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Family therapy with little daughter Stephanie age 10

My step daughter Stephanie was only 10 year old I’m 45 and my wife works all the time one day I
Had time with Stephen and we were playing around and I seen her little red cunt and she didn’t know I seen it and I was getting turned on by it and my cock was getting turned on and getting bigger so when we were watching tv I put my hands up her parents a little bit and see said what are you doing and laughed a little I said just playing around and watch the video I put on but she didn’t know I put a family porn videos on from my mobile off the Net on line as we were watching tv she noticed that the dad was playing around with the daughter legs and the girl in the movie didn’t mind so I did the same thing to little Stephen and she said Oi and laughed again and said you doing what the dad’s doing in the movie and smiled as I played around with her little bumbum but I said yeah but they keep secrets from the mother in the movie and she said we could do this to me and smiled
And went back to watching the movie.
About 30 minutes into the movie the dad asked he’s daughter if she could keep secrets from her mouth and my little daughter Stephanie looked back at me as I watched the movie and smiled and said dad can we keep a secret like they were in the movie and I smiled and said yeah of course we can and she pulled her underwear and pants forward and grabbed my hand and put it down her underwear and she said do what he’s doing in the movie Daddy and she said I won’t say anything to mum and I said to her you better not being we can get into some big trouble Stephen and she said she wouldn’t as I was pushing my middle finger in better her little round pussy lips and she said it’s our secret daddy and she turning the sound down on the TV as we watched the dad playing around with his little daughter and he pulled out his cock and the daughter was sick on he’s cock as I played with Stephen little puppy making it all wet and she said can I try what they are doing in the movie Daddy

Episode 1 to be continued

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    yum a 10 year old

  • Reply A. ID:5u1d7cg49j

    Terribly written story. No punctuation, grammar in horrible, can’t even keep the name’s straight

  • Reply Joe ID:7481adjbql

    Need more

  • Reply Spydr ID:bk960i54q

    Proofread, punctuation, spelling.

  • Reply George ID:1d2eriw628pl

    You should proofread before you publish

  • Reply Babyslut ID:43z1xskzj

    Nice story but needs sentences.

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      Do you have email or insta

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      Thanx for stating it so nicely Babyslut