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Granddaughters, Part 3

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This is, honestly, the last in this adventure. But, to me, one of the best parts.

From part2 we know about my granddaughters over visiting.
After we finished the cookies and ice cream, it was time for bed.
My wife and I went off to our room, the girls to the guest room, which had 2 sets of bunk beds.
I’m not even sure of their current sleeping arrangements, if they sleep in different beds, on the same bunk bed, or in the same bed… Over the years, it has changed, and at this age, you just kinda let them do their thing.
No matter, it isn’t like I was going to sneak in and do anything, I’m pretty sure my wife would notice my absence.
We have this ritual on Saturday mornings, and have, all these girls’ lives.
They come in to get on our bed, they turn on the very large TV, and they watch cartoons.
In my day, that was simple enough, but the TV was also 300 lbs and 40″ at the most. We had 5 channels…
So they wrestle with the remote, find something they both want to watch, then they proceed to get comfortable. They’ll lay this way or that, on top of me or grandma, or… Well, it feels crowded, but it’s been that way for more than a decade.
Grandma is a very heavy sleeper and doesn’t usually wake up till 9. Almost like clockwork.
This Saturday is really no exception. About 6:30, they come in, jump up on the bed, fight over what shows to watch, and get comfortable.
I’m sorta awake, not really paying attention to anything, and my older granddaughter has climbed under my blanket, next to me (my wife and I are hot/cold people, where I need a good heavy blanket, she doesn’t…).
And after some time, I feel a hand finding it’s way to my soon to be very erect rod. She starts feeling me and I’m getting harder, and it really doesn’t take long for me to get hard, and then she has her hand wrapped around my shaft, but on the outside of my boxers…
I snuggle into her a bit, but she is too far down for me to do any real feeling of my own, but I managed to squeeze her budding tits, and pinch her little nipples. As I caress her tiny a cup boobs, she is now finding her way into my underwear.
It doesn’t take long and her bare hand now holds my naked shaft.
Everything is still under the blanket, and I’m glad for it… I think, with my wife 2 feet away, this might be hard to explain.
After a few minutes, honestly, I don’t know how long, my older grand daughter changes position by uncovering what we’re doing, and flipping herself around, putting her legs up over on my pillow. This strategically puts her pussy in my view (nightgown, no panties) and I reach over and start rubbing her clit.
I stroke her slit with my fingers, rub her clit, and insert my finger into her pussy, playing with this perfect little girl…
She, meanwhile, is playing with my balls, and rubbing my shaft and touching, with both hands, my entire manhood.
Now uncovered, I’m at very high risk of getting caught by grandma. I don’t know, maybe that is what makes it so good… The risk?
About this time, her younger sister sees what’s going on and comes over to my other side, puts her head on my stomach and watches her sister explore the family jewels.
Grandma? I think I hear her snoring…
My older grand daughter pulls herself up, .ore onto my stomach and pelvic area, and takes my dick in both hands and kisses the head … Innocent type kisses, like you’d give a friend, but enough to send complete shivers down my spine.
I decide to try something, and I pull her body up onto me, pushing her sister off me, and pull her crotch up over to my face. I spread her legs, putting them on either side of my head, and drag her pussy right up to my mouth, where I start to lick her cunt, and even insert my tongue into her.
I kiss, lick, suck, and eat her pussy for several minutes, she is getting close to orgasm, and I suck and massage my tongue into her bud… Causing her to explode with a joyful orgasm… This then floods my mouth and is on my face.
Now, imagine if my wife rolled over to this sight… Her husband of 40+ years, his face buried in a 12 year old pussy, with her licking the head of his dick…
I’m just praying she stays asleep.
My older granddaughter then sits up, moving her sweet tasting pussy away from my face, and she moves down to straddle me and has my Uber hardness between her pussy lips, rubbing back and forth, up and down my shaft, like her sister did the night before…
My younger granddaughter repositioned herself with her head on my chest, watching her sister “dry fuck” me.
But the dry fucking came to an end, as she took hold of my dick, and pressed the head to her junior opening, and began to push down… The head slipped in, and in, and in… She took almost my full length into her body, and started to fuck me in earnest. In and out, up and down, back and forth… I’m not in control, I can’t help it, I’m being driven by the absolute tightest pussy I’ve ever had, in my daughter’s oldest child.
She climaxes at least once more, as I build up to what I can tell will be the best climax I’ve ever had… I’m, literally, going insane… I’m going to explode… And I SHOULD pull out first, but, “fuck that”, my granddaughter is going to take my full load, right inside her cunt.
She pushes down again, I’ve got my hands on her waist, and I pull down harder, my dick hitting her cervix, and I pop. I shoot load after load after load into her pussy… Her younger sister watching the whole thing… I continue for what feels like forever, ejaculating, over and over, untill I’m shooting blanks… And I’m still just pumping out nothing…
There is liquid mess all over me, her, the bed, the blanket… She is leaking out my man juice, mixed with her own orgasmic juices… And it is messy…
Now, as bad as it would have been to get caught eating her pussy, just imagine my wife waking up to see this… Balls deep in her granddaughter, having spent all my cream to make that creampie…
When my wife and I fuck, we have a great time and make a mess of our own, so we have some hand towels by the bed.
I give one to my granddaughter, and she stands up, off my semi-flacid dick, dripping… Well, not the right word, pouring out my cum out of her little pussy…
Her sister watching closely.
She wipes off all the cum, dries herself off, and sits back down to watch cartoons, like nothing happened.
That’s the weirdest part, I think… Like this was some kind of routine… Have fun, sex, fuck, suck, play… No big deal…
I took the hand towel and cleaned myself off, and was about to put my man meat away, when my younger grand daughter took hold of it and put it away for me.
I patted her ass, and she moved over to lay half on her sister and watch some cartoon.
I pulled the blanket up over me, hoping the wetness of everything would “go away” and was just sitting there thinking about having done what just was done…
I’m still half hard at this, and I would love to just beat off… But I’m not exactly sure what I will do, so I just sit there, thinking about that… So much awesome.
A few minutes later my wife rolls over, snuggles up to me, nestles her face into my neck, and asks, “so how’d you like fucking your granddaughter?”…
I’m stunned. I’m completely stunned. And she giggles, reaches down between my legs and starts stroking my dick…
I couldn’t say anything.
I didn’t have words.
And she uncovered me and went down on me, giving me head, sucking, expertly, my now very hard dick.
Not even worrying about the girls sit there, watching TV, as she swallowed my shaft, over and over…
But I had no more cum. I wasn’t even sure I’d climax… But I let her suck me… Thinking, “what the hell does this mean?”…

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  • Reply Ragmanreno75 ID:2px1mhue4hu

    Will there be a more parts coming up

  • Reply muck_r ID:5s4kw15pd3

    I loved this series of stories and would be happy to hear more like it!

  • Reply [email protected] ID:1qkwnvpb0j

    Please don’t let that be the last there has to be more

  • Reply Emma.H ID:jtp3mrdfqb4

    O God you got me so bloody 💦💦💦, as I have mentioned in my comments before my Grandmother had my Grandfather fuck me at 12 after school and she enjoyed watching him drive his cock meat into me in the lounge room or over the kitchen table and he would squeeze my nibbles making me scream. Afterwards she would lick my cunt and my Grandfather’s cock, it was our little secret and I enjoyed those times growing up, love Emma from Australia.

    • trucker ID:h6r7cbc18

      Emma I really think women love watching incest as much as men do. Our daughter was 8 and she watch me getting my cock sucked by our daughter I looked at my wife said I am gonna blow my load in her mouth and it was a big load. My wife encourage me to take her on the road as I was gone for a couple weeks. And I totally broke her in

  • Reply Bored ID:1eg03qv126y9


  • Reply Peter from Australia ID:1cn96ee27z4f

    It’s good when the girls find their own way and you don’t have to show them what to do you just let them explore

  • Reply Noone ID:1de15q4cpumt

    Needs another chapter, what about the other granddaughter does she some too, and what a the grandma did she play with girls too, can’t end like this

  • Reply muck_r ID:5s4kw15pd3

    There really should be a part 3! Who taught the girls, and has Grandma played with them before? So many possibilities!

  • Reply Bob ID:1deo5fh0gu86

    Nice that your wife enjoyed taking in you fucking your granddaughter. I think the granddaughters both liked watching grandma sucking grand daddy’s pussy-flavoured dick. I bet they came back other days to suck and fuck more. Did grandma join in while the sex was in full swing?? Let’s chat about all this and more.
    Love, sucks and fucks,

    [email protected]


    • [email protected] ID:45xxun2vt0i

      I guess I need a help from a good hard guy

  • Reply A. ID:h2f7zeynlxc

    Hopefully you gave the granddaughter a nice momento that will be delivered in 9months

  • Reply Joe ID:5c8rcvm9a

    Just a shame grandma didn’t join in having fun with the girls

  • Reply HorseHungTwelv. ID:29kejxtfzj

    I have only one granddaughter. She is just starting puberty and knows I have a big Dick because we are nudists.
    But I don’t think I could fuck her as our daughter would cause trouble .
    But your a very lucky guy !

    • Daddy ID:1csnb3058zem


      Her mom doesn’t have to know. It’s your job to educate your granddaughter. If you don’t someone else will. How old is she?