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Every kids dream: intro

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Every kids dream is a collection of perverted stories by an amateur writer. This is fiction If you have any wish to do the following irl pls get help.

Hi! My name is Noah, I’m a pervert, I have been all my life. I was exposed to sex very early and was never shyd away from it. Here are my stories!

Most of these stories take place when I was 13 or 14, I was fairly tall (5’9) and super skinny, I had no body hair and a 6 inch cock, my eyes were blue and I had curly hair. I grew up in up-state new York with a fairly wealthy family, a big family too. I have my two parents and 2 older siblings, a brother and sister named Jake and emma. I also have two dogs, Duke who a grey great dane and a small mutt named oak, he’s around the size of a dachshund. Now let’s get into my earliest sexual adventures 😉

I was 10 when I was first exposed to sex, my older brother Jake who was 16 at the time, he had just gotten home from school, mom was out and dad was working upstairs so it was just me and him. He was wearing loose basketball shorts, he came in and sat down next to me. I looked down and I saw the outline of his cock in his shorts, I wanted to touch it so bad. He had his eyes closed with him being tired, I don’t why I had this urge but I acted on it. I grabbed his cock and started rubbing it! He gasped and let out a small moan, he looked surprised but didn’t stop me. He pulled down his shorts and his cock, hard as a rock now, popped out, it was about 5 inches with a pink tip. I put it in my mouth and started to blow him, my cock had started to get hard at this point, this was my first erection! He pushed my head down and came as I was gagging on his cock. He pulled me up and kissed me while pulling off my shorts, he put me on his lap and pressed his cock against my asshole. He spit on his hand rubbed it on his cock, and while kissing me he pushed his cock into me, all I felt was bliss. I teared up from pain as he violently fucked me but I loved it. My cock was hard as a rock, he fucked me untill he came and we sat there for a minute. After a rest he picked me up and took me to my room, he laid me on my bed and stripped us completely, he straddled me and lowered himself onto my hard cock, he began to ride me fast and I moaned everytime his balled slapped my stomach. Before long we came together and collapsed out of exhaustion

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    Story turned me on.

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    Love this

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    Keep going