Cat: Cheating

Mom missing dad 2

We were laying under blankets I kissed mom on forehead. She pulls against me and looks up I kiss her she responded with running her hand down my stomach and takes hold of my already... # # #

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Mom missing dad 1

Mom is 50 dad passed away of cancer 3 years prior and mom was haveIng a real hard time dealing with it. I have2 brothers and a sister. I am the middle child. Mom is averaging she is... # # #

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Lactating sex

I had sex with lactating female .I did not know that .it is 40 years back incident . #

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The Physical Therapist

I hurt my back at work and my doctor suggested I do some physical therapy. He suggested it would help tremendously. I went to the physical therapy place he recommended. I am a 45-year-old... # #

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I fucked my daughter by mistake

So I am 47 , and I had a wife ( Juliane) who died 3 months ago , she was only 31 , we got married when she was 21 and I was 37 . When we were dating she was 15 years old . Juliane was... # # #

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Growing up I had a sister 4 years older than me. Her name was Lisa. As any teenager going through puberty I spy on her regularly. No nothing every happened I just got to peek when she... # #

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Wife’s past part7

So Continuing story. Parts of which are true some. Things are added. But this went on for a few years. Can’t get every detail And separate total fantasy from reality. Over the next... # # # #

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Wife’s past part 6

It took me 30 minutes to get home. When I was turning on my road I see her dad pulled out of drive going the other way. The school bus just dropped Billy off and he was walking up sidewalk.... # # # #

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Bucket pussy

I had posted on craigslist for a sub fisting whore. I received a message from a 19 year old girl . She told me she was very petite and I’m thinking small girl-fisting not gonna... # #

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Wife’s past part 1

So my wife confessed to me after we were married about having a short affair with her dad. So it sounded crazy at first. But what brought it up was we were married about 4 years she... # # # #

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Mom came in my room one night

It was in January I remember dad was working graveyard shift. Mom was watching tv all covered on blankets when I got up to go to bed. She said good night as I walked by to my room.... # # #

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Dads needs

So I was 11 when mom married my step dad. He was nice enough to me and after Mom married him and they went back to work dad had weekends off . Mom worked Saturday 7 am to 7 pm. So I... # # # # #

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The Neighbor Girls 3

Koko the neighbors wife was waiting in the corridor when Luke came to the door. She smiled went running up to him jumping into his arms. She was dressed in a sort white skirt no panties... # # #

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My ex-uncle Jim

I remember my childhood. Every summer my Aunt Heidi and her husband Jim would take me to the country for a week or so. Jim was everything to me. I adored him. I wanted to marry him... # #

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Oblivious Cuckold

Well where do we start? My name is Matt and my wife is Claire, 52 and 43 respectively, and happily married, so I thought. Like most men oblivious to what’s going on, in there... # #

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Mandy part 6

Then I had an interview for a waitress job at a pub restaurant. It was just for December but it got me out the house. I liked the work and although it was minimum wage the tips boosted... #

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