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Baby “Sister”

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I was supposed to keep him out of trouble, but ended up helping him.

The funny thing is, he was my age, in the same grade, and I got paid to hang out over there. No big deal, but the truth is, his dad was trying to set me up with him, as a girl-friend. The kind of “Trouble” he wasn’t supposed to get in was doing any more gay stuff with other boys, so it was hoped that just being here would make him straight.

Oh well, good money, but one night his big sister had some thing to go to. I don’t know, it could have been lots of things, it wasn’t a soccer game, because they did those on saturday mornings, and this was a week night. A school night, and I was on the phone, talking to one of my friends.

We had this book to read, out loud, so we practiced that, over the phone. In English, we’re supposed to write a book report, to read out loud in front of the whole class, too. So, that’s what we’re doing on the phone, when we heard the line pick up, and music from the living room.

It turns out that Scott put it on Speaker, so I could hear him, as soon as his friend started talking about me. “Yeah, my sister is single.” I shook my head, and my friend stopped reading, when the music started. Then, Scott said “You really think My Sister,” he kept saying that, My Sister really loud, and since we’re both, kinda interested in the same boys, we confided in each other.

Almost Girl Talk, even though he wasn’t a girl, this was one thing we had in common, and we shared some fantasies. The same boys, but also, there was this one, I never got to do. See, my dad had Henry the 8th’s luck with kids. He wanted a son, but then mom convinced him to give up after the 4th daughter, and I was in the middle.

I had older sisters, younger sisters, and friends with brothers. Older brothers, younger brothers, and even one with a creepy uncle. I guess those were the first sexual things I heard about, and after a few years, listening to them talk about boys trying to see them naked, or getting into their underwear, leaving jizz spots, or just getting boners looking at them, I guess I kinda got jealous.

Of them, having a horny boy at home, a brother that found them attractive. No actual incest that I was aware of, just regular peeping, dirty laundry, loud whacking off behind close doors, and incriminating jizz spots left as evidence. I didn’t get any of that, and I was also pretty self conscious of my looks.

I was a fat kid, the fat kid until about 4th grade, when I met Gabby, in 6th grade. She’s a big over-achiever, soccer, track, and field, dance, and pushing for Valedictorian when she finally got to senior year, and graduated. So, that’s why there was no telling, what her parents took her out for at school. Some extra-curricular thing, like sports, Drama, or whatever.

She helped me with diet and exercise, honestly she was my Heroine. She stopped the other girls from picking on me for being fat, and helped me lose the weight, but being a soccer player, and endurance runner, she didn’t have any to lose. Some boys like that sort of think, like Scott’s friend, I didn’t get his name, but then Scott asked him “You really think My Sister is pretty?”

“Yeah, pretty fucking sexy, and how big are her tits, anyway?”

“You want to see her tits? My Sister always takes her bra off, about this time to get ready for bed. Come on, I’ll show you.” I heard the phone scrape? That weird hollow rough sound, a phone makes when you hold it up to your chest to say something, and your top rubs up against the mouth piece.

It turns out that he put the cordless in his back pocket, so I could still hear them going out back. So, I put Gabby’s phone on speaker to listen to them come around to her window. “Huh,” I was starting to feel hot anyway, so I picked up the book, pretending to read it, and started unbuttoning my blouse. From the collar, letting the hot air out, but I knew that as soon as they started talking about my breasts, they weren’t talking about his real sister.

Gabrielle didn’t really have any, not enough to talk about. She was skinny, and pretty, she had abs, and long muscular legs from running, but that was about it. Again, when Scott was asking his friend, if he thought his sister was pretty, yeah. They’re probably talking about Gabby, but when they started talking about tits, well.

A side effect of being the fat girl in 4th grade was I started puberty, a little early. I already had a fat chest to fill out, and then when I started losing weight, they kept on growing. So, it was almost like all the fat from my tummy went into my chest. I’m not pretty, I never was, but after that, it didn’t really matter. Boys (I mean straight boys, not Scotty) didn’t really bother paying attention to my face, and now, here I was 13, with full size C cups.

Really overheating, even with my blouse un-buttoned all the way down to the top of my shirt.

“See? I told you.” Scott’s voice from the back yard, was muffled from having the mouth piece in his pocket, but I just took a deep breath.

“Huh!” To stretch my bra even tighter, and put the book down, to untuck my top. Unbutton the bottom button, and got up. Turned away from the window, where I knew they were watching, but also afraid that if I looked right at them, it might scare them off. I slipped the blouse off my shoulders, and down my arms, trying to imagine my brother.

Not for the first time, my little sister got into the scissors once, and she had to get a short haircut, to even it up. So, she looked enough like a boy, I could imagine what my brother would look like. Leaning down, by the doorknob, so the light from the keyhole shone on his face, and his eyes going wide open. Watching me undress.

“You told me she took it off.”

“Sh, be patient, she doesn’t know we’re watching. Just wait.”

I sat down, trying to breathe. More normally, but my heart was beating a mile a minute, so I picked up Gabrielle’s brush. Despite her darker brown hairs in it, almost black, I pulled out my pony tail, and swung it out over my back. Looking at the mirror over her desk, she uses it for homework, as well as doing her hair. Putting on makeup, and that not only shook out the kinks from the ponytail. It also shook my bra, so they jiggled, and even rubbed together.

Scott was right, it might be a little suspicious if I just unhooked my bra, but also, I was nervous. I never had a boy look at me topless, and I was a little insecure about how the left one sagged, lower than the right. The nipples didn’t quite match, and I gave up trying to hold my tummy tight.

“Huh, huh!” I can’t breathe, I can hardly catch my breath without trying to suck it in, pose sitting down, and brush my hair like. I don’t remember, any of their names, but you know the Playboy Girls, right? Even if you are used to modern internet porn, I guess you can look up some classic shoots from Playboy. I was pretty close to the 5’2′ 36 24 36 Playmate body, even if I wasn’t as pretty in the face. I guess those were my role Models, when it came to being sexy.
For boys to look at, the tease of taking off my clothes, so they don’t blow it too early, and lose interest, but my hair brushed, I set it down.

Ready for the next step, I had to lean over, so I could get my arm behind me. Twist it up, like a rape victim, grabbed from behind, and twisting her arm so she can’t get away, can’t fight back. What? Those creepy peeping little brother stories weren’t the only ones I heard, and I don’t know what’s wrong with me. Why the regular adult married couple, honeymoon, and even cheating housewife fantasies never really appealed to me.

I always thought about perverts, taking advantage of me when I was horny, or to get turned on, but that ment everything from sneaking peeks at my bra, down the neck of my lose top when I bent over, and running off to spank it to full on getting caught alone, after dark. Grabbed from behind, threatened. “Don’t make me hurt you,” and giving into him. So, he was gentle, but fucked me, bent over something like a trash can, and maybe twisting my arm a little. Not too too hard.

“Huh!” Finally, the bra straps snapped loose, and hung free, so the cool air from the air conditioned bedroom could dry the sweat collected under them from all day.

“It’s okay, it’s too dark for anyone to see you. So, you can go ahead, and drop your pants.” Of course, Scott use the situation to take advantage of his friend, being gay, and all.

“Huh!” I slipped the shoulder straps off, and felt the clammy skin underneath. “HhuhH!” Rubbed the lines from the straps, cutting into my ribs, and wishing I had somebody here to rub my back. Lay down, for a sensual massage, until he got handsy, and started groping me. Fondling me, his oily fingers slipping down between my legs, and standing up.

To unbutton my skirt, and slip it off, but then I heard it. Patting, gently at first, but also heavy breathing getting shallower, faster, and the patting keeping up. Panting, and spanking it right behind me, so I stepped out of my skirt, and slipped my thumbs through the waistband. Up and down my hips, so slip them down, and bend over.

“See her pussy?”

“Uh, shit. Uh huh, fuck. Huh!”

I couldn’t help a giggle, shaking my head, and standing up. It was so funny, then Megan on the other line. “Oh My GOD!” Real loud.

“What was that?”


“Don’t give me that, what the fuck?” The line cut out, and Megan giggled when I went over to the phone to pick up.

“What was that all about?” She asked, still kinda giggling.

“Huh, Scott had a friend over, and. Well, you heard the rest.”

“What did you do?”

“I just stripped down to my panties, while he beat off in the back yard, looking though Gabby’s window.”

She laughed, “Wait, that sick boy really thought you’re Gabby?”

“I don’t know, I don’t think he knows they’re brother, and sister. Maybe Scott told him we’re twins.”

She laughed, “Yeah, you’d have to be twins to both be in 8th grade at the same time together, but you look nothing alike.”

“Tell me about it, but oh my God, that was the sexiest thing I’ve ever done.”

“Yeah, I’m gonna let you go.”

“You get wet too?”

“Oh yeah, I’m drenched. See ya tomorrow?”

“Huh, yeah. Okay.” I’m soaked too, but if she wanted to stick around for some more dirty talk, and phone sex, I would have done that too. Honestly, I was so horny, I didn’t care. I couldn’t be any more horny, but I lost track of time. So, I was still naked in Gabriel’s bed, and I didn’t even bother trying to count how many Os I got from that.


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      No. First of all, I don’t have much in common with a teenager, and secondly, sexting with someone that young, at my age, would be immoral.
      Sorry, better keep it in the realm of Fantasy.