An Unexpected Daytime Visitor

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The sounding of the doorbell mid-morning on a Tuesday led to trouble, sex and maybe more trouble.

Tuesday’s are one of the worst days of the week in my opinion. One expects Monday’s to be tough. Wednesday is hump day. Thursday means tomorrow is Friday. Friday, the weekend starts here pretty much. But Tuesdays say to me “ You got through Monday and now you get to do it all over again”

I usually work at home on my own on Tuesdays, which is a pretty solitary experience. Once everyone has gone to work, our little road is deserted except if the postman calls.

The particular Tuesday in question was extremely grim. It was blowing a gale with sideways rain. I could hear frequent thumps from outside and was expecting to see someone’s roof tiles flying down the road.

I had been working online since 08:00, so around 10:30, I decided to make myself a drink and a snack.
I was in the kitchen when the doorbell went. Alexa announced “Somebody is at the front door” accompanied by 30 seconds of chimes.

At the door, looking unhappy and very wet was Lara. As soon as I opened the door, she rushed into my arms sobbing. I ushered into the sitting room and lit the fire. I got her a towel and sat down beside her to find out what she was upset about.

“He knows” she said.

“Knows what” I asked tentatively.

“He knows what happened between us in Scotland” she cried.

“How could he possibly know, did he see us” I asked her.

“He saw me coming back into the bedroom naked” she said.

“He can’t have done”, I said, “He would have said something at breakfast surely”.

No, she replied, “he was moody on the drive home and kept sniping at me, but he wouldn’t come right out and say anything in front of the kids. But when we were home and they were in bed, he started asking me where I had been butt naked in the middle off the night”.

“But he doesn’t actually KNOW you and I were together does he” I asked.

“He insists that he DOES know and he is pointing the finger at you” she said.

“Did you tell him you had just nipped to the loo and hadn’t gotten dressed because it was the middle of the night and there was no one around to see”? I queried.

“We had a bloody en-suite bathroom remember” she scolded, still sobbing. “I tried all kinds of excuses but he was having none of it. He started again this morning so I stormed out and came here”.

“Do you think he followed you here”, I asked, “ It would just confirm his suspicions if he did” I said.

“No he didn’t follow, and even if he did I’d tell him I came to talk to you so that you would tell him we didn’t do anything that night”

“He called me all sorts of names and said I liked fucking old men” she told me.

Ouch, that hurt. I suppose I am old being 30 years older than her, but I don’t feel old and I certainly don’t fuck old.

I put my arms around her and hugged her. Don’t worry, I said, I’ll talk to him and convince him he is being paranoid. It will all be alright I told her.

Her sobbing finally abated and she lifted her head off my chest and kissed me.

She was too wet for a towel to dry her off, so I got her my bath robe and suggested she take off her wet clothes and put them in the drier for 10 minutes or so.

I helped her out of her wet cloths as they were sticking to her skin. Her flesh-coloured bra and panties were completely transparent because of how wet they were and I pealed them off her. I took a dry towel and started to rub her cold body dry.

Her nipples were standing out from her body, all pink and inviting. I couldnt resist taking one into my mouth. I cupped her other breast in my large warm hand. It felt like ice to the touch, but warmed up quickly under the supervision of my hands.

Lara unbuttoned my jeans and reached inside the waistband of my boxers. Her cold damp fingers took hold of my hard cock causing me to gasp. She smiled for the first time since she arrived. “I think you’ve seen something you like” she teased me.

“I’ve seen everything I like” I told her.

We rushed upstairs into my bedroom which is a lot smaller and less grand than the one we had sex in over the weekend.

Once there, she lay back on the bed and watched me get undressed. I joined her, pressing my warm body against her cold skin. Despite the chill, a warmth radiated from between her legs letting me know that her excitement was building.

I welcomed the extra space we had with there just being the two of us in the bed as it allowed me to explore her body more freely. In daylight I could see that her skin was flawless. With my head between her legs I confirmed her pussy was as bald as the day she was born. A 30 yo with no pubic hair between her legs – Oh my god.

Began by peppering her labia and clitoris with tiny gentle kisses. I parted her lips and continued gently kissing her moist pink areas which because more wet each time my lips or tongue made contact. I fondled her buttocks whilst licking in slow deliberate circles around her clitoris. Her breathing started to become louder in short bursts.

I licked harder with my tongue, putting more pressure on her sensitive little hard nub and stroked inside her pussy with two fingers knuckle deep. Unlike Sunday night, she was loud and expressive. She ground her groin into my face and gripped my stroking fingers with her pussy muscles. She told me when to go faster or slower, harder or softer. When she climaxed she screamed like a banshee, so loud I thought someone on the next street might hear her.

Jesus Christ, she said, Askwith never makes me cum like that. “That’s old men for you”, I said, “With age comes experience” I smiled.

“OK old fella” she said, “You might have technique but have you got stamina”.

“Let’s find out”, I said climbing on top and sliding into her moist pussy. Our bodies clashed with an almost bruising force, my cock bottoming out against her cervix. She seemed to grip my cock tighter in her pussy turning every plunge into absolute ecstasy. She shouted her approval and encouraged me with her nails on my back and ass.

I really needed no encouragement, I was like an animal and so was she. Everytime she orgasmed she howled like a cat and dug her nails into me. I had something to prove, so I kept going in every position I knew.

After a long time I sensed she was getting a little tender between her legs. I asked her if she was Ok and she said she was fine, but just in case she was lying, I thought I would try something else.

I lay her on her stomach, and pushed my cock against her arsehole. Her beautiful bum cheeks grabbed my shaft and I pushed deeper. she pushed back. When I was all the way in, I asked again if she was OK. Her answer was “Fuck me hard”. Needing no further instructions I went about fucking her gorgeous bum, whilst stimulating her nipples. She was rubbing her clitoris vigorously, crying out to her god and pushing herself harder onto my cock. She climaxed again, her voice becoming hoarse.

She wanted me in her pussy again. I was happy to oblige.

She lay on her back with her knees pulled to her chest and invited me in. My cock was glad to be home. Her pussy felt puffy inside and out now. The walls of her vaginal passage feeling soft and spongy against my abused cockhead.

I slowed down my thrusts to gentle rocks, I really didn’t want to cum and bring everything to an end. I kissed her ears, neck and lips. We entwined tongues. This time I told her that I loved her and she told me the same with tears in her eyes. She began bucking her hips against my cock so I speeded up and drove deeper.

With a huge shout of “Fuck me” she climaxed again. I was a second behind her and I let a torrent of cum leave my balls and enter deep into her perfect little pussy. Her pulsating vagina squeezed my cock dry and we kissed until our lips became raw.

We both got into my shower and washed, being very careful around each others genitals. Despite lips being chapped, we really couldnt leave each other alone. Throughout the shower and getting dry and dressed, we were still all over each other.

When we were back down in the sitting room after tidying upstairs to remove evidence of our presence, I asked her how I did for stamina. She asked me if she really had to answer as her cunt was red raw.

It was the best fuck I had ever had and she told me it was her best too.

Whilst we were sitting there drinking a post coital coffee, my cell phone rang. It was Askwith. “Is Lara with you” he asked.

“Yes” I replied.

“I fucking knew it”, he said, “You bastard, you are fucking my wife aren’t you” he accused.

“Don’t be ridiculous mate”, I said, “She is the same age as my own daughter, you know that, why are you being a dick” I asked.

“How come she is round there with you if you two are not fucking behind my back” he demanded.

“Mate”, I said, “Is that the only viable explanation you can come up with, she is at my house with me so we must be fucking” I asked.

“Why is she there then” he shouted.

“She is here because she told me that you have been a complete asshole to her since we got back from Scotland and had been accusing us of sleeping together”. “I’m not sure how we could sleep together when I was in bed with Jude and Lara was in bed with you” I continued. “Lara came here to ask me what she could do – don’t forget I have known her since she was 2 years old, so she sees me as a father figure” I lied.

“So you are not fucking her” he said. I could feel the wind slipping from his sails as he began to doubt himself.

“Dude:, I said, “Don’t be ridiculous, why are you so paranoid. You have been together 8 years, you have two beautiful kids, a beautiful house and a lovely wife. Why would you mess that up by acting like a jerk” I asked him.

It was quiet on the other end of the phone.

Finally he said “I could of sworn you two were looking at each other all weekend and when I woke up to see Lara coming into the bedroom naked in the middle of the night then my mind went into overdrive”.

“I’ll level with you Askwith”, I said, “Lara has grown up into a gorgeous woman and I often find myself staring at her in disbelief. Where did all that time go and how did she turn from this skinny little kid to such a beautiful woman. If I was staring at her, that was why. You are a lucky man mate, and if I was 30 years younger I would give you a run for your money and you would have something to worry about. But you have absolutely nothing to worry about from me or her either. Treat her right and all will be fine” I told him.

Silence followed again.

When he finally spoke again he sounded contrite. “I’m sorry mate”, he said, “I don’t know what got into me, I’m so sorry”.

“It’s not me you should be saying that to” I told him and handed the phone to Lara.

She rolled her eyes at me and took it. Her voice sounded angry when she started speaking and it was clear that she was going to make him squirm before accepting his apology.

I went back into the kitchen to let them talk and make another cup of coffee for us.

After about 20 minutes she came in and handed back my cell phone.

“You are quite a liar” she said to me grinning.

“I had to convince him” I told her. “Things could get quite nasty if he went around telling everyone his suspicions” I said. Anyway, you probably should get back to him before he starts fretting again.

“What about us” she asked. “Do you want to keep seeing me”. I could see the tears starting to well up in her eyes

“Of course, but we must just take care not to be two obvious, I don’t want any of us to get hurt” I said.

“Neither do I” she said. “Careful it is, BUT you weren’t exactly being careful when you came in my pussy just earlier were you”.

That shocked me. I was so caught up in the thrill of it all that I genuinely had not even noticed that I had missed putting on a condom. “Shit, but you are on birth control, right” I pleaded.

She just smiled.

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