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Saving Grace Part 11

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Part 11

My text conversations with Mia didn’t stop there, they just became raunchier. We became masters of talking in code to not arouse suspicion, certainly when I was with Grace and Jess.
After my last confession (Part 10) I became involved in a triad or throuple. Luckily, they all didn’t know of the activities, but they all knew each other existed.


So, on the Saturday after my exploits with Mia, I had pre-arranged to go out for the day with Grace and Jess at 10, I parked the car and walked into Jess’s house. I was met with a note on the fridge, she knew I’d want coffee before we went anywhere.

“Had to cover a few clients, back by 1pm (with any luck), did try calling you but it was 5am, dinners on me for this, Sorry, xxx”

The note never mentioned Grace, so I shouted up the stairs to her.

“Ugh… I’m awake” came the aggressive reply.

“Wait, Daddy, is that you?” she calmly asked.

“Yeah, princess it’s me” I replied, beginning to make my way upstairs.

I reached her bedroom and walked in, I only knocked when Jess was in the house. Grace was mid-stretch when I entered, all be it laying on her stomach. Her bum up in the air and clearly Her eyes lit up with a sense of excitement and happiness.

I approached her bed, the covers were just above her butt, you could clearly see she was wearing just a thong and a tank top, I sat down on the edge of the bed, she sat herself up and wrapped her arms around me, we were way past creeping about and hiding things, plus we were alone.

We kissed passionately French kissed, our tongues meeting at varying intervals alluding to the passion we were both exerting. She broke the kiss.

She moved herself to straddle my lap and went back to passionately kissing each other.
I removed her tank top exposing her teenage boobs, they weren’t huge but a decent handful, I began to rub them with my hands before taking her nipples in my mouth flicking them with my tongue.
My free hands were now able to rub her pussy through the thong that she was half wearing, i could feel her wetness through the material.

“I love you” she breathily stated.

I removed her boob from my mouth and replied that I loved her too, before going back to my task.
I pulled her white Calvin Klein thong to the side and slid my finger inside her, with relative ease, and began sliding it in and out with varying speeds.

“Oh… my” she exclaimed

“This feels good”

She removed herself from my lap, my jeans being tight from caging my erection, she stood up and removed her thong, she was now stood in front of me fully naked. Her teenage body looking as delicious as the first time I saw her naked all those years ago.
She then started to remove my jeans.

“I want MY cock” she demanded

“Well, you can’t have it” came my reply

“Please can I have it, it’s been too long since I had it though, I want it NOW!” she pleaded.

By this point, I knew I wanted her to have it, but I also liked the control aspect of the situation, here she was my 16-year-old “secret girlfriend” begging naked in front of me for HER cock.
“Please, I’ll be nasty again”

With that I buckled, she knew she had struck a chord with me, she began bouncing on her legs like an excited child when I undone my jeans and exposed my raging cock to her, this wasn’t her 1st time seeing it but she had the same excitement as she did way back when.

My jeans fell to around my knees and she grabbed my boxers and pulled them down with ease, I slightly helped, my cock sprang from them with ease.
Grace instantly grabbed hold of it, before giving it a little kiss… she then began to work my cock into a frenzy by giving me a handjob, I met her motions with a playful flicking of her perky nipples with my fingers.

“Ooooooh, I like it when you play with me” she excitedly commented.

“I’ll always play with you princess” I replied.

By this point I had moved down to her pussy, it was still glistening from my earlier play session, I rubbed it all over with my index and middle fingers.

“Mmmmhmm, daddy you’re so good to me”

I never replied, I just went about playing with her with speed yet purpose… I remembered she said she’d be nasty; I would test that statement.
I stopped rubbing her pussy and put my 2 fingers in her mouth, she latched on to them like anything, she was licking my fingers like they were lollipops… I knew she tasted good, but I wanted her to taste herself.

I lined my cock up with her mouth with my free hand but she was preoccupied, and then all of sudden she took my cock in her mouth, yet it slid in with ease, she had hoarding saliva while sucking on my fingers.

She pulled away and released it all over my cock and went back to her task of bobbing up and down my shaft. She had gotten quite good… every so often going deeper and deeper with every push and try. In that moment, whilst looking down all I thought of was Mia who not 24 hours earlier had pushed herself too far to the point of puking.

Grace tried as much she could.

“Princess don’t go too far; you’re being nasty enough don’t make yourself sick” I caringly quipped.

“Ok, I just wanted to try once more” she said breathing heavily, trying to catch her breath.

She sat naked and breathing heavily, fresh from her exploits, her eyes watering and chin, drenched with water and saliva.
I started to play with both her nipples and pussy at the same time, this sent her into a frenzy, she was wriggling away trying to escape my grasp. She took over from me… she knew I liked to watch her play with herself.

“Stand up then, unless you want to stop” I said

She did this without hesitation, she was quite submissive really, she liked to be told what to do, in certain situations of course. She always liked “Pleasing papa” when we started our adventures, now with her being older, she was more vocal, and she knew that she was getting fucked.

She was now stood in front of me, my eyes were level with her boobs as I had sat down on the edge of her bed. I stood up and picked her up and she instantly wrapped her legs around my lower back.
I thrust her against her wardrobe to try and get a stable footing.

“Oh yeah, you going to fuck me daddy?!” she screamed

My mind went to Mia, I instantly shook her from it.

“Yeah, I am baby! You deserve it”

With my free hand I tried to guide my cock to her opening

“No, I haven’t trained in a while daddy”

I was obviously near her butt, she always liked to train for my cock when she wanted anal, she didn’t want it this time.

I slid my cock inside her tight pussy, it’s warmth and wetness enveloping my cock like a glove.

“Oh, fuck that’s deep but so goooooooood!” she excitedly moaned.

I began thrusting inside with a fair bit of force, pushing her up the wardrobe like a snake, although she had a vice like grip on my back.


Our eyes met and we just stared at each other whilst I thrusted my length inside her, her stare momentarily breaking with each thrust.
I picked her off the wardrobe and fell onto her bed, my cock just escaping her pussy but I soon placed it back inside her, and began thrusting deeper inside her, her screams and moans filling the otherwise still house. Her vice like grip had relented, so now I was free to fully drive my length inside her to which I did.


She went rigid, and came right there on my cock, this didn’t upset my rhythm or stop my thrusts inside her.
My thrusts were picking up speed when I pushed her legs from my side into the G whizz position, or her legs were up my chest with her ankles were resting on my shoulders.

My thrusts were at their most frequent but it was the depth that really sent Grace wild due to the new position we were in, I pushed further more so I was stood up and her knees were near her chest and chin, and I was sliding my cock in then out of her wet pussy to tease her.

I would periodically slap her pussy with my cock before sliding it back inside her, her moans told me that she enjoyed that, a little too much maybe.
I was close to climaxing, and Grace could feel it.

“Da…Da..Daddy” she breathily asked… looking right at me for me to respond.

“Yes baby”

“You know I’m on the pill” she stated whilst winking at me.

With that my thrusts got quicker and harder, it was like waving a red rag to a bull, with what she said, I was in a trance like state. Again, another thought of Mia, (was she on the pill?)
My concentration broke when I knew I was close to climaxing.

“Fuckkkkk” I screamed

I gave Grace her 1st cream pie, right there and then, my hot cum entering her like it was a gun going off, only a few jets of cum before I pulled out slightly and finished on or around her pussy opening.
Her gaze met mine, and we both smiled at each other, she began scooping my cum off her pussy with her finger before licking it off herself.

I fell beside her and held her close, and began kissing her forehead, before kissing her passionately once she had finished with her cum eating, we laid beside each other for around 15-20 minutes just kissing and enjoying each other’s touch.

This perfect moment was interrupted by my phone going off, it was Jess, explaining that she’d be done in 30 minutes, also could I wake Grace up so that she’s hopefully ready.

“Ahh she’s definitely up, I don’t know if she’s ready but I’ll let her know, Bye”

In actual fact, Grace was laid on my shoulder whilst I was on the phone, she heard every word, but her mum didn’t know need to know that, also the fact she was naked.
She waited til I got dressed to move, we shared a final kiss before she made her way for a shower,

“Hey daddy”
“Yes Princess”
“Can you fuck me like a whore next time?”
I stood there sorting my hoodie sleeves out, I wasn’t taken back by her request.
“I can, how about I fuck you outdoors aswell? Sound good?” I replied

She left the room for a shower, I grabbed my phone, hit Mia and message

“Hey darling, strange question, you on the pill? Xx”
A text came back around 5 minutes later
“Yeah, I am, I’d love to get pregnant though, 😊xx”

Part 12 coming soon

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