Cat: Cuckold

A new life

True story… Married my highschool sweetheart Megan a few yrs ago. She’s a lovely ambitious woman who is also a bit racist. I never held it against her due to her up bringing... # # #

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Wife is addicted to big cock

My wife and I were at a local bar when a guy came in we know from the bar. He was not a friend of ours, but he was a familiar face. The bar was full so he asked if he could sit at our... #

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After Party

Continuing “After Pool,” but this one’s mostly talk. So, you can skip the boring dialog if you’re not interested. # #

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1st Afro Experience

Yes our black cock experience was fantastic! I told Louise that we were going to Sydney for a ‘dirty weekend’ and that I had been corresponding / texting with a guy who was eager... # #

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