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Always wanted to be a girl but….

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I always wanted to be a girl especially a milf and fuck some young guys and one day…

I am 18 yrs old boy and I always wanted to be a girl but couldn’t because my parents wouldn’t just agree at all.

But when one day I went to a far away city I got a chance to be as one. So I was just walking by and there were these two boys who seems to be beggars who lives in the slum areas and their clothes were dirty thorned and smelly, but somehow I thought of giving a try by asking them… Hey do you guys want to have fun? First they didn’t knew what I meant and then I sat down with them and explained about my fetish and they actually agreed to help me accomplish it, and said like be our mom (turns out they lost her last year in an accident and their father is also drunkard). So I agreed but they had a condition that I have to live with them and it wasn’t only for a day but maybe even for whole life. Then I somehow agreed and I lied my parents saying I got a work in that city, and obviously they won’t find out because they don’t even go in that city because it was far off and they agreed, so I started shopping for clothes that would fit me, some mother’s clothes too, lingeries etc and some wigs and makeups…. Then I reached their home and it was a house made of wood which looked like its broken down, and its house filled with dirt and black colour because of the smoke of cooking….
So then suddenly after watching all these the inner girl or the inner mom in me woke up and I started cleaning the house and all …and cooked for them too, they were impressed… Then they introduced themselves one was of 12 yrs old, and the other 15 yrs old…and in no time we were all naked and fucking each other …. my God! My first anal’s virginity was lost that day! They fucked me so hard! …. And I felt like a mom that day fucking my two sons and then let them suck my cock and take the load of my milk.
And months passed these went on and my fantasy came true. But …. Suddenly their drunkard father who left home years ago came back home in a drunk state and I was in a maxi dress and since he didn’t knew his wife died a year ago already he mistaken me for his wife and one of the boy told me that he thinks you are our mom because he can’t see properly and can’t heard that much anymore too. And this was kind of my chance to be really a part of the family! To be the true mother of that family. So I responded to him, and he asked why my voice changed and I said like: you left us years ago so I have changed quite a bit too, my body too. So when he came near me and touched my body he said: yes you are right, and then he pulled down my panties and I pulled my balls and dick up so that he won’t feel it, and then he spit on his fingers and pushed it into my asshole and fingered me and I moaned a bit. Your pussy seems tight now, lets loosen it again and then he pulls out his cock out and started thrusting it into my asshole thinking its my pussy and that was it I have now become his wife. We fucked for a while then again at night too and the next day he went back saying he will be back after long while again.
And the boys started saying like wow you are our real mom now, since even dad thinks you are our mom, they started begging me not to leave and I promised them that I won’t and that’s how I became permanently their mom. Later I somehow collected money by working in a local shop and bought some estrogen injections and injected them on me and after few years I started to really look like a girl and my boobs started growing too.

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  • Reply [email protected] ID:1er1ekukgtyr

    I like the fantasy. It would be hot to have two sons to fuck me.

  • Reply Saturn-6 ID:2a7mcen499

    Hehehe, that’s hot, say you have a discord? I’m kinda interested on the whole mommy thing and how you look now