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The cousin everyone wants

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Me and my cousin are close friends. And at the time of this story we are way, way more then that. She is a total slut. For me.

(All names are changed for safety)

The names Jake. My parents was going out of town, so I was going to stay with my cousin. At the time I was 15 and she was 25. I have a nice 7 inch dick and a well built body. My cousin, Is a total babe. She has some gorgeous, firm tits. And a nice big jiggly ass. Her name is Felicia. She has always been a big tease towards me. She does yoga, and when she does she always has her ass towards me. She always wears really, really tight yoga pants. She’s one of those girls where even if a happily married man saw her, he would go “Hot damn, I’m going to tap that if I get the chance!”. Anyway.

When I got to her appointment she runs out and greats me with a hug. Her tits press up agains my chest and I can feel that her nips are hard. We unload my things from my parents car and they say “Hope you to have a good month together.” “ Oh we will” she responds. We go up to her apartment and I just got comfortable in the sofa. She makes us some coffee and we just chat for a few hours. But I could not stop looking at her tits.

This continues for a few days. Me just masturbating 4 or so times a day thinking of her. But then one day I do something totally unexpected and un planed. I was going to make some tea and she was standing in the kitchen texting her friend. I don’t know why but when I walk past her I slap her ass. “Hehe. Someone’s getting comfortable.” She responds. Then she grabs my shirt and say with a purr in her voice. “Really comfortable…” as she plants a kiss on my lips. We make out for a while, all whilst I’m grabbing on her ass. When we pull of she said “How about we forget we are cousins for a night? You’re just a man. Living alone in his apartment, who decides to hire a prostitute for a night…”. I look into her eyes, spin her around and push her agains the dinner table. I rip a whole in her yoga pants right where her pussy is. “Someone wants more then just a night…” she says. The second I have hole big enough I instantly ram my hard cock into her. “Hey, take it easy there, bull.” “Weren’t you just a prostitute?” I respond. Then she turned her head to face me “I’m not just a prostitute. I’m YOUR prostitute.” And this makes me filled with lust.

And there I am, a before this virgin, ramming my babe of a cousin for hours against a table. He big ass jiggling in front of me. Her screaming of pleasure. She likes to take risks to she purposely raise her voice and scream “OH FUCK YES COUSIN! RAM MY BIG ASS! I LOVE GETTING POUNDED BY MY U*DER*GED COUSIN!” And she does this because it makes her hornier because her boyfriend lives right beside her. And after she does that she just turn her head to me and laugh and say “Make me yours. Make me pregnant. I want to be yours, forever, and ever.”

This continues for three weeks and the first day of the forth I come up behind her, hugging her from behind, pressing my hard cock between her ass checks. And say. “Felicia. Do you want to be mine?” “Yes” she responds. Then I pull out a ring and hold it in front if her. “Take it then” I says. She screams if joy and puts it on. Then we have some passionate, long lasting, marriage sex.

She breaks up with her boyfriend, we move away together and live together. Now I am 16 and I live tougher and engaged to my model cousin. And when I turn 18, I am going to marry her. But for now we are fucking everyday, every way I want to. Whenever I want to, wherever I want to. Plus she works from home so that’s just a plus. But we have decided that we are going to have one day every week where we have some passionate sex. But the rest of the week, we just fuck as rabbits, day in and day out. We never have sex with condoms and I never pull out, so she has gotten pregnant a lot but she always aborts them so that she is fresh and perfect for me.

This has been my story of me and my cousin. She is the perfect woman in my eyes. And I’m damn well never letting her go.

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  • Reply Dom ID:61k05kj8m

    When I was 13 my 7 year old cousin took my hand and had me finger her watching tv with other family members in the room there was just the light of the tv do no one noticed I still get off thinking about it to bad I never followed through and fucked her .!!ps tasting her was mmm,yummy and her pussy so tight.

  • Reply Bill gunby ID:bo2qeoyhl

    Damn that’s soooo hot

  • Reply Babu ID:1ftrjpcxi9


  • Reply Kelvin ID:1arfdgx2ql

    Now Leave Your Comment… This story is getting me Honey to try fuck my cousin Janet

  • Reply .. ID:fx7itafii

    Honestly disgusted

  • Reply Fckynggrls ID:uktoeivz

    There’s families that will adopt babies

    • Jake ID:brx0bs5v9d


  • Reply like2watch1576 ID:3zm4g0lim9c

    When I was that age I was fucking my hot older sister. It was hot as hell.

    • Shadow_alex ID:2y8y5nsb0j

      Did you get her pregnant?

  • Reply Shadow_alex ID:2y8y5nsb0j

    But damn i love this story

    • Dom ID:61k05kj8m

      And 100% real !!!

  • Reply Shadow_alex ID:2y8y5nsb0j

    You should ask her next time she get pregnant to not abort it

    • Jake ID:brx0bs5v9d

      Well considering we are crazy fuck animals and basically only have sex all day. I don’t think we should have a child at this point. But when we are married HELL YES I was her to be a mother.

    • Shadow_alex ID:5vn551pyd9j

      I hope you two get kids

    • Nigga ID:vuf1mkhm

      The fakest story I’ve ever read lmao

    • John ID:19rknvef8

      Preteen used panty for sale.. [email protected]