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Rest Stop Custodian

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I’m the luckiest person alive.. I’m a part time custodian at a Hwy rest stop and I can suck all the cocks I want..

I work weekends part-time Friday-Saturday 5pm – Midnight at this rest stop on Hwy 94.. I tell my girlfriend that I work until 2am so I can be a cocksucking cumloving slut for strangers fulfilling my darkest deepest secrets desires.. I’m in love sucking cocks it’s the most exciting sexual feelings I ever had being on my knees worshipping submissively begging for hot sweet cum.

I’ve only been working there for a month.. and now it seems word got out that I’m a cocksucker after midnight.. Not only did I sucked my first cock 4 weekends ago I ended up naked on the floor covered in cum after letting seven strangers use me as a cumdump and even though I have a girlfriend I’m in love being a cocksucking cumloving cheap slut for anyone to use me.

It’s Friday night 10pm I’m sweeping the floor this old guy bumped into me grabbing my ass I looked around making sure nobody was there and I moaned loudly pushing my ass back towards him.
I whispered to him licking my lips “ Not now somebody could come in and see this..two more hours yet you dirty old man “ I giggled touching his cock.

He almost yelled
“ Damn boy your so fucking hot young everybody knows how much you love sucking cocks after work when you wear your girlfriends panties and your tiny little shorts showing off your sweet ass.. but I have to get home to my wife and I thought… “

“ Shhh not so loud “ I whispered to him squeezing his cock as I walked into the men’s room licking my lips.. I went into the handicapped stall going to my knees he followed me like a lost puppy dog and before he could close the door .. I was unzipping him pulling his cock out and i started to suck his cock while I was moaning..

He came quickly filling my belly with his sweet cum.. He left smiling just as a father and son came into the restroom his little boy was like 10 pretty little thing his father dint notice me on my knees in the stall but his son did and smiled at me..
He ran into the stall next to me telling his dad he was going to be awhile and he could wait for him outside.

As soon as he heard his dad leaving the restroom this kid slid under the stall next to me pulling his pants down smiling… his little cock was so pretty hairless I quickly sucked him off until he came in my mouth he giggled and left.

This was a first for me and I was so horny I came in my panties without touching myself..
I can’t believe how much that I’m a pervert now.. not only am I sucking old men I sucked my first little boy..

It’s midnight I’m off work I’m in my cum soaked panties my little boy shorts cut t-shirt and I go behind the restrooms waiting watching for horny old men to cum see me knowing that I’m back here to be a slutty cumdump tonight.

To my surprise instead of one guy coming towards me I see five horny old men who I’ve sucked off last weekend. I smile at them pulling my shirt off my boy shorts showing them my cum soaked pink panties.

I giggle twirling around going to my knees with pure lust in my eyes.. five cocks just for me to suck I’m falling in love as i started to suck them off back n forth I’m moaning loudly as they call me names
:: Slut faggot pretty queer boy sissy girl cunt whore bitch pussyface
I moan louder with each name I’m called.

I see like five more guys coming behind the restrooms seeing me almost naked begging pleading moaning like a bitch in heat.
So many cocks so much cum.. I’m covered in cum all over my body my hair my face cum is leaking out my mouth guys are jacking off on me I’m cummming again in my panties falling more n more in love with each cock.

I’m the rest stop cocksucking cumloving slut that everyone is talking about.. I’ve even been videotaped on the dark web making sure every dirty old man knows where to find me …Weekends after midnight

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    So hot i really want that soooo bad

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    What a lucky lad! You’re a good cocksucking boy and deserve to get all the cum you can manage! Swallow it all down!

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    Cum in my mouth please