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My Mom

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This is the story of the day I realized I wanted my mom.

My name is Warrior and I was 12 years old and no stranger to the wonders of sex already. There we’re already a number of things that got me off. I had a boy cousin that I would “play doctor” with. We basically just fondled each other’s penis’ and giggled. I would fuck my stuffed animals constantly. Sometimes 6 or 7 times a night in my bed. I have a sister who is a year and a half older than me and she taught me everything I needed to know back then.

We would sneak into the bedroom closet in my room and she taught me how to French kiss. She was the first girl to touch and suck my cock. It wasn’t very good but at the time it was the most amazing thing ever. We never had sex and it didn’t continue for long but we still joke about it when we’re alone together.

My mom was a single mother and she worked two jobs and was rarely home except for the weekends. Both me and my sister get our sexual appetites from our mother. Her libido is as strong as any man’s. She would frequently bring home guys from the bar and sneak them inside when she thought my sister and I had gone to sleep.

That’s where it all started with my sister actually. We would here her come home and then eavesdrop on mom and her date. When they went to mom’s room we would listen outside the door, even cracking the door open if she didn’t lock it. Then we’d go back to my closet and start to pretend we were doing what mom was doing. We did that as early as me being 7.

This night in particular was a little different. My sister was out of town at a summer camp and I was the only child for a month. I was always a mommas boy. Very close and affectionate with each other. I’ve never been ashamed to tell my mom I loved her and I always kissed her on the lips before bed.

Being the only kid in the house for that month meant a whole lot of extra attention coming my way. Because it was summer vacation I would be awake when she got home from her 2nd job and we would always talk and even watch a movie on the couch together.

This night mom went to her room to put on her pajamas before the movie. When she came back, she was wearing a white t-shirt that was practically see thru. I could just barely see her dark nipples. And she had on her panties with no pajama bottoms.

My mom is not a thin woman but not a big one either. I loved snooping thru her drawers when she was gone and looking at her bras and underwear. She wore a 36C bra. Big but not huge.

I had seen my mom naked many times, she didn’t hide it, but I had never seen her dressed like this to hang out with me. Usually she wore old sweat pants and stuff. Instantly I started thinking things. Even though it was summer, we still cuddled under a blanket together. Mom rarely made it thru the movie without falling asleep. 2 jobs will do that to anyone. When the movie was done I quietly got up and removed the blanket. I stood there for a few moments just staring at my mom in her panties and shirt. My cock got so hard that I ran to my room and started fucking this stuffed animal that I had cut a hole in. I left quite the sticky mess inside it that night.

The next night mom went to the bar after work and I spent the night with a babysitter. It was humiliating having a babysitter when I was almost 13 but she was a cute nerdy Mexican girl that lived down the road and she was nice to me so why fight it?

I went to my room but didn’t sleep. I spent a half an hour fucking my stuffed animals pretending it was the babysitter. I heard mom come home and the babysitter leave, and as I was about to go greet her I heard a man’s voice as well. So I stayed in my room and waited for them to retreat to her room.

I listened outside her bedroom door while they fooled around. I quietly cracked the door and saw this man on top of my mom. As quickly as it started, it stopped. I heard him grunt a bit and then he rolled off her. I didn’t know this at 12 but basically, he got his and she didn’t get hers. To me at the time it just looked normal. The same as when I fuck my stuffed animals.

A few minutes later I heard them quietly arguing about something in the living room and then he left. I poked my head around the hallway corner and saw my mom wearing just a robe and it wasn’t even tied. She was visibly upset about something and started down the hall towards me. She went into her room and shit the door halfway. I had snuck into the dark bathroom and could see directly into her room. She laid in bed and reached for something in her side table drawer. Like I said before, I liked snooping in her room so I knew what she was reaching for.

She pulled out one of her dildos and with the blankets pulled up to her stomach started using it under the blanket. Her breasts were fully exposed. Again, I had seen them a hundred times before but this time felt different. She kicked the blanket off her and picked up the pace. It was as if she didn’t know the door was open or if she did, she didn’t care. Within a minute of her starting she let out a squeaky moan. She was done! She removed the dildo from her pussy and put it in her mouth. Her other hand played with her clit for a minute. My 12 year old cock had never been so hard! There were small wet spots on my underwear. My first pre cum! I didn’t know what to do. Half of me wanted to run to my room, grab my favorite stuffed animal and fuck it as hard as I could and the other half wanted to be in bed with her, next to her warm body all cuddled up.

I saw her put the dildo on the nightstand and shut off the lamp. I counted to 20 in my head and slowly entered her room.

“Mommy? Can I sleep with you for a bit?” I asked in my mommas boy voice. I wanted the full “mommy loves her little man” treatment so I added a little sadness to my voice.

“Sure you can sweetly.” She responded pulling her robe closed but not tying it.

I climbed into the bed and she pulled the blankets up over us. I rested my head on her shoulder and she held me.

“What’s wrong?” She asked

“I’m lonely and I missed you.” I said perhaps being a little manipulative.

We ended up talking for almost an hour. The entire time her just wearing an untied silk robe and me just my pajama pants. She rubbed my bare back with her nails that sent chills down my spine. My cock was rock solid the entire time. There were a few times when it bumped her leg and I thought she’d get mad but she didn’t seem to mind.

The conversation steered towards the man she was with before and I asked why he left so soon.

“Because he’s a loser baby.” She responded laughing a bit

“I’d never leave you mom.” I said snuggling my head deeper into her neck.

“I know you won’t. You’re such a sweet boy. Almost a man. Won’t be long. Feels like yesterday I brought you home from the hospital.” She said rubbing my back “We’ve always been so close. I used to feel so close to you when I’d breast feed you.” She continued.

I wrapped my arm around her waist and gave her a big hug. There’s no question by now she knew about my hard on. As I squeezed her I nestled my head a little lower to her chest. Without saying anything she slowly exposed her breast I was laying my head on. She used her shoulder to lift my head as if to push it towards her erect nipple. We both remained silent as I softly licked her nipple. She placed her hand on the back of my head and pushed me closer. I opened my mouth and started sucking. She let out little moans and stroked her fingers thru my hair. My hand still wrapped around her waist started massaging her stomach which opened her robe more and exposed her other breast. She started playing with her other nipple while holding my head in place.

Not in my wildest fantasies did I ever expect anything like this to happen. I had no clue how far it would go or if she was even aware of what was happening.

I took my hand off her stomach and reached into my pants hoping she wouldn’t find out. She immediately turned her body towards me a bit and pulled my hand out and placed it back on her stomach. With the same hand she reached into my pants and started rubbing my cock still holding my head keeping her nipple in my mouth. She rubbed my cock for no more than 15 seconds before I squirted a few drops cum in her palm. She started breathing heavily and even though I came she kept rubbing my dick and squeezing it. Then all of the sudden she stopped, let out a huge gasp of air and let go of my penis and head.

We laid there in silence for almost 10 minutes like we were waiting for the other one to say something. My little dick was still hard as a rock and her breasts we’re still fully exposed. I couldn’t stop thinking about them if I wanted to.

“You’re closer to being a man than I thought.” She said as she got up, tied her robe and went to the bathroom.

As soon as she was in the bathroom I started jerking my cock again. I couldn’t finish again before she returned though.

She got back into bed and snuggled up against me. We laid there silent for a couple minutes.

“Are we going to get in trouble for that mom?” I asked

“Of course not! We’re family and we love each other. Why would you think that? She said popping her head up off the pillow.

“I don’t know.. I liked it and I don’t want to get in trouble.” I responded.

“I liked it too and you’re not going to get in trouble.” She said running her nails thru my hair. “I didn’t punish you when I found out you and your sister were fooling around in your closet.”

“You know about that?!” I said shocked and scared.

“Of course! Your sister told me everything a couple months ago. Don’t worry about it. It’s perfectly natural. You didn’t do anything wrong.” She explained

I laid there silently for a minute or so processing it all.

“So.. it’s ok to want to do that again?” I asked

“Of course we can! I love you and your sister so much. All we have is each other and we should never forget that.” She told me before kissing me on the lips and pulling me closer, telling me good night and going to sleep.

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