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Flower Girl

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Bored at my own wedding when the 10 year old flower girl catches my eye

We were all in the reception hall now. The music was blaring and I watched as my new wife dance with her bridesmaids. she looked beautiful, but I was ready to be done so we could go back to the room and fuck.
I glanced around and observed all our guests. that’s when I noticed my wife’s little niece, our flower girl. Her name was Ruby and she was 10 years old. She had long strawberry blonde hair and light green eyes. she was a tiny little thing, barely 75 lbs. She was wearing her pink flower girl dress. I watched as she walked away from her parents and disappeared down a hallway. she was probably looking for the restroom.
At this point, I just felt my body get up from the table and move toward the hallway. As I approached the women’s restroom, Ruby emerged. She didn’t take very long.
“Hey Ruby! Could you come with me? I need your help with something”
“Sure Evan!” she replied brightly. she loved being a good little girl. I lead her down another hallway and up some stairs toward an empty storage room. there was a small table in there which I figured would be useful. I took her in the room, shut the door and locked it. she was so innocent, she didn’t notice.
“OK, Ruby. First I need you to bend over the table”
She smiled and did as she was told. I wish I could spend more time with this perfect angel, but I didn’t want anyone to notice we’d been gone for long. I undid my suit pants and brought my already extremely hard cock out. I spit in my hand and lubed it up nicely. I approached Ruby and yanked her white tights down along with her white cotton panties app the way down to her ankles.
“Wait, Evan. What are you doing?!” her voice was panicked now. I didn’t respond. I placed my hands on her tiny waist and thrust my cock inside her pussy with all my might. she screamed but I knew no one would hear her over the music from the hall.
“oh my God, Ruby! You have the tightest pussy in the world!” I exclaimed as I began to fuck her. She was still screaming and crying now which just made me harder inside of her.
“Baby girl this feels amazing. you have no idea how much better you are than your aunt”
Her tiny, tight 10 year old pussy gripped my grown up cock as I pumped it furiously in and out. My hands lifted her dress so I could explore her little body.
“You’re so small! ugh unnnnhh ughhh oh honey this is unreal. I’m going to cum so hard inside you, little thing!!” I was fucking her so hard now, the table was moving.
“Evan! Please stop Please!”
“I can’t stop, baby, it’s too good” Pump, pump, pump, pump.
“Pleeeeaae Uncle Evan, it really hurts”
“Fine. I’ll stop but you have to promise not to tell anyone what happened here” Pump, pump, pump, pump, pump.
“I won’t tell Uncle Evan, I promise!!”
I started pounding her pussy HARD now. I placed both hands on her slender little shoulders and fucked until my cum exploded from my cock in to this 10 year old girl. I groaned loudly and continued to fuck her a bit. I got hard once more and fucked her hard again, going against my word.
“I’m sorry Ruby!! your pussy just feels so fucking good!”
That’s when the door to the storage room opened. It was my older brother, Eric. He was married now, with two kids. When we were younger, he used to fuck our little sister when she was 11 and he was 19. I never told in exchange for viewing privileges.

Now, he didn’t say a word. He just walked in, shut the door.
“Your wife is looking for you!” Eric exclaimed.
“Oh shit, help me get her cleaned up”
“I think I’ll stay here with her for a little while. my wife is preoccupied with family right now and I deserve some fun”
He took his cock out and began to fuck her.
I watched for a bit and then left my screaming 10 year old niece to be ruthlessly fucked by my brother while I went and joined my new wife.

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  • Reply Mike ID:1ea9y4ri8zfu

    Would loooooove to share my 8 yr old tiny niece with my brother!

  • Reply Alexia ID:e9pi4fw42

    What I’d give to be forcefully fucked like this

  • Reply Wtf ID:28vpkgd99

    What the actual fuck did i just read?

    • Anon ID:1ecq9d62lc2s

      You loved iy

  • Reply Jimmy ID:1dwsftp9ld5x

    Raping little girls mmm I done that a few times .. I’m 50 a dirty old pedo who cruises the parks

    • Daddysloli9 ID:1d3017gf4g89

      Ur a good daddy, raping litlle girls like we should be


    • Yo ID:jtvgxwggunn

      u should tell more about it

  • Reply BRITNEY ID:1df0k80uvhff

    This story brought back my memory , when I was a 14 year old junior bridesmaid, I snuck drinking booze at the reception party, when the wedding photographer led me outside to the outside gazebo where he bent me over the railing and lifted up the back of my gown and pulled down my white tights and fucked my virgin pussy doggy until he came inside me and left ! hot story Britney

  • Reply BRITNEY ID:1df0k80uvhff

    Oh god !! this reminded me when I was a junior bridesmaid drunk, when I was taken to the outside gazebo and bent over the railing and my white pantyhose was pulled down and fucked by the wedding photographer ! hot story and thanks for bringing up old memories !! Britney

    • Nickuk2k ID:1cuv5c2gk71l

      Delicious.wish I had been the photographer 🙂

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    mmmmm using her tiny bald cunt

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    Good story your little niece needed a fuck

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    I love wen men enjoy themselves and speak openly

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    • Dynarider ID:89csv6ted4

      I do.

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  • Reply yippee-hooray ID:2xm1anq8rc

    They’re called flower girls because the you’re meant to take their “flowers/virginity” at the wedding. A wedding is a beautiful event and the perfect place for a young girl to be fucked for the first time.

  • Reply Joe ID:5c8rcvm9a

    Just what flower girls are for at weddings

    • haiiiii ID:45xyw6s5v9a


    • Young pussy ID:gxpg9xklc80

      I had twins at my wedding they were around 8 I didn’t even think of it at the time but damn I would now they were blonde hair blue eyes absolutely gorgeous baby’s what I wouldn’t give to forcefully fuck them now.and yes this is true I have pic to prove it

  • Reply ian ID:55x32ifid

    oh my god, i so wish i had this flowergirl at my wedding, i prob would of ended the night doing the same thing if i saw my wife at the times best friends little girl at the time manage to be on her own.