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Sleeping with my partners 12 year old brother

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I’m engaged to Darren and due to be married next year, but I’m secretly sleeping with his 12 year old brother Luke, who is a much better lover.

Kirsty 25, that’s me, my boyfriend of 4 years is Darren 27, I do love him with all my heart and we’re planning to get married next year but lately every time we have sex I close my eyes and think of someone else, I’ve had a secret lover for 3 months, if that wasn’t bad enough the thing that makes it worse is that the person I’m sleeping with is Luke, who just happens to be Darren’s 12 year old brother.

It started when I came home from work early one day, they’d been a flood in the basement and due to safety we were all sent home until it was repaired, it was about lunch time and also the school holidays, Darren and his parents were all still at work and Luke was home alone, I didn’t see him downstairs when I got home so headed upstairs to let him know I was home and to see if he wanted me to make him some lunch.

I headed up the stairs and through his partly open door in to this bedroom, but he wasn’t there, he wasn’t in the bathroom because the door was open and I could see inside, the door was unlocked when I got home so I assumed if he wasn’t home he probably just went out with one of his friends and forget to lock it, I went to mine and Darren’s room to change out of my work clothes but when I opened the door I got the shock of my life.

Luke was on our bed, he was naked apart from he was wearing my yellow bikini thong, he was laying on the bed and underneath him were our pillows, piled on top of each other, one of my bra’s was wrapped around them holding them together and he had his cock between the two pillows, humping them like they were an actual person, he was having sex with the pillows, I’d never seen anything like it in my life.

I stood in silence and shock in the doorway watching him for nearly a minute, he hadn’t noticed that I was there, I watched his little ass bouncing up and down and humping the pillows and moaning sexually, I was shocked but desperate to laugh, then he turned his head and finally noticed me, “Having fun?” I asked, chuckling at him.

He pushed himself up with his arms and got off the bed very quickly, he covered his crotch with his hands and hid kneeling down behind the side of the bed, “What are you doing here?” he asked, “I got off work early. What exactly are –you- doing here?” I replied.

Then he stood up and tried to run out of the room but I blocked the door so he couldn’t leave, “Oh no. You’re not going anywhere.” I said, pushing him back and then closing the door shut, our door had a lock on it so I turned the key locking it and I placed the key in my pocket, I laughed while looking at him wearing my thong, “Is that mine?” I asked.

“Sorry. Just – just let me out.” He begged.

I sat on the edge of the bed, “Not until you tell me why you’re wearing my clothes and why were you fucking the pillows? I said, he was completely embarrassed and I saw him starting to cry, “Come here, Luke.” I said, tapping the bed for him to come sit beside me, I put my arm around him, I knew boys his age did weird stuff, I didn’t know it was this weird but still I kind of understood, “Don’t be upset. I’m not angry. I just need you to tell me why you’re doing that?” I said.

“I don’t know. I just wanted too.” He replied, “Please don’t tell mum and dad.” He added.

We had a long talk and it was revealed that he had a secret crush on me and as his body began to change and he got hormonal, he’s been jerking off and using his sexual imagination to feel like he was fucking me, that’s why he was wearing my thong, tied my bra around the pillows and fucking the pillows to make his masturbating feel more…realistic.

I had to give him credit because he basically turned my pillows in to a sex doll, very imaginative, it was actually kind of cute and adorable, “Your cocks sticking out.” I said, noticing my thong was wide enough to cover his boyhood, after our conversation we’d grown a bit closer so I felt comfortable enough to tell him.

He tried unsuccessfully to cover it and just made me laugh, I sat on my knees on the floor and pulled my thong off of him before picking up his boxer shorts off the floor, “I think these are a better fit.” I said, we gazed in to each other’s eyes and I felt sorry for him, it must be as hard for boys as it is for girls going through puberty, girls get periods and pains, boys get erections and need to find ways to release, the next thing I knew I’d leaned forward and kissed him, it was so sweet.

My hands were on the tops of his legs rubbing them and his erection sprung back up very quickly, it was practically staring me in the face, his little eyes widened when he saw my hand move over to rub it, he flinched when I gripped my fingers around it, I gave him a reassuring and flirtatious smile then I stuck out my tongue and teased his tip, it sent his hormones in to a frenzy and he instantly ejaculated on to my tongue, on my face and a little up my nose.

He looked horrified and a little ashamed, maybe he felt a bit inadequate having come so quickly, so I smiled and laughed playfully to make him feel better, “Well, that was quick. But you’ve got an impressive ejaculation..” I said, then I sneezed his come out of my nose, “…never had it in my nose before.” I chuckled, we both started laughing and he felt more at ease.

“How does it feel when you’re fucking the pillows?” I asked.

He shrugged his shoulders, “It’s like jerking myself off but without my hands. It’s okay.” He replied.

“What do you think about when you’re fucking the pillows?” I asked.

He blushed and couldn’t look me in the eyes, “You.” He eventually replied.

“Really? …” I said, I wasn’t surprised though, he’d already told me he had a crush on me, “…Would you like to fuck me for real, Luke?” I asked, with a straight face and serious tone, I wasn’t kidding, his heart rate and breathing increased and he thought about it, he nodded, “In my dreams.” He replied, thinking that I was kidding.

I lunged forward as soon as he replied, I lifted him up and dropped him on to the middle of the bed, I pushed the pillow sex doll on to the floor and then I laid on top of him and kissed his passionately, then I sat up and swiftly took off my clothes, my blouse, my trousers, my socks, my bra, everything, poor Luke didn’t know where to look, seeing my entire naked body in the flesh when until now he’d only fantasized about it, then I laid back on top of him and our hands began to explore each other’s warm bodies while we kissed.

I was pleasantly surprised at how quickly he got another erection, Darren never recovers that quickly, as soon as Luke got another erection I turned over on to my back with Luke on top of me, his soft warm hips between my inner thighs, he looked down between his legs with nervousness when his cock pressed against my pussy, “What do I do?” he asked, so sweet and innocently, “Exactly what you did with the pillows.” I replied.

His cock entered my hole and he gasped with pleasure when my insides warmed and lubricated his cock, then he started to bounce his tight little ass up and down and within seconds he was fucking me, it was strange, his cock was only about 5 inches long and not very wide, not as big and wide as Darren’s, but it felt better than Darren’s.

Luke’s cock seemed to hit all the right places, pushing all my buttons and activating all my inner pleasure sensors, he was also humping quite fast, it was wonderful, I couldn’t help but call out his name over and over again, “Luke. Oh, Luke. Luke.”, my senses overloaded and I screamed with an intense orgasm, Luke thought he’d hurt me when I screamed, so I had to reassure him it was fine and normal, “Keep going, baby.” I said.

I don’t know if it was because he was just so super horny, or because he liked me so much, but he fucked me with so much enthusiasm, with so much passion, I could tell he’d been wanting this badly, how can this little boy be so good at sex, it was his first time, sure he’d had lots of jerking off practice but damn, “Fuck me, Luke. That’s it, baby.”, he pounded my pussy like a jackhammer on steroids for several long glorious minutes then he ejaculated, I felt his every drop fill my insides and we both groaned with a deep satisfaction.

We had sex again 10 minutes later, which was even better than the first time, then we got dressed and tidied up, we both agreed to keep it our sexy little secret and we continued to have sex long after that.

I even changed my hours at work so I could get home before Darren and his parents finished work, so Luke and I would have enough time to fuck each and every single day, I know he’s only 12 but he’s a wonderful and passionate lover.

I only hope Darren never finds out.

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    This story’s faker then Kim’s arse

    • AP

      The name of the site is, “Sex STORIES 69” not “Sex True Confessions”.

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    For the sake of Marital bliss it sounds like Kirsty, Darren, & Luke need to get together and start working out some regular three-somes.