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First time with an old man

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So I’m 19 now and this happened three years ago, I’ve always been curious with guys ever since I was young. I have had gay interactions before with my best friend for most of my younger years (8-14) so like I knew what it was like to have a guy suck me but not an older guy, something that almost felt wrong

It all started when one night I was laying in bed at home, keep in fact I had a girlfriend. I was up late, got horny and started watching porn, couldn’t come to regular so I switched to gay but something about this time felt different. see everyone knows me as a very straight guy that gets all the girls, and I’ve never had a problem getting most ppl with my looks, and even though I’ve came to gay porn a couple times. It’s never crossed my mind to go actually out and get fucked or sucked by someone else. Other than my friend but that’s a whole different story and back then it was like our secret thing but I still had gfs. Well anyways as I was watching this porn i got this tingling sensation in my ass and my dick was just throbbing.

At this moment I knew I needed to find someone to do this to me, I’ve never downloaded apps like grinder or tinder cause I was 16 at the time and had a rly hot fit gf I use to bang her all time but would always get soft thinking of getting pounded by a guy. So I downloaded grinder and started messaging a lot of guys. I’m about 5’8 145 back then I was probably 5’3 120 I was a small kid, I have a very nice little Smooth plump bum so I started taking nude pictures how my girlfriend would send me them, and I got so horny i actually came just by how hot I looked 😂 but I was still so horny and had that sensation like something needed to be up there.

I eventually get a text back from a man the other town over, he sent me his cock and oh my god it was huge about 6-7 . let’s call him Rick. It was so late by the time I ended up talking to him because I was taking nudes, I came, I had to ft my girlfriend. I ended up just going to bed and deleting the app. The next day I felt grossed with myself. That I was sending a whole bunch of old men my asshole at 16. Later that night I was home alone again and i was in my moms room going thru her drawers looking for a charger when I found this 5 inch purple dildo, I instantly got that same feeling the night before and I just wanted to shove it in me, I ended up running into my room locked my door And put on porn and redownloaded grinder. I remember putting the dildo in me and it hurt so bad.

I get a text from Rick asking if he could pick me up and take me out to by the water, I instantly say yes. I take the dildo out of me and then go shower. PART 2 COMING SOON

ADD: Scott_david2r on snap if you want too talk 🙂

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  • Reply Hank ID:1ds5vc6a13tn

    Enjoy getting some cock now while your so young and horney! Don’t wait till late 50’s to start wanting it!

  • Reply Cracksniffer ID:16oigapfv9d

    Definitely go and enjoy! Lots of basically straight guys indulge in some sweaty gay sex!

  • Reply Twocrows ID:1e0dqswgqyh6

    I’ll never forget the time I first had a cock in my ass. go for it.

    • Titan ID:dlnrwkehm

      You love wearing hot dress?