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A Dark Fantasy is Experienced

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Arranging to meet a man to turn a fantasy into reality.

I was twenty years old, about to embark down a very dark and lonely path. I’d always been into dark shit like horror and rape fantasies. I do not condone such terrible acts in real life, but my mind gravitated to those kinds of things. I liked being scared… to a point.

One Saturday evening I told my parents I was going out with some friends and then sleeping over, but there were no friends where I was going.

In a short, low-cut, black dress and heels, carrying a bag with a change of clothes, I hopped onto a train and travelled across the city to a motel. It was there I met a fifty-six-year-old man named Bill. We met online over eight months ago, but now I was finally ready to meet him in person. Bill took me to a nearby diner for a cup of coffee.

“How are you feeling, Louise?” he asked, looking around nervous before glancing into my cleavage.

“I’m ok, Bill. How are you?” I sipped my coffee, equally nervous.

“Everything is good to go, just as we agreed.”

“Six guys?” I quivered.

“There are five guys waiting in the motel room, and then there’s me. Six guys maximum, as you requested.”

“What about your end of the arrangement?”

“It’ll be broadcast live on the dark web. There are a few high paying subscribers.”

“How many?” I wondered, not that it mattered.

“A hundred and twenty-seven people from around the world.”


“I told you, it’s a dark world out there, Louise, but only if you want to experience it.”

“I do. I’m just really, really nervous about it. Do you have the stuff?”

“Yes. It’s in the motel room, enough to put you under for a few good hours.”

“Will I get to see it?”

“The event, you mean?”


“There’ll be a link sent to your email. It will expire once you’ve watched it. The email will be untraceable for security purposes, just as I explained to you before.”

I exhaled a deep nervous breath and finished my coffee. “Ok, I’m ready.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes. We’ve come too far now, and if I back out, I know I’ll regret it.”

“Very well then. Let’s head on over to the motel room.”

I’m 5ft 7 inches tall with long brown hair and curves in all the right places, or so I’m told. I do have large natural breasts, but how I or my body looked was irrelevant in the grand scheme of things.

I entered the motel room behind Bill and froze. Sitting around the room were five men wearing V masks. I gulped when I saw them all looking at me and then flinched when Bill closed and locked the door.

“Take a seat on the bed, Louise. Relax while I pour you a drink.”

The motel wasn’t dirty, but it was small and cheap. Only the bedside lamps were on, and the curtains were drawn. The five men watched me walk to the bed and sit down. I could feel their eyes through the masks, burning into me. Nobody said a word. It was indeed very scary.

“Here you go, Louise.” Bill was the only one to speak as he handed me a small glass of wine.

The men watched as I knocked the wine back, trying to quash my anxiety rather than quench my thirst. My glass was then refilled, and I was handed a small bottle of GHB.

“The dose is correct. It should put you under for a few hours. Are you ready, Louise?”

My heart was pounding, and my body was shaking. I could barely hold the wine glass.

“I’m ready,” I muttered, terrified but also excited to experience the unknown. To experience a dark fantasy, I had for quite some time.

“Ok, add it to your drink.”

The men stood up and watched closely as I added the GHB to my wine and mixed it in with a stirrer.

“Now finish your drink, Louise, while I turn on the live feed.”

I could no longer believe what I was doing. It was like getting onto a rollercoaster you know you shouldn’t, but forcing yourself because it’s so exciting. I drank the wine in six quick mouthfuls before I was being recorded and broadcast onto the dark web.

“Good girl. Now just try and relax while me and the boys get ready.”

I exhaled another deep breath, this time whilst waiting for the GHB to take effect.

“Ok, gentleman, remember the rules. No violence, no lasting marks, and no piss or scat. Everything else is fair game.”

I recoiled on the bed as the six men began to undress. They varied from fifty to sixty-five. Short, tall, fat, slim, hairy and bald. The men were certainly a mixture. The story for the subscribers online was that I’d been spiked in a bar and brought back to the Motel to be gang raped.

It was my fantasy; the online part was Bill’s addition. Having masturbated for months over the idea, I began to feel woozy on the bed. I also started panicking, but when I opened my mouth to say, wait, I had six naked men stroking their cocks in front of me. I couldn’t speak.

“She’s beautiful.”

“I’m going to enjoy raping this one.”

“I can’t wait to stick my cock in all her tight holes.”

“I’m looking forward to playing with those big tiddies as I’m fucking her tight cunt.”

“Yeah, and fill them with cum. The dirty little slut.”

“That’s it, cutie, you just take a nap. We’ll look after you.”

The room descended into sinister laughter as I fell back on the bed, still aware, but not much. I felt very sleepy and dizzy. My limbs were weak. I couldn’t move. The last thing I felt was people getting onto the bed with me. The last thing I heard was someone snapping a pair of scissors and telling me it was time to remove my clothes. I blanked out.

I’m not sure what time it was when I came around, but it was still dark outside. I was naked and I felt sick. I managed to get to the bathroom where I threw up down the toilet. I then slumped to the floor, not sure where I was, but then my memory vaguely started coming back to me.

Looking down at my body, I had bruises inside my thighs and my body was aching all over. I clambered to my feet and tried to focus my eyes into the mirror. My hair was matted, and I looked a mess. As I trudged back to the bed I winced and hissed in agony. My vagina was sore and swollen, not to mention my anus.

I looked at the bed. The sheets were covered in yellow stains. I’d been raped. I sat on the bed feeling more confused than ever. It felt as though I’d been raped, but something was telling me otherwise. Had I consented to this? Somehow, I thought I had.

Scanning the room, I saw my heels were metres apart, as if they’d be thrown. My dress had been cut up the middle, then I noticed my bra and panties had been cut in two.

I checked my phone. My glazed vision told me it was 4.03am, so I got back into the bed and pulled the duvet over my body. From there, I drifted in and out of consciousness until around 8am. I was sick a couple more times, but daylight had broken.

Things were sketchy, but during a shower in the motel room, I remembered meeting Bill. I then remembered sitting on the bed and spiking my own drink. I couldn’t remember anything after that.

Within twenty-four hours I received an email in my junk box from an address which looked very suspicious. The kind of email address you block and delete, but I knew the link was not a virus. It was the missing piece to my blank memory.

The link sat there for almost a week while I debated whether or not to open it and watch my fantasy turned reality. During those turbulent few days, I eventually internalised the shock and decided I had to watch the video.

It was a Friday night. I was home alone. I drank half a bottle of wine before I had the courage to sit in bed with my laptop to finally watch what happened to me inside the motel. Without further delay, I clicked on the link and exhaled a shaky breath. I think I felt even more nervous than when I put the GHB into my own drink.

The link opened up and I was suddenly watching myself in the motel room. I was sitting on the bed, fully dressed with a group of masked men gathered close by. It appeared that I’d already consumed the wine and GHB. I watched in horror as I began to witness the effects of the drug.

My heart started pounding as the men in the video began to undress. As if in slow motion, I watched myself lying back on the bed. There was no sound. It was purely visual. Flat on my back, clearly going unconscious, the group of naked, old men climbed onto the bed with with.

I see a man with a pair of scissors. My legs are opened, making the short black dress taut around my thighs. The scissors are then snapped open and closed near to my face, and the man is clearly seen talking to me, but I don’t respond.

The man then moves so he’s in between my legs, and he begins to cut my dress. I gasped in my actual bed with my nipples tingling as I watched the scissors cut through the hem of my outfit. The blades keep cutting away, travelling higher and higher between my thighs.

Another man kneels beside my head and starts slapping my face with his cock. I don’t respond and then he opens my mouth, trying to push his cock inside. I watched hands rubbing my legs as the scissors moved over my pubic mound, slicing through the fabric, passing my navel and beyond.

I opened my legs as I watched my helpless body on my laptop. I slipped a hand inside my panties and started rubbing my pussy. I did it slowly as the scissors finally cut my dress open, right up the middle. It was then pulled open and the man with the scissors positioned the blades under and over the centre piece of my bra.

My unresponsive mouth is filled with cock while the group of men stand around stroking themselves. I flinched in my bed, sighing as the scissors snipped through the bra. The garment is then pulled from my chest, exposing my young breasts to the room and the dark web.

Hands immediately reached for my large breasts. I could see they were being squeezed as the man cutting my clothes repositions the scissors to cut the waist band of my panties. I felt faint watching as my clothing was harshly removed from my body. I was rolled side to side like a doll so the men could get rid of my clothes.

The camera then showed me close up. I was definitely comatose as my face and naked body was exposed. My legs were then further spread to show the dark web my shaven vagina. Someone is then seen burying their head between my legs to perform oral sex that I’ll never remember.

Like vultures, the naked, old men started groping my body, while the one giving me oral sex sticks his fingers inside me. My body literally does not respond. Even when my mouth is forced open and fed cock, I remained lifeless. My nipples were being tweaked, pulled and twisted before two guys started sucking on them.

By this point I’m dropping wet watching myself being violated. A violation I consented to and helped organise. I can’t help but softly insert a couple of fingers inside my pussy as I continue to watch the scene unfolding on my laptop.

The guy who’s been lapping away between my legs suddenly lifts them into the air. Two guys move to hold my ankles wide apart, while the guy between my legs positions his cock to enter me. He then leaned forward and grabbed hold of my tits whilst thrusting his cock right up inside me.

It’s horrific to watch my unresponsive body take it without so much of a murmur. I was staring at my laptop, shocked and aroused as a man pounded my drugged body and squeezed my tits until he ejaculated inside my pussy.

The camera showed his cum trickling out of me before I was flipped over and dragged down the bed until my legs were well over the edge. A second guy then entered me, while my head is lifted and my mouth is abused once more.

The position I’m in looks too painful to be enjoyed, if I were conscious, but I’m not, so the men are using me how they see fit. The man fucking me cum’s, filling my pussy and pulling out for the camera to catch his sperm trickling out of me.

A third man steps between my legs, rubbing his finger into my puckered hole before he replaces it with his cock. I’m soon watching myself being sodomised until he floods my rectum with semen. It’s disgusting to watch. I feel ashamed and dirty, but I’m so close to giving myself an intense orgasm.

My body is then dragged back up the bed. A man lies beside me and rolls me forward on to my side. Another man gets onto the bed in front of me, and I’m suddenly sandwiched between two old men trying to put their cocks inside my holes. They eventually succeed and I’m being double penetrated.

I notice the position of my arms and assume that’s why my shoulder hurt for days after I woke up. The man in front started kissing me, but I’m not kissing him back. I looked almost dead as I’m unaware of being fucked so mercilessly.

The men take their turns to cum inside my body, then I recognise Bill getting behind me. The men roll away but Bill keeps me in that position. He takes his time to fuck me with one of my legs on his shoulders. Alternating between my stretched holes, he eventually cum’s inside my pussy.

The sixth guy is the fattest of them all. He lays me flat on my back and lifts my right leg up high while cum seeps from my body. He licks my legs right up to my heels before he removes the shoe and throws it to suck on my toes. A shiver shoots up my spine as I watch him on my laptop.

He then switches to my left leg and does the exact same thing, before puts my legs on his shoulders and proceeds to fuck my limp body. When he cum’s he pulls out, moves up the bed while someone holds my head straight. Another shiver shoots up my spine as I watch the man covering my face in cum. I still don’t move as it happens.

The video then scans the damage, showing the dark web my used and abused body. I think that’s it and finally my orgasm explodes, but by the time it subsides, I’m watching six man masturbating over my naked body.

It takes them awhile, but eventually they’re all shooting cum over my pussy, mound, tummy, tits and face. They leave my body on the bed, then return to take photos with their phones.

To heap more shame upon me, one of the men pours what’s left of the wine over my breasts and then starts fucking my pussy with the empty bottle. The video ended with the bottle left inside me.

I closed my laptop, not sure how to feel after I’d watched it and climaxed. The link immediately expired but I knew the recording and photos taken would be out there on the internet forever.

Spending the next few weeks trying to find it online, discreetly searching rape porn websites, I eventually came across the video. It had thousands of views and over a hundred comments. I read most of them as I rubbed my pussy to satisfy my dark, carnal urges.

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