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Mitch my brother

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This started years ago and ended up and following into a very intense sexual and loving relationship with my own brother Mitch

This all started when I was like 13 and my brother was 15 he used to give me certain looks when we were alone we used to play together all the time and you could tell there was something about us being alone there was a weird feeling a good feeling but kind of a weird feeling .I have to admit I kind of had the hots 4 him all the girls like him he was skinny tall and I liked him a lot .we would tell each other things we wouldn’t tell no athers we used to wrestle once in awhile up in my room in kind of groped each other innocently I think I’d grab his ass he grabbed my ass one time I had his head between my knees and I had luck and I could tell he was trying to either bite through my pussy in my pants is what it seemed like one day we’re upstairs and he brought in a porn magazine that he stole from my older brother’s room we were looking at it that pussies and cocks first time I’ve seen anything like that laughing and joking I started getting a funny feeling between my legs not feeling I never had before.

Well this one on for a while and I know he was and I was going through puberty so now I know that it was normal back but we did but I used to get more Curious and want him to do more things to me but I didn’t know how to tell him one day we were playing and he ran and got them dirty magazine that I told him to go get and we’re looking at pussies and cocks and he asked if I could show me my pussy I didn’t know what to do he said if you don’t want to you don’t have to I will show you my cock if you want to see it Mary and I agreed with him I told him to lock my door and he ran lock my door and I told him let me see your cock first he unzipped his pants and a beautiful six or seven inch or so hot sprung out it was the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen he walked toward me swirling it around and said do you like what you see and Ice kind of stuttered and said yeah yeah yes it’s beautiful you can grab it if you want Mary I just took a hold of it and started rubbing it the next thing I knew he was pushing my head and then I was sucking my brother Mitch’s cock in my mouth my first blowjob and I I couldn’t believe what I was doing sucking my own brother’s cock but no I did not want to stop he was letting out moans a pleasure I could tell he was enjoying it but the next thing I knew I wasn’t ready for when he started shooting his come down my throat and in my mouth holding my head grunting his cock in and out of my mouth but for some reason I did what I thought was a natural and swallowed as fast as I could it was about a minute after I was done he stopped pulled my cock out of his mouth and we heard somebody coming up the stairs it was my sister telling us that dinner was ready.

During dinner we both looked at each other and kind of smiled we ate dinner my mother told us to go do homework if we had homework so we ran up stairs my pussy underwear and shorts soaked still from being horny of giving my first blowjob we got upstairs he told me to take my shorts and underwear off that he was going to return the favor I did what he said he picked up my underwear and stuck him to his nose and gave him a good smell marry your pussy smell so good and started licking the crap to my panties I couldn’t believe what he was doing but now I understand why my underwear come missing all the time he enjoyed this panty fetish he threw the panties down come up to me spread my legs and told me he’s going to eat my pussy and he went down on me I was in lost it sent me to orbit I had my first orgasm within a minute of my brother Mitch sucking on my clit and pussy somehow he knew how to do it and I asked him how did you learn how to do that and he told me I was his first we stared into each other’s eyes and it just hit me to grab him and kiss him her tongues not mouth wide open french kissing my own brother and sexual mouth it turned me on so much he stuck his hand between my legs and started sticking his finger in my pussy my God marry your soaking wet you come a lot I didn’t know what calm that back then I didn’t even know what him shooting his cum in my mouth really meant I thought that was to get girl pregnant not to be shot in women’s mouth we we didn’t have sex that night he wanted to but I wouldn’t let him will this playing around stuff went on for 2 years are so I would blow him jerk them off he would eat me out her finger my clit he used to come into my room at night and I would pretend I’m sleeping he would finger and lick my pussy in jerk off I could hear him jerking off sometimes he would just rifle through my laundry basket take my panties and leave I knew what he was doing cuz in the morning they would be back in my hamper soaking wet

Then we kind of both met boyfriend and girlfriend and kind of eased off got married when our own ways when I was 28 he was 30 my boyfriend was going out of town on a bowling trip and I called him up ask him if he wanted to come spend the night with me Saturday and go out drinking that my niece was going to watch the kids he told me any chance we got we kind of grouped each other here and there through the years kiss once in awhile but always wanted him since I was like 17 to fuck the crap out of me we never ever had the chance actually by that time he had a girlfriend he was out of the house so one night we were at my house and the kitchen my boyfriend in the living room with my brother and kids he was giving me a foot rub and moved his hands up between my crotch and grab my pussy through my pants and started rubbing it was driving me crazy I had my feet on his lap and he was hired as a rock feeling his cock with my foot I wanted to fuck him so bad you could tell in his eyes he wanted to fuck me too he leaned over and started tongue in me kissing my mouth we heard our brother come in and we stopped and that was it it ended there so he had planned on coming over Saturday night which he did my niece came babysitting the two kids we went out drinking had a lot of fun guys are trying to hit on me and my brother I could tell was jealous and kind of puts them away from me it was kind of turning me on how my brother was protecting me little that I know the pussy I had in my pants my brother’s sister is the pussy he wanted I could tell the way he was giving me looks we were really drunk at one bar and I wanted to dance so he’s there dancing and then a slow song come on and we dance he started rubbing my ass on the Dance Floor looking into each other’s eyes try not to get caught we left the bar went back to my house we were both pretty drunk got a taxi everybody was sleeping we went in the kitchen had a couple beers I told him I was going to go pass out and hope he took the hint I pretended to stumble to my room I got fully undressed put a light blanket over the top of me and waited for him I knew he would come in and this time we would fuck our brains out and I would let him come in me and do anything he wanted to me I was so horny and turned on I started to masturbate I was flooding down there about 15 minutes later I heard him creeping and I pretended I was sleeping and what he did amaze me he got between my legs and started eating my pussy like no one’s ever ate it before in my life it felt so good it was amazing lusting for my brother all these years I was finally going to have his cock deep inside my pussy. I pretended I was sleeping but it didn’t last too long before I was coming I grabbed his head cross my legs around his neck and had the most incredible orgasm I’ve ever had he moved his way up and started kissing me I didn’t care my pussy tasted good on his fucking sweet lips my brother Nets was finally going to fuck me he asked if he could make love to me and I said yes finally he shoved his 8 inch hard cock deep inside my pussy and started pounding me fuck yeah fuck yeah I told him that feels so good brother and that’s fuck me fuck me like no woman you’ve ever fucked before on your little whore your sister Mary you’re fucking little whore fuck Mary’s cunt fuck your little sister’s pussy cum in me I want you to come in me when you come Mitch now he was rotten like a deer in heat I could tell he was going to shoot his load and he told me Mary I’m going to come can I please come in you and I told him yes he started too drunk and grown I never heard a man sound like that he kept shooting his cum deep inside my pussy I could feel his cock throbbing and it must have been 30 seconds or so and he stopped started kissing me past me telling me how much he loved me I said I love you too brother and we hugged and then he rolled me over went down between my legs again and started licking my asshole now I never had a man lick my asshole before and it felt fantastic it was incredible two fingers in my pussy going crazy his thumb rubbing on my foot and his fingers crammed down my throat had another orgasm was building up and I let loose he picked me up put me on my hands and knees and took me doggy style fuck me like I was a whore he was calling me his sister you’re my sister Mary you’re my whore now yeah so yes I’m your whore Mitch I’m your fucking little sister whore fuck me as he dumped another load of cum in my pussy eclipse on top of me needless to say we fucked three more times at night I’ve never been fucked five times in a row he told me he’s never fucked anybody more than twice your special sister I love your pussy I never stop loving it I love the way it tastes smells looks and feels around my cock we kissed and fell asleep the next day we played it off like nothing happened my niece I asking us questions that night I made dinner for her and I was going to spend the night again that she wanted me to of course you would want me to she wants my cock my sister now wants my cock we waited till the kids went to bed and I told him come in to the bedroom and he did and we fucked all night long him coming in me three more times for 10 years or so we’ve been seeing each other at least once a month I would go to his apartment and we would have a routine sex ass eating ass licking everything was on the table I let him do things to me that no other men has ever done and I do things to him that I would never do to another man I truly love my brother Mitch and he knows how to please me sexual it might be wrong but to me it’s right I love the way he fucks I love the way he’s come taste he loves the way my pussy taste and my ass hole too I love him more than anything

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    Your spelling is really bad. The other thing is it’s one long sentence

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  • Reply Hugh ID:fygr94m9j

    hoow old are you now Mary. Do you and your brother ever talk about what happened

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    hot as fuck mary

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    So hot

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    Let him breed you

    • Mary t ID:pvw1pjoii

      ok you can breed me

    • East Coast Male: [email protected] ID:1bdsqxzrc

      Mary, I would if I could, but I can’t, so I won’t! I had a vasectomy years ago. No tadpoles swimming around in my balls.