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Incest is truly the best!!!

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For those who think incest disgusting I can promise you… as a female… It is normal, natural, and fun!

I think there’s a lot of bad press about incest, and I can tell you from personal experience, it can be amazing and the right circumstances. This is the only post I’ve ever done in my life but I am at the place in my life where I feel like I need to set the record straight.

My name is Janet, I have no problem using my real name because there are a lot of Janets out there. I won’t tell you my brother’s real name because that might make things too revealing and I want to give a positive perspective on incest, so I’m leaving his name out.

I just turned 36 years old. My brother is 40. When my brother and I were young, our parents bathed us together like so many parents do with their children. It saves time. My brother was 8 years old, and I think I was about 4 at that time. He was one of those boys that was at the age where he always had a hard pee pee in the bathtub. My mom would give us a bar soap and let us rub it on each other. She showed us how to give each other a bath with soap. My mom would sometimes sleeve the bathroom for 20 minutes or so while she did laundry. When she left my brother started washing his Pee pee real hard for about 30 seconds, and then he made a squinty face for about 10 seconds and then laughed.

He liked to wash me between my legs when my mom was out of the room. I thought it was fun.

One time during one of our baths, mom put soap on my hands and had me wash my brother all over. She told me to wash his Pee Pee real good. And watched to make sure I was doing it right. After about 20 seconds my brother made that squinty face again and started laughing and my mom told me to keep going, and I did until he sat down in the tub and laughed some more. My mom said to remember to always wash him real good there because it has to be clean.

Almost every time we took a bath after that, my mom would tell us to wash ourselves and then she would leave the room for a little while to do laundry. As soon as my mom left my brother put soap on his pee pee and told me to wash it real good. he squinted real hard and laughed every time I did that, and then he would wash me between my legs. It tickled but that was all. That was the favorite game we played in the tub and my mom always reminded us to wash each other real good.

After a couple of weeks of that my mom said that we had a new game that I had to watch him up and down for one whole minute and she had battery clock with the hand on it that turned. She watched us the first time to see if I did it right and after about 15 seconds my brother started making that face again and my mom told me to keep going and counted the clock down and my brother started laughing and my mom said keep going but my brothers started to say to stop, but my mom said to keep going and so I kept going, and my brother started kind of breathing hard and making that face and then just a little bit of this white stuff like it was white pee squirted out. Just two tiny squirts . my brother started laughing real hard and said that was great!! my mom started laughing too!

From then on my brother always told me to do it that way and he called it a “juicer” because he said that white juice comes out that feels real good.

We shared the same bedroom but had separate beds on the opposite side of the room from each other. Mom said that we can do that in bed together before we go to sleep if we want to, and she put a tube of clear slippery stuff next to our bed, and told us to use that instead of soap.

I was real excited to do that with my brother the first night and my mom showed us the best way to do it. My brother laid on the bed and I sat across his legs and did it. I noticed that the white juicy stuff squirted further when we did it in the bed.

My mom told my brother to put some of that clear slippery stuff on my fingers and wash my privates real good with it when I was rubbing his pee pee. My mom told my brother to use his pinky to clean my pinky but don’t use any other fingers.

I started noticing that when my brother started having a juicer, he started to stick his pinky inside of my pee pee. I looked at my mom when he did that and she just told me that it was OK and it was fun.

When I was about five, my brother came over to my bed and said to let him do his pinky and me for one minute like I did him and he told me that mom said it would feel real good. I didn’t really like it when he did it because it felt strange, but after he did it I liked to put my pillow between my legs and move back-and-forth a bunch of times and it made me giggle and put chills through my body.

On my 6th birthday, my mom said that we had a new game that we were going to rub each other that way without using our hands. I didn’t understand what she was saying then put my brother seem to understand and when my mom left the room for the night my brother brought me over to his bed and put the slippery stuff on his pee pee, and we’re not going to use her hands and he held me over him and put his pee pee inside my privates.

I did not like it and called for mom and she came up and said that we were doing it the right way and that we were going to get extra cake tonight if I could go up and down and make him have a juicer inside my privates. She said it was a fun contest.

I didn’t like it because it felt weird but it was slippery and that was fun and then my brother started making that face real fast and started making funny grunting noises and then started laughing and said that he won!!

When I got off of him and looked at my privates some of that white stuff was inside so I called for mom…. she came upstairs and I showed her and she started laughing real hard and said “chocolate cake for everyone!!”

My brother totally loved playing this game and wanted to play it every single night. I thought it was weird but my mom said that every time we do it we get extra chocolate cake, so I did it to get the extra chocolate cake.

After we had been doing that for a while my mom brought me a toy that buzzed when you turned on the switch and she told me to put the clear slip stuff on it and turn it on and put it inside my pee pee and leave it there until my brother counts to 100 for extra chocolate cake.

It tickled like crazy to start with and then when my brother got to about 20 it felt like my pee pee was going to sneeze, and then all at once cold chills went all over my body and everything started to tingle like crazy. Looking back, that was my first mind blowing orgasm.

About two months later, my mom said we were going to play one extra game for a bunch of points and for my brother to put his pee pee inside my pee pee with the slippery stuff everywhere and we keep going up and down until we both have a juicer at the same time.

We started doing it but my brother had a juicer pretty quickly, my mom said for him to keep going and so he kept going and then a little while longer I started feeling tingling feeling and then crazy orgasm feeling came all over my body again, and right when I was getting that juicer feeling, my brother did it again inside me… and yelled that he gets two prizes!!

After that it seems like that’s what my brother liked to do all the time after we got in bed for the night.

We kept much of that routine for our whole life. When I went through puberty I started craving sex as much as my brother did and we often did it two or three times a day.

When I got my period, my mom brought home pills for me to take and she told me to take one every day so I wouldn’t get pregnant.

I got jealous when my brother got a girlfriend. Because we only had sex about once a week when he had a girlfriend.

I’m 36 years old now and we’ve been having sex together for over 30 years. I’m married now with the two-year-old daughter, and my brother is married, but when we get together, we still have sex, but we don’t tell anybody! It’s our little secret!

I’m sure I’ll encourage my daughter to be hyper-sexual, as early as I can, but I’m not quite sure how to do it yet, because my husband is too conservative.

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  • Reply anonymous ID:gmiump49k

    this was years ago neighbor has two kids the girl is five boy ten. i saw them playing in the yard with the hose. they both were soaked and laughing, next i see them take off all their clothes and chasing each around the yard. then they got quiet and i looked over and the boy was on top of her between her legs humping away. the next thing their mom came out and told him dont hurt your sister. then she went back in the house. later that day i saw mom outside and i asked her what was going on with her kids earlier. she said they have been having sex for a while she said she did too at that age and sees no harm in it.she also told me she still fucks both her brothers incest is great she said, i was very surprised at her open talk she told me i should try it, i said i didnt have a sister to ask if i dared to. next thing was she told me was i can be your pretend sister if you want. i said i would think about it.i am not sure if i will do this but it sounds like it could be fun to say the least.

    • Dogg ID:1eimgwt0j

      Love your storie when you have a son are you going to teach him and love to chat if yea got an email jw if not all good

    • To Dogg ID:4bn00en3fia

      Leave your email

  • Reply Anonymous ID:7ylren4oic

    Been balling my mom for 3 years now, the best sex ever.

    • Anonymous 2. ID:e4jrcmpqvev

      It’s been over 10 years for me. I fuck my mom andxdad regularly. Awesome sex! The best I’ve ever had. We do any and everything! 😉🍆🍆🍆🍆

  • Reply Happy ID:1ck8m2fs7tvi

    You are so right about incest being beautiful

  • Reply Lori ID:1ek246sgd0

    I LOVE incest I always get fucked by my brother and his big juicy dick is so good in me

  • Reply Tiffany T ID:1cyiu8cjpoqr

    Thank you for this, I’ve been nervous about sharing my experience

    • Jimmy ID:1dajfvdp28q9

      Don’t be nervous .it’s the best ,u will love to do it and talk about it .I been fucking my sister since I can’t even remember .but I know this we fuck like we never fucked .anything goes I’m her man and she is my woman .I’m Daddy and she is my fucking whore .and it’s for real .I can’t wait till she comes home so I can tear her cunt up .it’s hard core .and it’s ok .she is the only girl that I can do anything to .we do thingall things .when I looked at her I see my sister my fucking whore sister and she sees me as he er toy .she wants me to abuse the er hole ,streach it t ok it to no end .she will be a poo ig a me d want ok to suck my mom’s cunt juice of my cock as soon as i get done abusing her pussy .I love it and I cum in both of there cunts and I gave kbocke both of them up and i live to jyst fuck them and trwat them as the whorws they are .I dont care .and its hot .me mt mom and shstwr we suck and fuck atleast 5 – 7 times a cay werw cumibg in each orher .I love to watch my mom squeezw my cum out her big sloppy cunt and watch sis eat her pussy while im blowibg ny load inside either of them .so get boincing on hr brothers of ard cock and let him drug u up .I love ehore pussy tge mkre i bsat up there hes tge movw they see the norw i want to fuck my mom and cum deep in her sloppy cuny .and myvsis has a big gape

    • Max ID:1edlnl9rcc34

      Let’s share ours

    • Dogg ID:1eimgwt0j

      Love to here your experience

  • Reply Uncle Buck ID:19f49hldvgyf

    Great story Janet. You should pay more about your brother and you. Also about you and your daughter as things progress.

    • Janet C. ID:7zv0bs7140

      People ask about my dad. My dad was in the military and was never home. The earliest experience I can ever remember was when I was just under two years old. A vivid memory I will always have was when my mom put me on the changing table to change my diaper. sometimes she would be playful and put a towel over my face to cover my eyes when she changed my diaper and sometimes it felt different down there. when I lifted up a towel one time my mom had her mouth on my privates and was sucking them. sometimes it made me pee again and she would keep sucking while I peed. I didn’t think anything about it I thought it was fun. I think she thought I was too young to ever know but that’s one memory I’ll always remember. She did it a bunch of times but I thought it was like playing and I didn’t think anything about it.

  • Reply Dogg ID:1eimgwt0j

    Hot love the storie you will figure it out have you ot brother had sex with your parents jw

    • Janet C. ID:7zv0bs7140

      My dad was in the military so he was never home but my mom would drink a lot on Friday nights and would wrestle around with my brother and they would go to bed my mom close and lock the door but I could peek under the door and see them wrestle and I know he was fucking her. My brother never said anything about it because I think he was embarrassed, but I saw him do it a bunch of times. They only did it when my mom was drinking. It’s during the time my brother was getting juicers and he was too young to get my mom pregnant

  • Reply [email protected] ID:2m8127yb0a

    Hot and amazing story Janet. I’d love to hear more from you. Session or email me.

  • Reply Gonzo ID:7ylrenbfik

    That is amazing and to bad daddy wasn’t your hubby as they would be do Hyper sexual for sure.

  • Reply Older guy for fun ID:bcd884p6pq7

    That’s an amazing story!! I love it when family members play together!!! Even though he is conservative he is still a guy. If he sees her sexy little body enough he might not be able to resist. Add me on SC if you want to play with an older guy that has no limits. Daddyisback6996

  • Reply I wish it was me ID:1dfldgjb5kn5

    Thank you for taking the time to write and share your story. You were very fortunate to have this experience and the love an support from your mother. I was wondering where your dad was in all this. It would have only improved your experience by being shared with a man and a man’s sized cock. I agree with Kiddy Kisser, you need to find the right man who can help make sure your daughter(s) get access to a man as soon as possible. So they can expericed a man’s cock and learn to be penetrated by him.

  • Reply Emma.H ID:jtp3mrdfqb4

    So true Janet there’s nothing wrong with incest as long as everyone enjoys it, I started at 12 with my Grandparents and I’m 46 now Married to a lovely understanding husband and he has sex with both our daughters and they are extremely happy, they learned to suck cock at a early age and how to flog a cock and watch it cum, and they watched us fuck and had them play with my cunt as I did there’s . Love Emma from Aus.

    • Byron ID:22lqguenhj

      Hi Emma, that’s very cool to hear. How early did you allow your daughters to join in? Love to hear more

  • Reply Peter from Australia ID:1cn96ee27z4f

    [email protected] Good story just start off by playing with your daughter in the bath, or just playing with her when she’s got no clothes on touching her tits and touching her pussy and arse. She is old enough now for you to start doing things like that to her, you should be able to get your finger inside both of her holes and teach her, don’t worry about your husband you don’t need him to know about it

  • Reply Kiddy Kisser ID:7zv190kk0a

    It seems to me that turning the escelation of sexual encounters into a game is the best way effectively get your daughter to reprogram her own brain to be hypersexualized at a young age.

  • Reply AlabamaSlamma ID:d7yn16s44

    Lucky brother. Hot story.

  • Reply Kiddy Kisser ID:7zv190kk0a

    Janet you will probably never get your husband to go along with it, you should seek out a similar minded individual here and work out some play time, be sure to share her education with us.

    • Daddy ID:1csnb3058zem

      I’m sure Janet’s husband will go along with it. Daddy’s dicks are made for their daughters. My little girls love my dick and love being cummed on by daddy.

    • Janet C. ID:7zv0bs7140

      My husband is always away but I take baths with my daughter. I put lube on my vagina before I get in tub and trib with my daughter in the tub. She’s too young to know what’s going on but I usually get a pretty good orgasm out of it.