Author: Jake

Tim’s Family Fun 2

I was 12 and my kid sister Haley was 10. Haley was big into pro wrestling. I was dead asleep on a Saturday morning and I hear “Hail Storm!” And she runs in goes airborne and lands... # # # #

946 words | 2 |4.62

Special needs therapy

After college I wanted to work with special needs children helping them as best I could. I got into this program where they work with animals. Especially goats, dogs and horses. It... # #

1637 words | 8 |4.89

Lesbian sex triangle

As I got to my girlfriends house she opened the door and I was greeted by the site of her in a tight tube top and a mini skirt and I was reminded that she doesn’t wear underwear... # #

354 words | 9 |3.62

Sex in the gym

So when I was 17 I caught my girlfriend having sex with my sister I didn’t know what was more shocking that my gf was having sex with another girl or that the girl was my sister... #

344 words | 7 |4.33