belly was a mass of puckered skin. Her lets and arms were wrinkly and covered in blue veins.

She reached around and removed her bra to expose large white saggy tits. I couldnt help noticing that her tits were not wrinkly at all. Apart from them resting on her belly, they were smooth and white with hard pin nipples and huge areola.

She removed her granny pants but with her belly covering her groin, I couldnt see her pussy. I started to get up again to try to leave but Jonny and his Dad kept me where I was.

The old woman straddled my legs and took hold of my penis which had wilted again. She rubbed it between her palms, which brought some colour and girth back to it. Them she leaned forward and dangled her tits against my cock. That perked it up and it was fully hard.

She titty wanked my dick for some minutes that felt really quite nice, especially with my eyes closed. I was forcing my brain to think of Lisa’s tits and, whilst these were nowhere near as firm as Lisa’s, the nipples were argue and hard and I found myself enjoying it.

She removed her chest from my cock and moved up me body. I opened my eyes briefly and I saw her lifting her belly, giving me sight of a thick grey bush, and her grabbing my cock as hshe lowered her pussy down on my cock.

I felt my bellend brushing through her coarse pubic hair and into her warm wet pussy. Compared to the pussies that I had experienced so far, this one felt cavernous. Whereas Roisin and Kaitlin’s pussies dragged my foreskin back as my dick entered and grabbed my cock with strong young pussy muscles, going into Jonny’s Mums fanny was like shoving your cock into warm jelly.

My mind was revolted and wanting it to stop, my cock was telling my mind that this was good and enjoyable.

I kept my eyes shut and thought about fucking one of the young girls I knew and this, along with the massaging my cock was getting from this geriatric fanny was keeping my erection intact.

I could feel her saggy cold buttocks rubbing against my ballsack as she rode me.

She was really going for it. When I peeped out a could have times, I could she her tots flapping around and slapping against my belly.

In spite of myself i reached out and took hold of those large pendulous breasts and massaged her nipples. This spurred her on to greater gyration of her hips. To my surprise I felt my orgasm starting to rise. I went off like a rocket shooting a full load into her saggy old cunt. I groaned in surprise and delight.

I could feel my cock pulsing and my semen being released. Jesus it was nice.

Then reality set in and I opened my eyes to see this old granny riding my rapidly deflating cock. She was undeterred and left on grinding on me. I could feel her hard clitoris, which must have been larger than any I had experienced so far, pressing into the area just above my cock shaft. That is where she focussed her pressure.

She went on grinding and bucking for maybe 5 minutes after I had squirted into her. Then she went off. That old woman mewled like a cat. Even though my cock was flaccid, I could feel her pussy contracting over and over. Her face was the colour of perrywinkles and I was worried she was going to have a heart attack.

She flopped down on top of me and I rolled her off.

I was pooled with sweat, old woman’s pussy juice and old man’s sperm.

The old guy climbed on top of me again. He was turned on by his old wife getting off on a 14 year old boy. He straddled my chest and i thought he was going to try to make me suck his cock. But no. To my embarrassment he took hold of my chubby chest and formed two small breasts with my chub, stuck his dick between then and titty fucked me. I had always been embarrassed that I had a chubby chest and hated it at school in gym class when they made us take our shirts off. However being tittyfucked was not something I ever expected.

I knew what was coming and he did need jizz all over my chest, neck and face. Not my finest hour.

I was a mess.

They insisted I have a bath before I went home and the old girl insisted on bathing me. That was the longest bath in history.

I was glad to be getting dressed but couldnt find Roisin’s knickers. I am sure Jonny’s Dad had stolen them. So, I went home commando.

I was done with Jonny and his family. I vowed to stick to girls going forward.

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  • Reply Cracksniffer ID:16oigapfv9d

    An enjoyably real feel to this story. Sagging bellies, pendulous tits, wrinkled assholes! All good stuff!!

  • Reply Kingsley Clifford ID:h9alcerd2

    Apologies for the lack of proof reading. When I got to the end of writing this, my iPad was on 1% battery, so I just had to press send or risk losing the whole lot. Rereading it after it has been published, I can see some parts are gibberish. I hope you can discern what I actually meant.