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Little Brother Cucked By Big Sister – Part III

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As I woke up the next morning, memories from the night before rushed to me and left me feeling weird and embarrassed. The image of that jerk Tony cuddling with my 16 year old sister Veronica was burned into my mind and I couldn’t get it out. Worse yet is was that I had somehow wet the bed last night, even though I’m already 10 years old! That doesn’t happen to me anymore.. or it didn’t until Veronica started seeing Tony…

Anyways, after putting my bedsheets in the washer, I went downstairs to the kitchen for some breakfast, only to find my older sister already there eating cereal. Her hair was suspiciously unkempt. Gosh she looked so pretty, even though I knew her hair was like that due to her messing around with Tony last night, a fact I simply chose to ignore right now. I choked back my jealousy as I served myself some cereal and ate breakfast in silence, occasionally looking over at Veronica. She eventually broke the silence.

“You look a little distracted litte bro, sleep well?”

I shrugged, feeling awkward and embarrassed but definitely not trying to show it. “I’m fine” I answered, trying to hide my emotions. She seems to pick up on my behavior though, older sister intuition I guess, but she just kinda gives me a weird smile before resuming her breakfast.

“So um.. How was last night..with, Tony?”

I said in a quiet voice, my own jealous curiosity getting the better of me before I could stop myself. Veronica raised an eyebrow. “Uh… It was good” She answered, her voice sounding a little bit strange.

“Why do you ask? Don’t tell me you were trying to peek through my door last night?” She asks, her words hitting me like a ton of bricks as I froze and watched a smirk appear on my sister’s lips. “W-What?” I asked dumbstruck, unable to respond.

“KIDDING DUDE! You know I’m just FUCKING with you, right little bro?”

My sister responded and giggled, her choice of words and sudden tone shift sending mixed messages to my brain. I was still stunned. Did she know I had watched them last night? How?

“Well little bro, you better hurry or you’re gonna end up being late for school!”

Her words snapped me out of it and I finished breakfast, sipping the last bit of milk from the bowl before stealing a quick glance at my sister’s teenage boobs before heading to school, wondering if maybe she knows more than she’s letting on. Wondering if maybe.. just maybe.. she might like me watching her…

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