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Sex joy of the college girls –Part-2

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Three college girls wanted to become into cinie actresses. For that they approached an agent. He seduced them and fucked one by one.

Christy Melvin and Julie were three beautiful college girls. They were studying their B.A degree in a reputed college in Thrissur.
Of the three Christy was the most beautiful girl.
Each one was the only girl child of the family. While chatting, their main topic was sex and nothing else. As they were mostly seeing the pornography, they’re always very horny.
Their college mates, neighbours and their boyfriends provoked them the desire of becoming actresses.
One day, Julie showed the other two, an add. In the add a guy by name Benny, had invited the youth to become into cinie heroes and heroins. All the three went to the address mentioned in that add.
There, Benny and his 12 years old nephew Victor jointly seduced and matted with Christy.
This is the first part of the story that happened in one fine Sunday.
Telling some lies, Benny asked them to come again on the second day also.
Now let’s go to the second part.
Julie was very clever. So by seeing the tired face and body of Christy guessed that Christy was fucked by the two fellows. They wanted to taste the other two girls also on the next day. Of course as they both were also very much interested in the intercourse, they prepared themselves mentally and physically.
When they reached the office on the next day, instead of Victor, there was a black Nigerian guy by name Dukido. He invited the three and asked them not to enter into two rooms under any circumstances. He went out.
Like the forbidden fruit, both Mervin and Julie were very curious in entering into the rooms.
First let’s see what happened in the first room.
As soon as Mervin entered into the room, the automatic lock locked the door. More over, it was silent proof also. As she was very brave by nature, she didn’t fear about it.
When her eyes accommodated, she saw a guy being tied up with chains. He was nakedly lying on the bed. Though he looked like mad, in real he was not so. As soon as he saw Mervin, he got up and rushed towards her. He tore her dresses and made her nude.
At first Mervin feared about his attitude. But in order to make him calm, she hugged him and kissed all over his body. He became calm and talked with her freely. His name was Agastin. As he was always in a horny mood, he hugged and tore the dresses of all the girls whom so ever he was seeing. He was the younger brother of Benny. Every one thought that he was mad.
Mervin embraced him and consoled him. He started kissing her on her whole body. He kneaded her boobs , pinched and sucked the nipples. Slowly, he bit and kissed all over her body, repeatedly. Mervin also became more and more horny. She knelt down and started licking and sucking his cock. He asked her to stand in fours and started licking her pussy and asshole alternatively.
Mervin had her orgasm and the viscous liquid started oozing out. Using that as a lubricant he inserted his log like penis inside her pussy. Then he leaned on her back and started fucking her with vigour. That was what Mervin also wanted. So she superbly cooperated with him. When Agastin was speedly fucking, often his cock slipped out and moved away. At those times, Mervin held it in her hand and guided properly
For months and months together Agastin had no chance of fucking any girl. So he didn’t want to miss this chance. When both the partners in the sex game are in the same wave length, the matting game would go nicely and excellently.
So for the third or fourth time Mervin had her orgasm. Both touched the peak and enjoyed the most.
For almost all the girls, the doggy style would be awesome and an admirable one. Now it’s her turn to play. So Mervin pushed him on the bed and fell on him. Inserting his cock inside her pussy she fucked him like a man in the missionary position. For hours together, the play went on.
Now let’s come to the second door which was opened by Julie. Like the previous one, that also had an automatic locking system. But here in this room there were two big dogs. One was a German shepherd, in brown color and the other one is Dalmatian in black and white color.
Both sprang on her and tore her dresses entirely
But Julie had already a very good experience with dogs in the farm of her dad. So making some odd sounds, she mesmerized both the k9s. Licking her back the Blackie kept the paws on her shoulders and made her to bend. He licked her butt’s and started licking her asshole and pussy hole.
Where as Julie was patting on the sheath of Brownie, his penis started peeping out. She licked and sucked the juice from his penis. So Brownie became horny. He started licking her eyes, ears and nose of Julie All of a sudden he mounted on and started fucking in her mouth.
Julie didn’t expect that but with extreme joy she enjoyed it. Seeing that Blackie started licking her asshole and pussy vigorously. And that made Julie to be more horny. So the viscous liquid started oozing out from her pussy. The more he licked, the more it oozed out.
So he also mounted on her back, but couldn’t penetrate his cock inside her pussy. So Julie held it in her hand and guided it to get inside. So both the boys fucked her well and she enjoyed both. After some time Blackie knotted with Julie and came down turning his body.
After some time the knot of Blackie slipped out and hung. Now it’s the turn of Brownie.
But this time when Blackie had knotted with, the door was opened and all the four including Benny were standing and seeing Julie. She closed her eyes with shyness. Benny asked Dukido to take to the bathroom and bathe her. Benny opened the first room also and saw Mervin and Agastin being matted with. Mervin told Benny that Agastin was not mad asked to arrange a marriage for Agustin. Benny took her to his room.
Here Dukido took Julie to the bathroom and started bathing her. As Julie had seen
Blacked. Com many times, she was very much interested in seeing the long, stout and black penis of Dukido. She astonished seeing the snake like penis. Very eagerly she held it in her two hands. Because of the warmth of her hands, it grew and grew up to some 14 inches like a lively snake. Though the gap between the two was one foot, it touched and tried to enter into the pussy of Julie.
She knelt down and started sucking it. Only half of it she could admit into her mouth. Because of her sucking, it bulged and hardened.
Dukido lifted her up and tried to insert it inside her pussy. Though the penis was very thick, it could enter into her pussy. This was because, the knots of Blackie and Brownie had widened her pussy so broadly. Dukido also wondered about it.
So he started fucking Julie nicely. She laughed and told him that his snake would come out of her mouth. But Julie had the tremendous experience rather than Christy and Mervin. She asked Dukido to fuck her in the doggy style. She wanted to enjoy the movement of the snaky penis inside her vagina.
Dukido also did what she asked for. Really really it was an amazing experience for Julie. When Dukido fucked her speedly, her body moved away. So Dukido held her hips and fucked. Tears were falling out of her eyes, because of over joy.
After both had taken a nice bathing, they entered into the studio room where Christy was tasted by Benny and his nephew Victor.
Meanwhile Benny also matted with Mervin two or three times they both also came in. Seeing the penis of Dukido, Mervin wanted him to fuck her. So the pairs were exchanged and the drama went on.
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