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Slim jim 56 fucks britney because travis took christina to his place and fucked and breeded her

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Slim Jim rapes and creampies Britney in the backseat of her car in the empty parking garage as she left work for the night

My name is Britney and I’m what you might consider, a madam, and I help manage a nightclub called
(The Last Pick-up) with Travis, the owner . I manage about 12 prostitutes that Travis has in the club for extra entertainment and for extra profit ,He’s also known as Big Daddy , and I’m his longtime girlfriend

Travis is a very tall and handsome muscular black guy , he’s also very charming and he loves fucking
white women , especially married white women .

I was sitting with Travis in one of the 12 semi round booth’s with a small table in the middle . I’m wearing a red cocktail dress with sheer black pantyhose and black 5 inch spiked heels ,and I wear my long brown hair in a ponytail

Travis turned to me and said , “Britney baby”! “Big daddy needs some loving on his cock”!!

I looked at him with my seductive brown eyes and said in my very seductive voice , “Yes daddy”!!

“Your little white Britney will give your cock all my loving”!

So I kneeled between his legs and unzipped his pants and pulled his 8 inch black dick out , I opened up my mouth and started sucking his dick like it was my very own big lollypop . As I’m sucking and
twirling my tongue all over his dome shaped cockhead ,I can hear Travis moaning in his low voice
saying as I quickened my pace and started bobbing my head up and down , “Oh god you’re going to

make big daddy blow his load my white princess”!!!

I can feel his cock growing bigger in my mouth as his precum is mixing with my saliva causing a lot
of overflow leaking out the sides of my mouth , and the wet sound of me slurping and sucking has
just caused his big black dick to twitch in my mouth .

After feeling his dick twitch. I knew he was real close to cumming in my mouth , so I just went all the way down on his dick as I can feel it slide down my throat , at that moment he blew his load down my
throat as he held my head , forcing me to swallow all his black seed . His dick is still pumping his
seed down my throat and I can hear him say , “Oh my god Britney”!! “My white princess”! “You just made your big daddy so happy”!!!!!!!!

I pulled his cock out of my mouth and licked and sucked it clean then I put it back into his pants .

I got up and he pulled me onto his lap and kissed me , then he is getting fresh with me by putting his black hand on my knee and feeling and rubbing my upper nylon covered thighs . As his hand is at my
pussy entrance , his finger is pushing through my panties and pantyhose causing my pussy to stir up
with plenty of pussy juice leaking .

Suddenly he stops . and says hey who’s that older couple that just came in ? I’m mad because he stopped fingering me , so I looked over and said , “I have no idea Travis”? “They must be new”!

Travis has his eye on the older lady that is with him ,I found out later from Travis that he fucked her and her name is Christina .

Travis told me to follow and keep a eye on the older guy that she’s with, just incase they are cops .
I said okay to Travis and went to all my girls individually, and let them know about the older guy that
just came in .As I watched him, he was coming on very strong to one of my girls, so I went over to him
and introduced myself to him , and asked him who he was ?

He said his name is Slim Jim, because he’s so skinny .

“Well Mr. Jim ! you will not treat my girls like that”! “As a matter of fact I want you out of my club now”!!

“Your a fucking cunt and this place sucks”!! Jim angerly said as he started walking to the door, suddenly he yells out , “CHRISTINA WE’RE LEAVING”!! “WHERE ARE YOU”!!!

One of my girls asked him if she was wearing a long white silky dress and white 4 inch stiletto heels ?
He said yeah . My girl said that she saw her go outside with Travis and got into his black BMW M5 car
and drove away .

I told him to leave now since his wife is not here , he then tried to come on to me by touching and feeling me up, so I slapped him across his face and called out for Butch, the bouncer to remove him from the club . As Butch is dragging him out , Jim turns his head towards me and says , “I’LL GET YOU


It’s 1:30 am so I told the two bartenders and my girls that I’m leaving for the night and going over Travis’s place , he texted me that he’s breeding and fucking that older married lady that we saw come into the club earlier that night. I texted back to save some of her for me, and I’m on my way home .

As I’m walking into the empty parking garage the only sound that I can hear was the distinctive click clack of my 5 inch heels on the concrete floor of the garage . I took out my keys as I came up to the driver’s door and unlocked it , as I opened it , I also opened up my rear passenger door to put a bag of
whiskey and vodka for Travis and Tristan, so they can keep Christina drunk and fuck her for days and maybe they will give what’s left of her to me so that I can pimp her out to my black customers .

I didn’t see or hear him as he moved quickly . He put his hand around my waist and with his other hand he covered my mouth as the bag of booze fell onto the passenger floor of my car .He pulled me hard against him as I kicked my legs backwards trying to stick my 5 inch heel tips into his legs or balls .

He pushed me face down all the way across into the backseat and kept his hand on the back of my head forcing my face into the seat to muffle my screams .

He took his other hand and her pulled up the back of my red cocktail dress , exposing my red lace panties and my sheer black pantyhose covered ass . As I only could whimper out , “MMmmphn!!

He quickly tore off my panties and then tore a sizable hole into my pantyhose as my ass cheeks exploded out of them , he used both of his feet to kick each of my 5 inch stiletto wearing legs apart
spreading my legs as he then kneeled on top of the back of my black nylon covered thighs .

I heard him unzipping his pants as I shook my head back and fourth no while I whimpered .He finally
spoke and said ,” I told you that I’ll get you”! “didn’t I”! “you fucking bitch”! “now your going to feel my 7 inch cock rape your used pussy”! “you fucking whore”!!

As I struggled and squirmed , I felt his dick enter and part my labia , then with one powerful thrust he
sank his 7 inch dick deep into my pussy as I kept shaking my head back and fourth no, whimpering out ,

“MMMmmmphh”!!! “MMmmmphh”!!!! “MMMmmmmpphh”!!!!!!!

He’s really fucking and pounding me hard , this is more of a anger. rape, hate fuck that he’s giving me .
He said , “I know you can’t talk right now, but just to let you know that it’s me , Slim Jim that’s rape fucking you, because how you treated me in your club, and that your nigger boyfriend Travis took my wife and is breeding her”!!!!

“That filthy black brute”! “videoed her, with her own phone showing me how he’s fucking her”!!!

“Well now I’m rape fucking his white princess , how does he like that”!!!

I’m so glad that I have been fucked by my Travis with his big thick 8 inch black dick, because my pussy was already stretched and broken in for him , Slim Jim’s dick is much thinner and smaller so it doesn’t hurt .

As he’s still pounding and thrusting his dick in and out of me , I can feel my car rocking back and fourth as I suddenly start cumming all over his dick . I’m squealing and yelping into the seat with my muffled sounds ,”MMmmph”!! “uhh”!! “uhhh”!! MMmmphh”!

While I’m cumming all over his dick , Slim Jim suddenly grunts as I feel his dick twitch . he gives me one more very hard thrust , burying his dick as far as it can go as my eyes grew wide from his last thrust , I felt stream after stream of his sperm completely fill and flood my womb, as I laid my head down completely exhausted .

Slim Jim quickly pulled his dick out of me and put it back into his pants , and slaps both of my exposed ass cheeks and laughs and says , “Looks to me that Travis can’t protect his own girl”!!

As he walks away and vanishes into the early morning darkness , leaving me totally helpless with my torn off panties and torn pantyhose on my tummy in the backseat of my own car, as his sperm leaks down into my ripped hosiery and down into my passenger seat .

I have know idea what my black daddy will do to Slim Jim when he finds out what he just did to his little white princess . but I can assure Slim Jim, that it will not be good for him and his wife . Christina will be drugged up and used , and I will take great pleasure to have her strapped down and put into a glory hole for all guys to pay to fuck her white upper middleclass married pussy .


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  • Reply Dd88 ID:2bgowvrhrj

    Wish I could marry you Britney. Sc: Vladdo

  • Reply Slim56 ID:1e32x0bcb75j

    Well Britany, it was a good story I did like it. I’m not sure where you watch to take it but I noticed it doesn’t really follow Courtney’s story. That’s OK though it’s an alternate story line. Definitely interested in seeing where it might go. I do want to let you know I am not a violent man so the rape angle surprised me. The glory hole angle for Christina is good I always wanted to taker to one about watch her enjoy herself.

    • BRITNEY ID:1df0k80uvhff

      I’m really sorry you felt like that slim ! but I went on the premise where you said that you felt jealous , where the paragraph begins with (I saw my wife walking out of the club with another man) Thats where I started my alternate side of the story where a Jealous man can be unpredictable in times of swinging with complete strangers! And I wish that you told me ahead of time no violence !!! My deepest apologies to you and your wife !!! Britney

    • Slim56 ID:1e32x0bcb75j

      Britney honey you did good I did like your story. You had no way of knowing about me not being a violent person. To be honest I have never been a jealous person either but never been in that situation for real. I really dont knw how i would react to be honest. The thing about Courtney’s story was all I did was describe my wife. Some how she chose a story line that mirrored my fantasy. Except for one thing and that was when my wife used the n word. She would never do that and neither would I. And the duct tape to the chair I never thought of. You have no reason to be sorry , you went in a direction you thought could very well
      happen and I am fine with that and am interested in seeing where you want to take it if you choose to