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Mom and son how it all started

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It was the ’70s mom would never wear bras while she was in the house. myself only being 10 I grew up taking showers with mom cuz Mom didn’t believe and taking baths. I always took showers with her she would wash my hair because I always got soap in my eyes. One time mom turned me around so I was facing her and she told me to keep my eyes closed so I wouldn’t get soap in my eyes. She pulled me so close that I felt her tits on my face. She told me open your mouth for a second so I did and when I did she shoved her tit into my mouth and she told me to suck. she said suck me like you did when you were a baby, so I did. This basically is how it all started but I do remember stuff when I was a lot younger. At this time I wasn’t able to get hard yet but she knew it was coming soon. She would talk to me and tell me what’s going to happen when I get a hard-on. So I think I was around 11 and a half maybe and she came to wake me up for school and I had a raging hard on. When she pulled the blanket back she could see that I had a hard on. She looked at me and said you can do two things you can either get up get ready for school or I can call in sick for you and I can take care of that hard on for you. when she was saying this she was grabbing my cock and rubbing it through my pajama bottoms. So I told her that I would like her to take care of it. She said stay here and I’ll call the school telling them that you will not be coming into school today cuz you’re sick. By this time in the morning Dad has gone to work and my older sister has gone to school since she was many grades ahead of me. About 10 minutes later mom came back into my room and I was still rock hard. She asked if I had cummed yet and I had no idea what that meant and I said I don’t know. Mom pull down my pajama bottoms and my boxers to check for any stains and she says no you haven’t yet that’s a good thing. She grabbed my hand and took me to her room we got up on the bed and she stripped all my clothes off for me. Mom began sucking my hard cock and she said if at any time you want me to stop just say so and I’ll stop I said okay. But this felt so good I never told her to stop. After about 15 minutes or so I was like shaking and I said something’s happening and she says that’s good let it happen. She was stroking my cock and sucking it at the same time and within seconds I began to cum in her mouth. She took it all in and swallowed it and looked at me and said thank you baby thank you for your first load. She asked me how I felt and if I liked what she had done for me and did I have any questions. I said yes I liked it and was that it? Is that all there was to having sex? She looked at me and laughed and said no baby there’s a lot more to it.
She said let’s go take a shower I’ll make you some breakfast and then in about an hour I can show you some more. So we went to shower and while in the shower she grabbed my hand and said take two fingers and slide them here on my pussy now slide them in. I was still rock hard but she was moaning as I was fingering her. She said in an hour your fingers will be replaced with your cock inside me. Once the shower was all done mom made me breakfast I ate she did a few chores around the house I was watching some TV but when she was done she says come on let’s go back to the to the bedroom again.
By the time we walked back to the bedroom I was rock hard again. Mom says okay it’s time for your next lesson. Mo was taking all of her clothes off and laid down on the bed. As I was finishing taking off my clothes too she said slide up here towards me in between my legs. so I did. She grabbed my cock and guided it towards her pussy and when it got there she says now push in. Omg it felt so good it was so warm. She then says now pull out a little but not all the way and push back in and keep doing this. She started moaning and I asked if she was okay she says yes baby it just feels so good. After about 15 minutes I told her something was about to happen again and she said stop. she pushed me off of her. She said I don’t want you to come yet so stop fucking me. I laid down on the bed and she grabbed my cock and slowly stroked it she also began to suck it a little too and just teased me a little she didn’t want me to come yet. She was laying next to me you told me to start sucking on her tits. As I was doing this she was slowly rubbing my cock grabbing my balls and just playing with them. After a few minutes mom got on top of me and mounted my cock. She was bouncing up and down on my cock and I like seeing her tits bounce as she did it. But after about 5 minutes I told her I was going to cum again but this time she said come baby fill mommy’s pussy up with all your cum.
I shot everything I had into her pussy. When she knew I was done she didn’t get off of me she stayed on top of me for more than 20 minutes and never pulled my cock out. We were kissing and she was telling me thank you baby that was good. When she got off of me she asked me if I would do her a favor and of course I said yes Mommy what do you want me to do? she got up on top of my face and she says lick my pussy baby lick all the cum that you put in me. she was on top of my face for more than 10 minutes and all the cum started oozing out of her pussy and I licked it as much as I could. She started having convulsions and she said that she was about to cum and she grabbed my hair pulled my face up to her pussy and began cumming all over my face and into my mouth. After she was done coming she laid next to me and said thank you baby that was so good.
This is how it all started with my mom this went on for years every time Mom and me had some time alone we would fuck. after my sister had moved out and started her own family dad would take business trips leaving my mom and me alone for days at time. we loved this time together. We kept this for more than 25 years never going more than 2 days with out fucking each other till the day she past away.

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  • Reply [email protected] ID:1db4n0gtlbll

    sweet loving story…

  • Reply Ren ID:41ery97d1

    True story?

    • Anon ID:1dhizf75nlvp


  • Reply FBI ID:dvylx7f20b

    You all arrrrrrr underarest

    • Gonzo ID:fx7j3f7d4

      YOU are a fucking idiot!

  • Reply BRITNEY ID:1df0k80uvhff

    I remember my mom wearing a open bottom girdle with attached nylon stockings and when my dad got home I heard some light moaning coming from the kitchen so when I peeked in I saw my mom at the sink with her dressed hiked up and my dad holding her girdle covered hips and fucking the hell out of her !

    • Dare ID:11avdrlft0j

      What did u do? Did u say anything?? Let me know [email protected]

  • Reply Bassey ID:7z8q52zb0i

    Is there a story site that don’t have age restriction rules?

  • Reply Dubya ID:1cyit7b0r3dh

    Gotta love pedophile mom! Great story, just please break it up into paragraphs next time.

  • Reply Cappy ID:1a4kzeo38i

    Wow! This was awesome to read! Thank you for sharing this beautiful story. I loved it. Keep writing.
    There are lots of Anon writers and commenters on this site. If you want followers, you might want to choose a different name.
    I really like what you have to say. Thank you for writing.

  • Reply Anon ID:1d0t7ptrccc9

    How it really start was when i was bout 5 like i said mom didn’t wear bras in the house. It was around 6pm we had a power outage. It was dark dad waited to see if power came back on quick but after 30 min nothing happened so dad decided to find a store that had power get some batteries and flash lights or candles and a non electric alarm clock so he could get up for work sis went with him. I was scared of the dark so mom said come sit on my lap. I was facing her. when i slid down to sit on her lap i pulled her shirt down some. It was like a v neck shirt. This exposed her tits a bit my face was planted in-between them. After a few min i guess i was bored i reached up and started squeezing her tit. Mom didnt stop me so i kept doing it. After a few min mom pushed me back thinking she was mad or something just lifted up her shirt grabbed me and pulled me closer. She grabbed my hand and placed it on her tit. And said you can play with it baby. Do i did. After about another 10 min or so she asked if i wanted to suck it. I opened my mouth and she put her nipple in my mouth. From there until the i was 10 like i said i always to a shower with mom and a few times we played in the shower she had me lick her pussy. I also stuck my small hand in her pussy.

    • Pervy pete ID:t2q3s5720a

      So fucking hot! What a dirty bitch your mum was

  • Reply Mr lover lover ID:1czjopntvg75

    Wow what a childhood to have damn!

    • Anon ID:1d0t7ptrccc9

      Actually all started when i was around5 but cant go that young in the story according to their rules

  • Reply Tim ID:tb9kj0eh

    Awesome story. You are so lucky! I’ll bet she enjoyed it as you grew bigger & became a better lover.

  • Reply Pervy Uncle ID:n4ndbrihm

    I’m just curious how big your cock was and did you have any pubs yet?

    • Anon ID:modvkgp6de6

      Like 5-6in n just a little