Cat: Cheating

My step-son bred me

My step-son did what his father couldn’t, he bred me. Unable to have a child with my husband , I seduced his son and got him to breed with me. # # #

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Crossdresser husband

Ron and I had affair over 5 years till his job transfered him and our wives new about it. Well my wife and I were talking an she told me that since Ron and his wife moved away not only... # # #

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Jock Bitch

Me, and my mom weren’t best friends, but then they started working on a new building over by the school. We got to know each other a little better… # # #

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Cross-dressing husband part 2

Ron and I got upstairs undressed. I was wearing just my corset and stockings and high heels. He was completely nude. We wrapped our arms around each other and kissed very very passionately... # # #

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Date Nut

My momma had a date, but he just kissed her at the door, and said “Good night, sugar.” Went in, and left him there. # # #

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Happy Landing

Middle School sucks, and when I got home, i could hear mom getting pounded in her bedroom. So, i took a cigarette out to smoke. #Buli # # #

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Sister Outlaw

My sister got married young, so my brother in law was still a teenager. A horny teenager, it turns out there was something she wouldn’t give him. # # #

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