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Saving Grace Part 12

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Part 12

It was a few weeks after my last encounter with Grace that we both got the chance to make good on our deal we made in her bedroom (part 11).
Jess was at work as per usual, I wasn’t complaining, it meant no chance of being caught by her at least.

I was doing my food shop, when my phone started ringing. It was Jess, it would seem that Grace was too scared to ask me to hang out or spend time with me.
The actual reason was that Grace was extremely submissive, and she knew if that if she didn’t ask me herself then she’d get punished, and get punished she did.

I parked the car and tried to psyche myself up to be angry at her, I then had a moment of inspiration, I grabbed my phone and messaged Jess.

“Is she at home? Can you find out? Xx”

“Yeah, she’s home, just phoned her, she’s training in her room apparently” was the reply.

Training meant 1 thing, i knew what she was doing!

I let myself in quietly and put all my bits on the sofa, took my shoes off and made my way up the stairs, quietly so no attention was bought my way.
I reached her closed bedroom door, and gained my composure, breathing heavily to get fully angry, or at least try to give that impression. 1…2…3… I burst through the door.

“So, this is training… isn……” I stopped right there in my tracks.

Laid before me looking rather embarrassed was Grace, full chest on the floor, legs raised and butt up in the air. A purple vibrator in her butt. She’d been watching herself in her mirror.
I’d like to say that it was all romantic and passionate, but it was completely the opposite, I had to have her.

“Stay right where you are, you filthy slut” I growled. Removing my shorts and boxers.

I bent down behind her, grabbing the lube bottle she’d used and placed an amount on my fully erect cock, I then removed the vibrator, not a word was uttered.
I squirted the lube just above her butthole and began rubbing it in and around her opening, I then lined my cock up with it and began to slide inside her… just the tip, and then pushing a bit more with each thrust of my hips.
Grace was 16 and had been training but her butt was still quite tight. I adjusted my position and got more penetration; she went rigid and arched her back up towards me.

“I told you not to move, didn’t I?”

I reached the depth that she found enjoyable, and began thrusting hard and fast.

“Oh Fuckkkkk, I’m sorry!” she pleaded
“Don’t want to hear it”
“Holy fuck, yes…. Yes…. There!”

I had to gain control, I spanked her ass, and pulled her shoulder length ash blonde hair, which was conveniently in a ponytail.
“Ooooooh fuck, yes!” she moaned with excitement.
“Shut up you slut” another smack of her ass….

I pushed her down fully and slid my cock out of her, stating that I wasn’t finished with her.
I stood up and hunched over her and slid my cock back inside her, my thrusts and force returning with ease. I had her in the leap frog position, my hands on each hip pulling her back to me with each thrust.
I knew I was close to climaxing, I released my grip, and my attitude/anger literally left with it, I grabbed Grace by her ponytail and spoke savagely in her ear.

“Daddy’s going to cum in your ass, you don’t have a choice”
“that’s fine, I want you too”

I began picking my pace up with my thrusts and a few minutes later, I shot my hot load deep inside her ass…

“Ohhhhh fuck!! It’s in my ass daddy… I’m such a butt slut”
“Yeah, you’re daddy’s butt slut though” I growled back.

I stopped shooting my load into her and slowly pulled my cock out

“You want to shower with me daddy?” Grace asked
“Sure baby” I replied instantly.

It was a pretty uneventful shower, purely for the reason of jess could come back at any time, I had my phone, but couldn’t take the risk, I messaged her after my shower.

“How’s work going? All good? What time do you finish again? Might go for a wander that’s all xx”
“I finish at 6, so by all means go for a wander, take madam, she needs to get out of the house xx”
“Ok no worries, I’ll see you at 6:30 then, we’ll be off for a wander soon then xx”
I had another 6 hours alone with Grace, we could make good on our 2nd part of the deal, or that was the plan anyway.


Grace finished her shower and made her way into the front room, dressed in a knee length blue dress. She made her way over and sat beside me, all be it gingerly.

“Mia’s text, wanted to know what I was doing, so I haven’t replied yet, what do you reckon?”

I explained that I didn’t mind if she wanted to see Mia, and that I’d drop her off and pick her up if she wanted me to. she sent a message back to Mia.

“Well, I said I’ll be over in an hour, so we have some time together”

I became a little bit disgruntled, Grace sensed it and kissed me passionately, we hadn’t kissed all morning, apart from a little peck on the lips when I left the shower we shared.
I started to become hard from the kisses we were exchanging, again Grace sensed it, and she instantly placed her hand inside my shorts and began stroking my cock, or was it hers? I wasn’t sure myself anymore.

“Follow me” she said

I didn’t need to say anything, I duly obliged, but I wasn’t expecting what was to happen.
I was expecting to go into her room again but as we stood at the top of the stairs passionately kissing our time away, she pushed me into Jess’s room, and I fell on the bed. My boxers and shorts around my ankles didn’t exactly allow my balance to be kept.

I knew, or had made her a little bit kinky, but she began to consume my cock right there on her mum’s side of the bed. A sense of guilt overcame me for all of about 2 seconds, until I saw the mass of ash blonde hair bobbing up and down, and slurping all her excess saliva up.

She had learned new tricks from porn videos she watched throughout the years, it had gone from papa’s special cream that all girlfriends eat to being a cum princess and beyond.
She was sucking my cock at an alarming pace, i wasn’t stopping her or pushing her to do anything else, I was just admiring the view of a mass of hair, which I now held in my hands allowing me to see what she was doing fully.

She abruptly stopped, looking directly at me.

“Well, I’ve done butt to mouth” she said giggling
For some odd reason she never called it her ass, it was always her butt, but she could of called it anything.
“Well technically you have but not fully, but maybe one day you will”

“Oh fuck! Yeah, just like that!” I moaned as she enveloped my cock with her warm mouth whilst I was still talking.

Her new tricks and the sheer kinkiness of where we were and her small yet beautiful gagging sounds, and the impending sight of Mia made me climax quite quickly.
I didn’t even have time to warn her I was about to cum before I started shooting a few streams of hot liquid into her mouth, although she didn’t complain, she swallowed it all down and kissed me as was the norm these days.


We cuddled and kissed and got a bit heated the both of us, both wanting to go further but I knew I couldn’t, and I make no assumptions that I could.
I dropped her off at Mia’s and the smile I received from her was a look of I weren’t expecting to see you but I just want you take me somewhere, It was incredibly loving yet sexually charged and suggestive.

It was made definitive on the way back via text message.

“Hey, weren’t expecting to see you, you look good, almost good enough to eat, or shouldn’t you be the 1 eating ha-ha xx”

I replied when I got back.

“Yeah, I should be but you’re not Infront of me, plus you have Grace there, I’m sure I’ll eat you when you let me xx”

I received no reply for the rest of the afternoon until it was time to pick Grace up. As was the norm for teenagers to talk about boys, who’s a bitch at school, and various other world problems.

Although when Grace got in the car, a shiver ran down my spine.

“Daddy, you’ll never guess what… Mia’s got an older boyfriend, like way older”

“What, no way! Like how much older?”

“She won’t say but she said they went out a few weeks ago, and he facefucked her to the point where she puked, and the little slut gave him her underwear when he dropped her home”

I started the car and began driving to distract me from the revelation of Saturday afternoon at Mia’s, all the while knowing who this older guy was.

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