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Little Brother Cucked By Big Sister – Part I

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“Hey! Do you wanna maybe, catch a movie on Friday?”

For a moment my heart stopped and I seethed quietly, cursing under my breath as I struggled to remain undetected as I peeked through the crack in my sister Veronica’s door, watching her as she cuddled in bed with her teenage boyfriend Tony.

“Oh I don’t know, I promised to watch my little brother this weekend..”

My heart pounded in my ears as I continued to listen to their voices inside. They were talking quietly, the words muffled, barely comprehensible from where I was listening as I watched Tony speaking softly into my sister’s ear.

“Come on baby.. We can bring him with us to the movies.. I’m sure he wont mind.”

Tony’s smirk and my sister’s giggling response made my blood boil as the jealousy started seeping in. I breathed in deep and took another look through the crack in the door, watching her giggle and laugh while Tony held her close and pressed his lips to her neck. I hated seeing this, but couldn’t keep myself from looking away. I couldn’t make everything out, but I had heard enough to put things together. She was going to make me go with them.

“How could she?” I thought to myself.

I kept watching, feeling my face heat up. My emotions became conflicted as I felt jealousy, anger, and some other feeling I couldn’t identify all at once. My stomach churned as I saw the teenage boy’s hand move down Veronica’s arm towards her waist. Her face was an expression of nervous apprehension, yet she giggled a little as the boy’s hand found its destination. Meanwhile, my face was turning red, and I was feeling so upset and sick at seeing another boy touching her.

I wanted to scream, “She’s my sister! Stop touching her!”

As Tony’s hand moved lower, I began to tremble and sweat as I again heard Veronica giggle nervously. “She belongs to me” I thought “I can’t let another boy her, she’s suppose to be MY big sister”.

But as I kept on thinking, I suddenly realized how badly I just wanted to be in Tony’s place.

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  • Reply Boobfuck ID:1fto8yx7v1

    Lovely, pls make the little brother drink his sister milk in the next part