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Crossdresser for daddy

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Yes I am a crossdresser full time since I was very young and this is fantasy story I really didn’t have a dad or know him.
Well it started when I was young I was completely hairless permanently except for my eyebrows eyelashes and long hair since birth. Mom always dressed me feminine clothes and shoes and makeup and lipstick etc. I was surprised when my mom before my 13th birthday took me to get my eyebrows done thin and arched feminine like hers and hair cut and styled very feminine like hers and full set of square tip finger nails done and painted and toes painted and shopping for mini dresses and mini skirts and blouses and corsets and thigh high stockings and high heels silcone d-cup breast bras and thong sets etc.
On the day of my birthday later in the afternoon she had me come upstairs and douche and take a bath and after wards did my hair and makeup and lipstick glued on my silcone breast and helped me get dressed in pink full corset and thigh high suntan seamed stockings. She said that she had a special mini dress for me. Well after I got it and 5.5 inch strappie stilettos high heels and earrings in necklace and bracelets and rings on. She put her perfume on me and then went downstairs and into the living room. My dad was there dressed up. He said that I was very beautiful and sexy. Mom said to him that he should go get the car started. After he left she said him and I were going out together an I was going have fun. Then he came back in an said is my favorite girl ready.I said yes daddy, mom said to me happy birthday and it was going to be a very wonderful special night.
We left he took me to a movie as we walked to the theater he had his arm around me hand on my ass rubbing and squeezing it. Well it turned out that the theater was closed due to broken water line. So he drove us to the drive in movie. On the way there he had me sitting next to him and was rubbing my stocking covered thighs and under my mini dress. He was making me horny I was trying to fight the feeling but couldn’t. He said to me you like what daddy is doing don’t you. I couldn’t help but say that I did. I said what if mom finds out what is going on.
He said is daddy making you very happy and horny as his hand was under my mini dress.I said yes as I opened my legs some. Then he surprised me when he said that she knew an said that your needs are more than a toy. When he put his hand under my g-string feeling my smooth new glued down boi virgia that mom had done to look like a woman’s virgia. Then I asked him if was embarrassed or ashamed of me. He said no that he was actually very proud of me and happy with me an then he said to me that mom and him was hoping that I would become Paula full time. I said yes and kissed him. He what he said next surprised me when he said that he would have two beautiful ladies to love an make love too.
I couldn’t believe when he said that then he asked me if I wanted him to make long slow passionate love to me. I said yes as he rubbed my gurly boi pussi. He told me to take my g-string off and as I did he undone his pants. He took my hand putting it inside of his pants and I couldn’t believe it I have seen him naked before but I was actually was feeling his big thick cock an balls loving it was better than the dildo mom gave me. He said to me that why mom and him never wear and underwear. He pulled over to into a little picnic area and kissed my lipstick lips very passionately and romantically. After that he made out for a while. It started to rain he said that the movie was out so we went drove back home.
We got back to the house and mom said I figured that you be back. She took me up stairs to my room after daddy had gave me a kiss. My bedroom had candles lite and was very romantic. She had even put satin sheets on my king size bed. She said that I should take my dress off and get on the. She said that dad would be in a couple minutes. With just couple of candle light going before she left she asked me if I was very horny for daddy. I said yes I was an she said wonderful leaving the room blowing out the candles.
Then the door opened I sat up couldn’t really see after it shut but I knew it was dad . He pushed me down on my back and was over me kissing my lipstick lips passionately our tongues intertwined. He kissed and sucked my neck softly working his way down my body kissing it all the way down to my toes and back up to my boi virgia licking and kissing it. He moved down to my gurly boi pussi slowly licking around it an over then burying his tongue in me. I started breathing heavy and moaning I said daddy that feels so wonderful. He done it for a good while had moaning and telling me how great I tasted. Then he came back up kissing me passionately an rolled me on top of him so I kissed my way down his chest to his hard big thick cock . I kissed and licked every single bit of it. I wrapped my lipstick lips around it and started to suck it. His cock filled my mouth an throat but it felt so amazing and wonderful an tasted so good. I took my time sucking him he couldn’t believe it when I was deep throating him without gagging he actually said that I was better at than mom was ever. I sucked him for a long time till he shot his hot creamy massive load down my throat and in my mouth I swallowed every single delicious drop of it.
We laid there kissing and cuddling an he put hickies on my neck telling me how wonderful I was. I had my head on his chest rubbing it . Feeling his cock getting harder and harder I felt him reaching for something. He rolled me on my back and took my legs putting them up on his shoulders and putting lubricant on my gurly boi pussi hole an his cock. Then he bent down kissing an slowly slid his cock stretching me open I felt some pressure as his cock slipped into me and at same time it felt wonderful and amazing so much pleasure. He soon was making passionate love to me. I moaned loudly in pleasure as he did. He shot his load deep in inside of me. We made love more than once during the night till he fell asleep.
I removed my heels finally cuddling up next to him my head on his shoulder and hand on his chest his arm around me. I drifted off thinking about what happened and how much I loved it an I actually listed my virginity to my dad an we made love. The next morning when I got up and went downstairs stairs. He was sitting at the table naked with mom naked also. He gave me a long passionate kiss and went upstairs. Mom also kissed my lipstick lips with her lipstick lips passionately an said you know that you will be able to have sex with dad anytime.

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    Mmmm love the stories I am a crossdresser xx

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    i caught my 17 year old son crossdressing and somehow we ended up having sex together i thought it was a one off thing but we can’t stop it now

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    Text me to chat I’m horny Snap lilfamous25

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