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I was raped by my teacher at 10

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This is the story of how I was raped by my teacher when I was 10 years old.

My names Ari and when I was 10 I was raped by my teacher, I’m 13 now so this happened 3 years ago, It was one or the worst experiences of my life and I really hope it doesn’t happen to any other girls.

just so you know i was 10, 4ft 4 Inches, Pretty much flat chested, and as you could guess i was pretty tight. I have long brown hair down to my butt, i’m Tanned, Brown eyes and that’s about it.

It was recess when i got held back in class because I was miss behaving, It wasn’t my first time so i was pretty calm, My teacher was called Mr Moore he was around 55 years old and he always gave me the creeps, I sat down in my seat at the back and of the classroom and started to do the work, I heard footsteps walking towards me and looked up and he was standing in front of me. He then told me to stand up so i did and then he grabbed my around my head and covered my mouth with one hand and slowly put his other hand down the front of my skirt, I was jumping around trying to scream and break free but it was no hope he was too strong, I began to cry as he inserted his finger into my pussy. I didn’t know what was going on but i was scared and, I kicked him in the leg and he slapped me across the face I kicked him in the balls with back of my foot he then shoved his fist inside me. I thought I was going to die at this point, he bent me over a desk and pulled my panties and skirt down I looked behind me as he pulled his dick out of his pants, I didn’t know what it was i was just scared I couldn’t stop crying as I felt his dick enter my pussy it was warm he inserted it further and it began to hurt more and more, He started thrusting in and out he then inserted his whole and i felt it hit something inside me.

It started to hurt even more as i felt blood flow out of my pussy I then felt a warm liquid inside me, I didn’t know what it was at the time but now I know that he cummed in me. He then sat me on the floor and told me to suck his dick i refused to but he slapped me across, I then grabbed his dick and put it in my mouth still tears running down my face. I was sucking it for about 5 minutes when i heard the door open.

I stopped and looked up and seen miss Kane staring right at us, Mr Moore stood up and told her it’s not what she thinks, I dropped onto the floor and laying there crying, I was so sore I could hardly move, Miss Kane and Mr Moore started to argue, I don’t know what they were saying i was so zoned out.

After a few minutes Mr Moore ran out and Miss Kane held me up and hugged me, I didn’t know what to say I just hugged her back. My mom came about 20 minutes later, She helped me clean up and she talked to me about it, She was so angry and sad, We ended up taking Mr Moore to court, He got sent to jail and became a registered sex offender.

I had to go on birth control and i’m still recovering from it, I haven’t had sex since and and i’m not planing on it anytime soon.

If any girls are reading this be carful <3

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  • Reply Strong Lord ID:1d7f7zydxoxl

    I am so sorry that ever happened to you I have a sister she was 12 when she got raped she ended up getting pregnant by the rapists so I kind of understand what you’re going through thank you for sharing your story

  • Reply Orion Sears ID:2px1ognvkzz

    I hate that there are such ugly, evil people like that in the world. If you need to talk my email address is [email protected]

  • Reply Cracksniffer ID:4s0ccfwm2

    Ari, I would like to sympathise, but you did misbehave and teachers have to punish. He could have made it more painful for you by raping you up the bum, but I think he had your best interests at heart. Now he’s a registered sex offender, he’s probably getting more cunt and ass than ever, as it’s such a turn-on.

  • Reply James ID:1dv5ew2vt8h6

    I was raped and turned into sex slave by 3rd grade teacher, it all started when he caught me and a older black kid that was bullying me in a shed behind school, the bully made me suck his black cock after school alot. My teacher was also black and i was a scared little 8 year old white boy, he burst into the shed and caught us he sent the the ackkid home and told me to come with him back to the school. There he told that I had 2 choices i could be punished here at school and everyone find out about it ,other teachers kids my parents, or i could go to his house and be spanked abd no one has to know. I said ok .he live just 2 blocks from school when i arrived at his back door he let in td to go to his bed room. He then pulled out pictures of me sucking the black kids cock.and if i dont want everyone to see them i will do what he says.he told me to take my clothes off and i done as he said he then handed me a pair of girls panties told me to put them on .they were silky white panties, he made me suck his cock and he fucked me fir 3 years ,i was tied to bed and beaten alot .if i spilled any cum from my mouth there would be more whipping. He made me were panties and butt plugs every day. And he would check me at school to make sure I was wearing them.

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    • James ID:1e40ub93k8cm

      Im 16 now i dont date,i mostly stay in my room.the scares on my back and butt are a constant reminder of myteacher done to me. He imprisoned me for life.i am his slave still

    • Cracksniffer ID:4s0ccfwm2

      What a lucky boy you are!!

  • Reply Angel ID:2c3ilmk9qj

    My brother raped me when I was ten in my bedroom I pretended I didn’t like it but I’m really a slut my snap is sweettslutt

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    • Cindy ID:vuf0ie41

      Good for your brother rapping you, and you being a slut Angel. Let’s chat, I was raped by 5 eleven year old boys in the 6th grade, it made me the school slut.
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    • Cindy ID:vuf0ie41

      When I was in the 6th grade, five eleven year old boys raped me after school for three days straight. After that, I became the school slut.
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    • Robert ID:1desh3sv12lr

      Well angel how old are you now hit me up in signal 503 765 0477 I was also raped by my sister who was 21 I loved it to

  • Reply Maintenance Guy ID:7ylren2t0i

    It’s quite sad because idiots do not understand the human. whether it be vietnam or the girl down the street, even your Daughter or son. you can not force someone do do something that in there mind they do not want to do. it causes the mind to form alternative path connections that are abnormal. now it is completely health if the person at any age that seeks it out especially when it comes to sex. if she wants it then by all means have fun but please do not rape anyone thinking it is alright.
    damage is done and i hope you get over it girl as sex can be quite rewording at times.

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      @dewbury you said she was 4 in the last comment you left

  • Reply Savannah ID:fzq74ft0d

    I’m not 15, is what I meant, sry guys

  • Reply Savannah ID:fzq74ft0d

    Me too Ari, I was raped when I was in 2nd or 3rd grade. But it was my older brother, I told my oldest brother first and told my parents after a few days and so he wasn’t trusted. After that I think a year or more I got sexually touched. I was in 3, 4, or 5th grade when I was dancing in my mom’s van and then after that day a guy came up to me and kissed my forehead as I tried getting out of his grip. There was a time my oldest brother forced me to kiss him on the lips which wasn’t fun. I couldn’t move either. I also was playing hide and seek with my brothers except my oldest brother wasn’t. He went in the bathroom and had to use it while I was in the shower and then he caught me. He said I could only stay in there if I touched something of his so I said ok and he pulled his pants down and so I touched it and said it was warm(at that age I didn’t know what a penis was.) And now I’m 15 and a freshman that has got over from all sorts of abuse. Thank you for sharing your story with me. It makes me realize I’m not the only one who didn’t go through this. And I understand the pain you went through.

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  • Reply Not alone! ID:3i7mqpby8rd

    i wish i was there to stop them and save you, i was 9 when it happened to me and never reported to the police becasuse i wanted to scream for someone to help me but i was educated by media, society and parents that a man( i was a boy but still) can not cry, a mna do not complain, a man just dust it off and keep going, so i did and regret it because i can not stop and woner if becuase of me keeping my mouth shut he did not rape other boys too, i truly hope i was hes last victim. i do not know yourage but i truly hope u are doing better then me and are stronger then me

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  • Reply Hotpot ID:2kyee16thk

    Nice,i wish it happened to me

    • Harley quinn ID:c33rigd3

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  • Reply Jj ID:4hvzz549d

    Wtf is wrong with you people she was raped not even as a teen and you people just enjoy it wtf is wrong with you thats so fucked you all need to be put away

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  • Reply Anonymous ID:5rht0ta8rk

    All of you people are horrible, I mean this should happen to nobody all the people in the comment section who suggests that was right are straight down monsters! Inhumane! Sometimes I can’t believe I am a human in a society like this. ” train ’em young? You know what else needs training young? Your hormones. Better know how to control them. Girls are not your toys! They are human just like you! Not something for you to pick up, fuck then leave. Think it like this if you were a girl and got raped how would you feel? The experience is horribble. I know that cuz i’ve been raped at 11! You people are monsters

    • David ID:cxsxgbw20k

      if they human like me. they will love what I give them LOL
      were monsters yet here you are wanting to talk to us.

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    • J ID:5s5u8ue9fib

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  • Reply Carl ID:1ah770le499

    Hi Natasha, great to here that you got raped, that is wonderful, did you get pregnant too? Can you give us some more details too.

    • Natasha ID:8ojk13enhm

      It was 5 guys

    • Carl ID:1ah770le499

      Nice, 5 guys, you must have been very attractive, I sure hope all five gave you lots of cum up your pussy. did you suck them all too?

    • Natasha ID:8ojk0tbdv2

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  • Reply Natasha ID:8ojk13enhm

    Kind of Same story but i was 18 years old

  • Reply oop ID:fyh7kad9a

    I’m so sorry you had to go through this, but i’m also really glad that he went to jail for this. Thank you for sharing your story

  • Reply Me. ID:41exbrfi9

    Hey Ari. It’s really a tragic that it happen that way. I hope you can pick yourself up and stay strong. Ignore what those Nasty People say. You are a good girl. It wasn’t ur fault that it happen. So don’t blame yourself and don’t get yourself depression ok? Stay strong and you can overcome more obstacles in your life. Personally I would hit and Attack him if I was there.

    • Sumone ID:814ns3f7v3

      I swear to god if anyone calls this nice person a simp i will fucking lose it

  • Reply Sumone ID:814ns3f7v3

    What in the actual fuck you dirty bastards im 11 and even i know that these people are more disgusting than a rat with aids

    • Wtf ID:5xrlmj9d2

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  • Reply Elijah ID:1limsxsfzi

    Sorry bout that me and my sister has been both raped at a young age I know how you feel

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    • I hate pedos ID:9jzhqwoz

      Wow some people are that dumb? It’s a really ly traumatic experience no one wants to have! Imagine u have a daughter and she qould get raped! Fuck off and i never say that to anyone cuz it’s hurtful and shouldn’t be said but pleas kill yourself u aren’t needed in this world! Make it painful and i hope someone cuts off ur dick and feeds it to u and then slowly kills u u bastard

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  • Reply Ben ID:bpcjnotv3

    I have a 11 year old nice and if this happened to too her her daddy my botherinlaw whade go to prison for murder . I hope the motherfuker dies in prison for doing that to you I hope this never happens to you again.

    • Terry ID:3tlqbxrqd9i

      I am so sorry for your inconvenience this should never happen to anyone, stay strong

  • Reply Carl ID:6629enpd9a

    Good he got you Ari, nice he had he chance to teach you about sex and rape, good job

    • CastielTheStud ID:145e852um9b

      Fuck off Carl. Rape should never happen to anyone!

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      I am so sorry for your inconvenience this should never happen to anyone, stay strong

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