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cousin and terrace

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I was 9 years old when I walked out into the terrace and found my 14 year old cousin masturbating on the hamaca, he asked me to come closer as I started at his erection, it was the first penis I’ve ever seen and was curious and surprised at how big it was. He asked if I’ve ever seen a dick before, I shooked my head, he said that as a girl, I will get used to it cuz all girls loved touching and sucking boy’s dicks. He said he will let me taste it only If I promised not to tell anyone, that it will be oir secret and I said ok. He had me kneeled infront of him, open my mouth wide, pulled my head towards his dick, slowly pushed half his dick inside my mouth and told me to suck it. It tasted funny, but it was enjoyable, it was smooth, tender and rock hard, Cesar’s body was trembling involuntarily, as I sucked his dick, clearly enjoying having his first BJ ever by a girl. He pulled it out and ordered me to suck his balls, I did, they were smooth and soft, I enjoyed sucking them, he was trembling involuntarily, loving it as much as I did. He pulled his foreskin down, pushed his dick back in my mouth and had me continue sucking it, which I very much enjoyed. I started jerking his shaft as I sucked the tip of his dick, said that he was going to fill my mouth with his milk and that I had to swallow it. I sucked his dick harder and suddenly my mouth was being filled with my cousiins milk, he moaned louder after each pump, I swallowed fast, gagged, continued swallowing till my cousin stopped trembling and was done uploading his cum, but not before forcing his dick down my throat really fast, pulling it out when he saw me starting to choke.

He was catching his breath when he said that I had done a great job, asked if I had enjoyed sucking his dick as much as he enjoyed getting it sucked, I nodded and said yes. He grinned as he studied my face for a minute, lifted me up by the waist, sat me on his lap, with his dick in-between my thighs. He kissed my neck slowly, making me laugh, ran his hands under my blouse, squeezed my breasts and leaned down to suck my nipples, had my entire body tingling, then laid on the hamaca. Explained that just like I sucked his penis, he was now gonna suck my vagina, i lifted my skirt, he pulled down my white panties,he open wide my legs and ran his tongue on my vagina, licking it for a couple of minutes, sending goosebumps all over my body. Asked if I felt nice, I nodded and said yes, said that he loved my beautiful and tight little pussy, continued licking it, started sucking it and finally, sliding his tongue deep inside it, making me sweat by sending a warm, tingling sensation between my thighs. I started wincing the moment he slid his fingers inside my vagina, sliding them in and out and really fast, stimulating my vagina and I experienced my first orgasm i havent idea what it was and that could have them, my whole body trembled uncontrollably, making me moan really loud and leaving me completely exhausted.

He lifted me up, after pulling down his shorts, exposing his huge erection and slowly, pulling me down as the tip of his dick entered my vagina, making me gasp, he told me not to cry or make a noise. He had me well lubricated from sucking my pussy, that his dick started to slide slowly, stretching my pussy wide as he forced himself deeper and suddenly, pulled me down really hard, penetrating me instantly and tearing my insides as his massive dick made it’s way deeper inside. He covered my mouth with one hand and began thrusting hard and fast, fucking me extremely with amazing force, sending goosebumps and pain down my body. I felt a mix of intense pain and pleasure as he fucked me, I was starting to enjoy him, I started moaning softly, breathing faster and by the time he was done pumping heavy loads of cum inside my pussy, I really having sexual pleasure and had more than a few small orgasms. He finally lifted me off of him, sat me on the hamaca and we got dressed, said that he had loved all the things we did and made me promise to never tell anyone and that if I wanted, we could do it again and obviously, I did want to do it again, I learned to love been with him and having him inside me. Definitely a great way to start.

Finaly we doing it again,next time was time for my ass.

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    Great fuck for sure

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    At school I had messed about in the changing rooms and occasionally masturbated with a friend, Phillip. At 16 I was quite well endowed and not circumcised, Phil was not quite as big and circumcised with a quite large head. Apparently he told his sister and one day after school we were down by the river and Phil said he had to go back to school to pick up his homework, leaving Sally and I together. I looked over to her and she was sitting in a position where I could see a little way up her skirt and I had a sudden feeling in my groin. We chatted for a while and she said “Are you looking up my skirt”? “Sorry, but yes and I have to admit it’s a bit too nice”. “You know Phil has told me about your big penis and I’ll let you see a bit more of me if I could just look”. “I am quite OK with that but we must be quick”. I unzipped my pants and finally I slipped my underpants off and pulled out my penis. “Gee Gerry it’s lovely and you’ve got a foreskin, can I touched it”? Ultimately she played with my penis and loved to work my foreskin up and down and of course I became totally erect, and she commented on the size, about 7 inches already. Meanwhile I had slipped down her white cotton panties and I was engrossed with her pubic hairs, her beautiful vulva and vagina. Before we dressed we had some exciting foreplay and a little oral sex. Later we became boyfriend and girlfriend and had our first full sex just when we were both 17 and the other beautiful thing about her are her beautiful breasts.

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    Hi Brenda, nice story thank you

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