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Virgin White Teen Gets BBC

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Shelly has fantasized about her best friend’s dad since she was 11. Now she’s 16 and she’s gonna get the ride of her life on his big, black cock.

I’ve been besties with my friend since kindergarten. We are both now 16, almost 17. We still have slumber parties every weekend like we are children. She thinks I spend the weekend at her house for her, but secretly it’s for her father. I’ve had a crush on him for the longest time. There’s just something about him. Dark skin, deep, dark eyes, muscular arms, strong jaw line, abs for days. I can only imagine what he looks like downstairs.
“Sleepover again tonight, Karen?” I asked my bestie.
“Of course, Shelly!,” Karen responded. I smiled.

We had our normal night; dinner, a movie and popcorn after we change into our PJs, and wine. Yes, her parents were the cool parents and let us drink a glass of wine every weekend. We stayed in the house, so there was no harm. When it was time for bed, we laid in bed and just talked about life. What we wanted to do after school, what colleges we wanted to go to to get our degrees, boys and girls (Karen is bisexual), the usual teenage girl stuff. There were a few times Karen and I kissed each other. I wasn’t necessarily bisexual, but I would let her kiss me when she needed it. Mostly when she was upset about someone breaking her heart. I was just always there for her. She’s my best friend, I would do anything for her.

Karen finally started drifting off to sleep, but I was wide awake, thinking about her father, Darren. I imagined what it would be like to be held in his big, muscular arms, to be kissed by his large lips, and to be touched by his giant hands. My pussy started to tingle so much, it ached. I looked over at Karen to make sure she was asleep as I reached inside my panties. My pussy lips were moist with my juices. I rubbed my finger up and down my slit as I pretended it was Darren. I closed my eyes as I found my clit. I rubbed it softly in a circular motion, breathing small moans quietly.
“Oh, Darren,” I whispered. “Finger my pussy…”
I heard a creaking sound and my eyes shot open. Standing at Karen’s bedroom door was Darren. He was starting to close the door when I heard it creak.
“I’m sorry,” he whispered. “I was just checking on you two.”
“What did you see?” I asked quietly.
He shook his head and I urged him not to lie.
“I didn’t see anything, but I kind of heard what you said.”
My porcelain cheeks turned red as I blushed. My hand was still in my panties. I pulled it out slowly. He nodded his head toward the door and walked out. He was motioning me to follow him.

I slowly and quietly slipped out of bed and walked out of Karen’s bedroom. Darren was standing in the hallway waiting for me. He motioned for me to follow him so I did. He lead me to the basement door.
“Nobody can hear down here,” he smiled as he opened the door. My heart started racing. Was he about to give me what I’ve been longing for since I started puberty? I walked down the basement stairs, Darren following behind me. It was set up like a man cave. There was a TV, a couch, a lamp, and a few other things.
“So, you were fantasizing about me, huh?”
I jumped, I wasn’t expecting him to speak. I blushed again and nodded.
“Honestly, I’ve had a crush on you since I’ve known you and I’ve had the actual hots for you since I turned 11.”
“That long, huh?”
I nodded. He walked up to me. “Let’s make that fantasy a reality,” he smiled.
“What about Sasha?”
“What she don’t know won’t hurt her.”
“I don’t know, that wouldn’t feel right.”
He put his arms around my waist and pulled me close to him, putting his big, full lips on mine. Suddenly, I didn’t care about Sasha and her feelings anymore. I kissed him back. I wrapped my arms around the back of his neck. He kissed me deep, parting my lips with his tongue and slipping it inside my mouth. He tasted like toothpaste. My tongue danced with his as we made out. He walked me backward slowly until we reached the couch. Never taking his mouth away from mine, he lowered me onto the couch.

As my ass reached the couch and I sat down, Darren straddled me. He moved his mouth from mine to my neck. I moaned softly as he licked and kissed it. My pussy started tingling again. Any second now I’m going to wake up from this amazing dream. Darren moved his mouth to my chest. He ran his hands down my sides, grabbed my shirt and lifted it up my body slowly. I raised my arms as he took it off, my boobs falling out of it as he did.
“Lay down,” he said as he climbed off me. I did as I was told. He leaned down and licked my right nipple. I groaned softly, my pussy getting wet. He got on his knees on the floor next to me, pulling my nipple into his mouth and sucking it. I put my right hand on the back of his bald head and rubbed it as my left hand found its way into my PJ shorts. I started fingering my clit as he continued to suck my tit. I moaned and bit my bottom lip. Suddenly he stopped sucking my nipple and looked at me. I smiled at him. He looked down at my crotch and saw my hand moving inside of my shorts. He stood back up and watched me for a few seconds. Then he pulled my hand out of my shorts and licked my fingers.
“Damn, girl, you taste amazing. I haven’t tasted 16 year old pussy since I was 16.”
He pulled my shorts and panties off and threw them on the floor, revealing my bald, dripping pussy. He licked his lips. “Sit up.”

I sat up and he pulled my hips forward until my ass was halfway off the couch. He knelt in front of me and pushed my legs apart. “Mmm, look at that wet pink pussy,” he said. He suddenly put his face between my legs and started licking and sucking my lips. I gasped loudly. I felt electricity shoot through my body. His mouth was so warm, his juicy lips sucking hard on my little pussy. I put my hands on the back of his head and humped his face, moaning. I felt his tongue part my pussy lips and find my clit. My whole body jumped as he started flicking it with his strong tongue.
“Oh, my God! That feels amazing!” I moaned. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the sweet sensations I was feeling. He ate my pussy for a few minutes, but the time felt so much shorter when he stopped. I groaned. I didn’t want him to stop.
“First time getting your pussy ate?” He asked. I nodded. He took his fingers and pulled my pussy lips apart. He grinned.
“A virgin.” I nodded again.
“Have you ever been with anyone at all?” He asked.
“Only kissing,” I said. “Will you be my first? Please? I’ve been wanting you for so long.”
He stood up. I could see his bulge in his PJ pants. I reached up and grabbed his pants at the waist and slowly pulled them down. His dick sprung up as I got his pants off it. My eyes widened. He was much larger than I had envisioned.
“You sure you can handle my 9 inch black cock?” he asked.
“I’m sure gonna try,” I said.
“I’ll go slow and easy. Get on your knees in front of me.”
I did as I was told. I knew he was about to make me suck him off and I had no idea what I was doing, but I was going to try my best. I’ve watched porn before, I would just do what I had seen them do. I gently grabbed him right above his balls. Then I licked the tip. He moaned slightly. I put the head in my mouth and sucked softly.
“Yeaaah, that’s a good start baby. Try and work more in.”
I opened my mouth wider and put a little more of him in. I moved my mouth back and forth, sucking, taking him in a little more each time. He grabbed my hair, pulling gently. I moaned on his dick, bobbing faster. Suddenly he started thrusting his hips, fucking my mouth. He started off slow and gentle until he got a little frustrated. He pushed the back of my head into him, thrusting himself into my throat. I gagged as he pulled himself back out. Then he shoved himself back in, down my throat.
“Mmmm, yeah, your throat feels so good on my cock baby, mmmmf!” He started fucking my throat faster and harder. I gagged on him a few times, but I eventually learned to open my throat.
I wrapped my hands around his legs as he fucked my face, moaning every once in a while. Suddenly he groaned loudly and stopped with his dick in my throat. I felt something hot shoot down my gullet. He was cumming in my mouth. He pulled out and cum spewed out of my mouth, all over my chest. I gasped for air.
“You sure look good covered in my seed.”

I really liked being treated like a whore by him. I would love to be his little slut.
“Are you going to fuck me now?” I asked. “My pussy is throbbing for you.”
“You want Daddy to fuck your little virgin pussy, baby?”
“Yes, Daddy. Please fuck me.”
“Lay down.”
I laid down on the floor and he straddled me. He pushed my legs open and started licking my pussy again. I moaned loudly. He sucked my clit and started running a finger up and down my pussy slit. His fingers were thick and strong.
“You want Daddy to finger you to break your hymen or do you want me to use my cock?”
“Whatever you think is best, Daddy,” I said. He started fingering my clit with his thumb and grabbed his dick with his other hand. He started slapping my pussy lips with it. I flinched every time it touched me. He started rubbing his head up and down my slit.
“I’m going to go very slow, but I need you to stay relaxed, ok baby?”
I nodded and breathed out heavily. He rubbed his head along my slit a few more times and I felt him part my lips with it. I held my breath as I felt him push firmly against my hymen. He stopped fingering my clit and put his hands on either side of my head.
“Here we go,” he said. I felt resistance and pain as he slowly pushed his hips forward. I groaned. He pushed harder and I could feel my hymen start to rip. I groaned louder.
“Shhh, baby, it’ll only hurt for a minute.”
Suddenly he thrusted his hips into me and I felt his head break my hymen and enter me. I cried out in pain and my eyes began to water.
“My head is in, baby, you did it.” He leaned down and kissed my lips as he pushed himself in a little deeper. He was so thick and it hurt so bad, I wanted to cry. But I trusted him. I kissed him back as I felt him slowly push himself deeper and deeper into my hole.

He slowly pulled himself back out to the tip, and then slowly back inside, over and over. He was so gentle and patient, and it eventually started to feel good instead of hurting. When he realized I wasn’t in pain anymore, he stopped kissing my lips and moved to my neck. He started pushing into me a little faster, stretching my pussy hole more and more with every thrust. It didn’t feel good anymore, it felt amazing. I moaned loudly. He stopped kissing my neck and looked into my eyes.
“Does that feel good, baby?”
“Yes, Daddy, fuck me!”
He started thrusting harder, filling me up with his 9 inch dick.
“How did it feel, having your virginity taken by me?” He asked as he kept thrusting himself into me.
“It feels so fucking good, don’t stop!”
He put my arms above my head and held them down and began fucking me harder and faster. I screamed in ecstacy as his huge dick pounded my tight pussy. He moaned at the sounds of my screams.
“Scream for Daddy, baby,” he said. He put his hand around my throat and squeezed softly. Somehow that made it feel so much better.
“Ugh, yes Daddy! I’m gonna cum! I’m about to cum!”
Somehow he fucked me even faster.
“Yes baby, cum for Daddy. Cum on Daddy’s big, black cock!”
He squeezed my throat a little tighter. My whole body started to shake.
“I’m cumming!” I screamed and I had the most explosive orgasm I had ever had in my life. Darren pulled his dick out and I squirted cum all over the floor. He jacked himself for a few seconds before he came all over my stomach. He let go of my throat. I was breathing hard, covered in both of our cum. I had never felt so good.
Darren laid down beside me, out of breath himself. I cuddled up next to him and passed out while he stroked the back of my shoulder with his fingertips.

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