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I fucked with my best friends mom

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I am 16years old , 184cm and 70kilos With many muscles, abs, arms, veins and generally quite fit , my best friend Michael is 13 years old he doesn’t have a fit body and is 50kg and 153cm .(Both virgins ,never touched a girl). We are besties for 6-7 years now . He is the only child, his mother is divorced so he only lives with his mother. From what he said to me his mother was dumped by his father when she got pregnant and has not dated anyone since . As I was growing up I developed a huge crush on her and she always made me hard . (She is 156cm 40 kilos burnette milf and has an extraordinary physique because she exercises daily . Also , she has really huge boobs and thick tights. In general she is the woman of my dreams). She was like a second mother to me as i spend a lot of time in Michaels house . One day , Michaels mom was out of town for work and we did a sleepover in his house . We stayed up until late and before we went to sleep we decided to have a penis size comparison. We both watched porn for 20 minutes to get hard.He took a ruler and he measured my dick first.I was really hard at that time ,my size was 21cm(8.2inches) super thick And I ejaculated a lot of sperm and just from Michael’s look one could understand that he was ashamed. He took his dick out and it was the smallest i have ever seen (roughly 6cm while hard) . I felt completely superior but I comforted him somehow and told him that he is still young. I continued nutting and at some point Michael complemented me about my size and my whole body appearance in general . He acted like a gay and Then we went to sleep . When we woke up We went to eat cereal and for the whole day he just acted like I was his father as he didn’t object and felt ashamed . His mother came back in the evening and prepared a dinner for us . While we were eating, his mother realized that something had happened to him and asked him What. He hesitantly told her that he is smaller than everyone and started crying . As we were discussing this topic his mom told him that noone has a bigger size dick at this age but then he said that my size is 21cm . His mom simply denied it and thought that it was a joke but Michael insisted that its the truth .At that point I felt very uncomfortable as I had feelings for her . After a little bit of arguing She was very sure we were joking and Michael asked me to pull down my pants to prove otherwise . My dick was even thicker harder than yesterday because it was the first time being so close with Michaels mother . When i pulled My pants down she just couldn’t believe it and went into a shock . She started touching it in different ways and spots . After 1-2 minutes of her inspection she asked me if she could give me a blowjob (she didnt care about michael seeing it) . Ofcourse i said and she started like crazy . Those 10 minutes of her sucking it felt like paradise . When she was done , i nutted in her face and she told me that it was fantastic. Michael was embarrassed but his mom comfronted him . When it was time to sleep, I slept with his mother and he slept alone. We had sex for about 40 minutes and I can say that I dominated all of 40 minutes. We fucked in doggy style and finished of with missionary. She was moaning pretty loudly and Michael could hear them from his room . His mom confessed to me that I was what she needed .(Young man , big dick , muscular etc). This routine continued for a 6months and our relationship was a secret , until she got pregnant with my sperm . Michael literally thanks me for being with his mom but deepdown he is feeling gay and ashamed , because he still cant nutt. We will probably keep the baby but noone will never learn that I’m the father

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    Bull shit

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    no way