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My sisters friend fucks me

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Ricardo gives me a present again at my house.

This is a continuation of the story with my sister’s friend “Ricardo.” A few months passed after the blowjob fiasco. I was at home with my mother, my sister later arrives with Ricardo. They were going shopping, but I really didn’t want to go so I asked my mom if I could stay and she told me no I was too young, but then Ricardo offered to stay behind and take care of me. She said okay, as she knew Ricardo was (on the outside, at least). So they left and Ricardo and I sat on the couch to watch tv. I kept thinking about the whole blowjob fiasco and lowkey wanted it to happen again, after that experience, I thought a lot about dick and maybe I liked it. But I didn’t know how to ask him, or even if he wanted to do that with me again.so I stood up and changed the channel on the tv, then I started backing up without seeing where I was walking, I eventually sit back down, but on his lap. That’s when I instantly felt his hard on. I quickly got up and said sorry. He said it was okay and smiled, maybe I was naïve, but I took that as a sign so I asked him if he could show me his present.he smirked and started unzipping his pants, he said he knew that eventually I would ask for more, so this time he pulled off his pants and boxers to his ankles, i started getting butterflies in my stomach as I saw his beautiful cock, I am mediately, got on my knees and started sucking the head he was moaning and so was I, I didn’t start trying to fit in my mouth which I still couldn’t, but I try my best. After a few minutes he pulls out and stands up, I was confused thinking maybe he didn’t want to do this anymore, but instead, he told me to show Him to my room so I did. He closes the door and he says that he wants to try something else. I told them OK then he tells me to bend down over my bed so I do. Next thing I know he spits on his finger and slowly pushes it in, I winced as he put it all the way inside, you’ve been starts fucking with his finger, and he asked feels good, I tell him it feels weird and it kinda hurts a bit. He then told me I will get used to it so for a few minutes, he keeps fingering me with one finger then two fingers. He then tells me to stand so then out of no where he picks me up and spreads my legs over his arm then with the other, he starts guiding his dick. I was close to his body as he starts to lower me a bit. I told him to wait, but he shushed me and tells me that it’s going to be okay, I feel his head pushing my hole and suddenly he’s in, moaning loudly as he pushed a little further, all I could do is have my mouth wide open from the pain. Eventually, I make it to the base of his cock he tells me to breathe in and to calm down and relax so I do. He tells me to start trying to jump up and down. So I do, it starts hurting less and less with each bounce. He then walks over to the wall and pins me while fucking me, I had a big mirror in my room and I saw myself, a mixture of shame, thrill, shock filled when I saw myself I couldn’t believe I was getting fucked, but at the same time I saw this muscular back his ass clenching every time he would thrust into me, it made me feel like a slut, and I liked it, so I don’t know why but I start, bouncing up and down faster and harder on him i wrap my arms around his neck begging him to fuck me harder , I honestly don’t know what came over me, but I wanted this man to destroy me Every time he would thrust in, I would feel almost as if my guts where being pushed up. This went on for some time and he then told me he was going to release his cum inside me, I was so dazed in lust I didn’t fucking care where he gave it to me so I told him yes.one last powerful thrust he shoved is cock as far as it would go, I remember, feeling my insides seizing and expanding as his dick would throb, I felt a hot sensation hit me inside, we moaned so loudly as I clenched his hair, he then pick me off his cock and put me down. He went to go wash up and I put my clothes back on. He came back to the couch and he told me that if I ever wanted to play with his present any time to just ask .

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