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Another day in Kenya at the village

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Went to get washed for a early breakfast but had a late one

Another day on safari Mel 13 had just give her nan and grandad a early morning orgasm
We got up Mel said we going to get washed now got the washes stuff we were all naked Mel got to the hut door jess said you need to put something on Mel turned pick up her nickers and put them on and a top nan the tribeswomen are not going to have tops on going so come on stop being a old fashion get with it jess look at me I said well she is right so jess put some nickers on I put on shorts out we went into a nice warm sunny morning it was about 7 we walked to the hut where we were told we could wash akee was up morning he said looking at the girl his eyes were looking at the tit which were hard nice to your still horny and laughed .
Mel looked at Jess tits he’s right nan your nipples are hard she put her hand on her little tits yes mines hard to she look over at me so is grandad looking at the front of my shorts we all laughed a d walked into the hut there was two men in the hut and one woman she was rubbing one of the man’s cock it was very large we just stood there looking the women stop and walk out the men just carried on washing there was 4 like wash basin Mel took the one next to the men who was bring rubbed off she was looking at his cock nan look at the size of that jess told her to stop looking and get washed jess walked to the last basin but she was still looking at the man hard cock i got behind her put my fingers in the nickers she was so wet her nipples were really poke out Mel looked at me I pulled my fingers out and showed her Mel said nan is getting horny nan is getting horny Jess told her to be quiet and get washed the other man had turned to face us he was rubbing his cock getting it hard he was just as big Mel said omg they are both rubbing there cocks I was so horny watching them as well the one by Mel got hold of her hand and put it on his cock Mel just started to rub it jess told her to stop.
The man was now touching her tits and smiling jess step forward to stop them the other man moved infront of her his face very Stern in broken english he said leave she likes. Akee come in put his finger to his mouth for me to quiet jess just stopped dead I was to her side Mel now bent and started to lick the head of his cock jess went to move forward again the man looked at her again he said she enjoying it.
I put my arm around jess shoulder and put my hand on her tit her nipples were so hard akee move to my side and whispered in my ear play with wife’s cunt I left her tits moved my hand down to the front of her nickers she opened her legs and I put two fingers in her cunt and started finger fucking her she let out a moan she was so wet I looked over at Mel there was a man behind her the man in infront of her bent her over more so she was now had the head of his cock in her mouth akee left the hut with in minutes he was back holding a two tubes it looked like the cream they used last night jess had her eyes closed akee passed the cream to the man behind Mel he pushed mels nickers down and she stepped out of them he open her legs he rubbed cream into her cunt
Jess was now on her first orgasm akee had undressed he pointed to jess nickers pull them down so I push them off her hips and the fell to the floor
I told her to step out of them she did I moved behind her whispered to her to bend and open the legs she opened her eyes to see Mel bring fucked jess bent over she through it was me rubbing her cunt she was so wet she did not know that the cream that was used on her last night was now being use on her now akee cock was rock hard he whispered to me to rub cream on his cock I did it felt nice he quickly said put my cock in jess cunt I did the first thing she know was the head of his cock went in omg she turned her head to see akee behind her he put his hands on her hips then pushed more of his cock in her jess cry out ho fuck don’t stop I’m coming Mel had taken all the man’s cock in her cunt I asked her if she was ok she took the cock from her mouth fuck yes grandad his cock is in my belly l walk in front of jess told her to suck my cock which she did I come in her mouth I pulled out I heard. Mel say be gentle I look the man she was sucking off was behind her he was speaking to the other man I said to akee what’s did he say he was saying to the other man that her cunt was full her ass need filling I asked Mel was she ok with the man doing her ass she turned her.
head his already in and it nice his going slowly.
Jess was still being fuck by akee I asked if she was ok she at me and just smiled a my cock was hard again I was slowly rubbing it two boys about 14 come in they just stood and watched there cocks got hard they were about 7 long and wide akee spoke to them they came over to me one kneel down a d took my cock in his mouth and started sucking me the other one went behind me he pushed me forward so I bent over with my legs straight akee help out the pot of cream he took some and rubbed it on my ass I look at jess then akee spoke to the boy then to me just at the head of his cock went into my ass it hurt so bad he had hold of me so I did not move he said told boy to go slow.
The did stop and waited then pushed in more I was getting used to it I felt strange Mel look she could see what was happening she said it fill great grandad the man behind her was still fucking her I said yes the boy was now fucking me. Akee had pulled out of jess I see that he got another pot it was green he took some and rubbed it on jess ass I see jess eyes widened she tried to pull away she scream you are to big the go up my ass akee said they all are ass fucking me to he told her cream will numb your ass so you will not fill me going in she was still trying to pull away the men that was fucking Mel had come Mel was how at akee side looking akee spoke one of the men that had fuck Mel was now putting his cock in jess mouth
Akee said to Mel put cream on ass so she did he said push fingers in with cream on she was now finger fucking her nan ass jess could not speak I was sill being fucked I had already come in the day mouth the boy fucking me was now saying something I look at akee he smiled and said his coming I now could fill him shooting up my ass after he finished he pulled out I could fill his come running out of my ass and
down my legs Mel call me quick I go to the other side on her to see akee just about to put his very large cock up jess ass he look at me and smiled I said are you sure it will go he pull back told Mel to put cream on his cock he said cream numbs she will not fill me going in but after a little while cream where off and she fill me inside her we watched as he pushed in he slowly moved in then stopped he had about 4 inches in then he pushed more until all of his 14 inches ane5 wide was in her ass akee spoke the other man got a table the man face fucking jess moved out of the way the table was moved under her so she was more comfortable I walk round round to her head and ask if she was ok she said don’t let him put that monster cock up my ass it will not go I look at her just then Mel come round to her head nan akee is already fully in your ass he’s just waiting fir the cream to wear off then you will start to fill him inside you
The two men walk up to jess head rubbing there cocks one spoke to akee he said they have some juice for you nice wife open mouth Mel got hold of her nan head lifted it go on nan open your mouth show granddad what you can do Jess looked up said I love you opened her mouth the first man walk forward put his cock head in her mouth and push in a bit still rubbing his cock jess suck it he came straight away jess swallowed he moved away but before he could put his cock into her mouth akee started to fuck her very slowly jess said I can fill it omg I’m coming and she had a orgasms as she opened her mouth the other cock was put in and he face fuck her until he come only a few seconds he was shooting into her mouth.
I had walked behind Mel with a hard cock she turned her head bent over the table and said any hole grandad akee was now fucking jess she was say its so big keep fucking me l looked at Mel bent over both holes showing I pushed it up her ass Mel said I knew you would pick my ass fuck me hard please grandad so I did as hard as I could akee said he was going to come he was fucking Jess real hard she was have so many orgasms the young boy that had fuck me earlier was now behind me pushing his cock back in my ass and fucking me I was fucking Mel hard and fast so I was getting it hard and fast I over took a few minutes to come so did the boy up my ass .
Akee came in jess she said she could fill him shooting his come in her
She was full ,we all separated I had come coming out of my ass so did Mel jess had turned on to her back legs now hangover the bottom of the table all the triadsman left Akee spoke we have late breakfast before walk out .
Mel walk to the bottom of the table jess legs were still wide open she looked at me then she put her straight on hess cunt and started fingering and sucking her jess just put her hands of Mel head pulling into her cunt say yes on god you are making me come after she come Mel got up well we better go for breakfast we wiped ourselves as best we could but walking back to the tent we all had come dripping from our holes .
When we enter Mel sat on the bed I went over to the side to get some wipes I turned round jess was giving Mel good sucking on her cunt Mel was saying suck grandads come out of my ass nan jess moved I could see was now over Mel ass sucking my come out Mel had hold of her head screaming fuck I’m coming keep sucking after she calmed down jess got up come over to me and kiss me opened mouth I came tasted my come she pulled of me and said can you tast your granddaughter cunt then she laughed we got ready went to breakfast
We still had a Safari To go on and another in the village.

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    Good story thank you

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    Mate, use a spell checker and some punctuation ffs.