Cat: Cheating

One of my husbands friends fucked me

On Saturday night we had a party at the house and a friend of my husband Mark, basically got behind me and started rubbing his cock on my ass. I was wearing tight pants so I really... #

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Football Fever

A married white woman volunteered to go to the out of town football playoff game to see that the kids behaved themselves and stayed out of trouble. She made a mistake and promised a... #

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My Wife’s Rocked World

As I unlocked the front door, I asked my friend and neighbor to keep it down just in case my wife was taking a nap. He sat down on the couch opening a cold one while I slipped into... # #

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The Boss Make Her Pregnant

Hi I am Sonu here writing my 1st story if there is any mistake forgives me. I am 25 yr well built fair 6feet height 6inch dick and first of all I will introduce her she is rich women... #

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My Wife Shared Me

My wife died on May 2, 2014. She was only 53 and we had enjoyed an awesome 30.5 years together. In all that time I can only remember having one argument that lasted more than a couple... # #

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My mom in the mask

The morning started almost like any normal morning except when I rolled over in bed I thought my wife would be next to me but she wasn’t, no one was. I looked at the clock and... #

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