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Daddy n his mates

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Indian summer daddies girl gagging for daddy cock

My mom went away last week and im an Indian girl ages 18.

From a young age ive wanted to fuck my dad

The other day dad n his mates were drinking n i caught them watching incest porn…
So in purpose i wore a little nighty pretending to look for something.

My dad said “dont b rude say hello to everyone”

So i did.
Then my dad stood up n spilt a drink on me . My top was see thru by then …

My dads mate jumped up n grabbed a cloth as he was patting me i saw the porn ..i was so wet.

My dad asked me if i wanted to join them for a drink.

Qll of my dads mates were saying hello by hugging me and noticing i wasnt wearing panties.

My dad followed me into the kitchen and asked me if i wanted more drink n a line of coke.
I said and after one line i sat on daddys lap.

Then one of his mates crouched down and spread my legs n started licking my pussy. It felt so good even better that dad was kissing me and had lifted my dress off.
I have very big boobs at 36ee so 2 of them on each nipple.

I was then placed in the middle of the table on my back.

My dad put a blind fold over me an said that his so proud of me.

5 of my dads mates were al over me kissing licking etc..
But my dad said each of them wil enter me and i have to guess whi h one is daddy.

By the third cock i was aching to be fucked an just knew it was daddy.

The daddy cock was even better than i had imagined.

He then told his mates ti leave and when we were alone he told me he knew i wanted him but was scared.

We lay in his bed kissing playing tallking and it was amazing.

We then fu ked for hours and in the morning we had the best call ever.

My nan was ill so mom wouldnt be home for 3 weeks.

We often went out to places such sex clubs and wen people knew he was my dad they loved it

👄This will be the best oral sex you have ever experienced.👅

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  • Reply Cracksniffer ID:4s0ccfy8k

    Indian guys are so fucking horny! That’s why there are so many sex crimes in Delhi. Girls, if you want to get raped, it’s the place to go!

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  • Reply Smarter than most ID:1kxv7r8l

    And you are wrong it wase a nice story better than most story’s.

  • Reply Smarter than most ID:1kxv7r8l

    No ben you shout be nicer to people ben

  • Reply Smarter than most ID:1kxv7r8l

    Cool story

  • Reply Ben ID:bpcjnotv3

    Sounds like you are a bunch of inbreds.