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A Few Buddies In Need

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Well the next day did not go as planned, we had to cancel the sex game night. You see 3 of my married buddies stopped by. None of them had met Maggie yet, so they had no idea of how our relationship was. Being open an all. Not seeing them for a while, we cracked open some beers in the kitchen. Maggie was sun bathing nude in the back yard. Harold was at the window sipping his beer. He told me that they heard i had a woman in my life now. I replied that I did and that Maggie was out in the yard soaking up the sun. Harold told me that he could see that. Then I told him that she like doing it nude. And he replied that he could see that too. I started to apologize but was cut off being told it was okay and that he hasn’t seen his wife completely naked in 2 months. Then told me not to get married. I then told him to enjoy the view as long as he wanted.
They all looked at me with surprise in their eyes. Them told them you 2 as well and that her name is Maggie Quick. Steve came back Quick and thst it was an odd name. I told him that it suits her because she quick to let you know if she likes you with a laugh. Jason asked oh yeah and how’s that. Laughing again I told him she had different ways but she’d never be rude. In not liking you as much as someone else but he would definitely know how much she liked him or all pf them lol. Then told them that she will get along great with all of them.
With that said I called to Maggie telling her to come in we had guests that wanted to meet her. She waved standing up as she put her short flimsy robe on. I introduced Harold, Steve, and Jason to her. Right away I knew she liked. What she saw because she sat down and joined us at the table in her robe. I know they didn’t mind one bit.
About an hour went by and a few more beers Harold spoke up saying after he leaves he is going to have to beg his wife to give it up tonight. And that he was glad she had at least that robe on. Then I stood behind Maggie rubbing her shoulders. And Maggie asked him what he would have done if she hadn’t put it on with her giggle. Steve told her that they’d been taking turns in the bathroom. Maggie told them that be something to see all three of them doing. That made the room quite. Well I knew by that comment she was liking them.
Maggie bluntly asked them about their wife’s not putting out. Jason told her it’s been over 6 months then Harold 3 months then steve 1. Maggie told them they must be ready to explode then mumbled what a yummy thought. They didn’t know what to say. Then she really blew them away when she kinda asked if they’d mind her taking off her robe. Still no response. Still behind her I slowly moved my hands to her boobs caressing them. Then under her robe plying with her nipples. Pulling her robe open little by little. You could see tge want for more in their eyes. Finally they had full view of her boobs being fondled by my hands. Maggie asked if they’d like to feel them. Slowly tgey stood up. I told them that our house is like Vegas, what happens here stays here. Before you knew it Maggie had 6 hands lightly groping her. The movement of her and their hands forced her robe completely open and falling to the floor. Their hands went lower she scooted forward on her chair spreading her legs wider as Steve’s hand slowly slid up the inside of her leg. Maggie’s hands found 3 hard cocks to play with. Steve stopped inches before reaching her pussy. She told him that the kitty won’t pet it’s self. Then he made contact with her pussy and found her clit. Her mouth opened as she moaned in pleasure. She turned her head and found a cock skidding im to her open mouth. Clamping her lips around it as it went deeper. She moaned again and slowly slid her lios up and down steves cock. About 5 minutes he was yelling that he was cumming. But Maggie kept on. Steve went stiff. Shaking he began slightly jerking towards and in to her mouth. He started to grunt as he pumped at least 5 powerful blasts of long streams of long cum in her mouth. Steve said omg no one had done that in a long time. Maggie kept sucking him for a few more minutes untill he couldn’t take it no more
Maggie told the other 2 to set down and one by one she had them cumming as much and as hard as Steve had with in 10 minutes or less each. After she finished them off. She asked if they were ready for some pussy. Harold said they couldn’t go home with sex smell. Maggie told them to call momma and tell them that thy are staying the night after drinking a little to much because by her count she could see at least 2 threesomes tonight and a possible long night of one on one fucking


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    Hot stories and awesome pics. Would love to see more.

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      You. May see a lot more if you are ever around close enough, she loves to show and tell

    • Maggie ID:8ewjtsmp4ga

      Well, you might get to see more, if I decide to post another story

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    Hey guys, how do you like our stories? Just wait for round 2 in the back yard.