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My bestfiends wife is my lover

318 Words πŸ‘€ women but the woman I want is my lovely tender skinned Kathy, the golden complexion wife of my best friend. So Kathy, when my fiancΓ©e spreads her legs, it’s yours I think of, when
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old memory

735 Words I was studying in college my age was 20 years .average day I was travelling in train.I met a guy who was 35 years old.we had formal talk and he told me about himself and I...
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Sharing is Caring

2572 Words πŸ‘€ At 17 my girlfriend was a whirlwind of unadulterated sexual energy. I fucked her on our first date and that should have been my immediate hint. I was 26 and had dated quite a few
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Candice trading girlfriend

2311 Words πŸ‘€ Hi everyone, my name is Candice and if you’ve seen my videos on pornhub, where my boyfriend Fredrick and his buddies fuck me, then you know who I am. I’m a single 20 year old
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Cheating Betty

548 Words πŸ‘€ They fuck almost every day and she spends lots of time with him in our bedroom. I love it and hate it because she’s cheating after we’ve agreed to stop the lifestyle, anyway,...
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Creamy surprise for husband

774 Words πŸ‘€ My name is Kassandra I’m a 46 yr old housewife from Pike county Mississippi. Last night me and my husband Bob went to the casino the Pearl River resort in Philadelphia Mississippi....
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Everyone is fucking Kathy

3612 Words πŸ‘€ Cheating cuckoldry has become a big part of our lives, where my husband records my cheating without me knowing, and me trying to cheat on him as much as possible. Hi i’m Kathy...
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Mating with Curley

8205 Words πŸ‘€ Who could predict the thoughts in the mind of married women. Some women wonder what it might be like to fuck some certain guy while others go out of their way to do it. Gone are the...
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