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Down on the farm

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I was 13 when my friend from school told me about masturbation. He told me how you do it.

I lived on a farm with my mom, dad and brother. I was in the hay loft alone one time and thought why not? I started jacking off in a concealed spot. I was concentrating on what I was doing. I heard a gasp and “Oh my God Luke!” as I shot my load off. This neighbor girl Hannah had perfect timing as she walked in on my orgasm. I got mad. Trying to cover my boner. She was 10.

“What are you doing to your thing? What was that that flew out?”, She asked.

“What are you doing? Why are you spying on me? I am going to tell your Mom and Dad you were spying on me.”, I said.

She was smarter than that, “Yeah tell them you were rubbing your thing and I watched you. Let’s see how well that goes over.”. She laughed. “Let me touch it.”

“No you ain’t touching that!”, I said.

She laughed and tackled me in the hay. She was laughing and grabbed it as we fought and she said, “Ew there is goo all over it. Gross.”

“That is what you get!”, I said.

“Ew ew that is icky! Nasty! You are gross! Making that stuff come out! That cannot be good losing fluid like that! You are going to make yourself sick.”, She said. I laughed.

She was on her computer that night and tells me the next morning, “You gotta stop that you can go blind from doing that! I saw it on the internet.”, She said.

I laughed. “Where did you see that? It is b.s. Stop looking that crap up! Your Mom and dad see that you are in trouble.”

She said, “I will just blame you.” She giggled and pointed at me. I grabbed her and tossed her on the couch and tickled her. “What the fuck?”, I thought. My cock was getting hard. I quickly went to my room.

“Hey what is the matter? Come on that was fun!” she said, “Are you ok?” I told her I felt a little sick. She walks in on me in my room. I was trying to hide my erection. Waiting for it to go down. She saw

“Oh! What the…Oh…Uh I…uh”, she stammered.

“Shut the door ok! Go!” I said.

She shook her head. “Can I see it? Please. I won’t tell. Please. Rub it again!”

“I thought it was icky and gooey and gross?”, I asked.

“That was after you were done. Come on I want to see the stuff fly out again.”, She said.

“Nah I might go blind!”, I said teasing her.

She hit me playfully. “You are a dick.”

I waved my cock in front of her. “No that is a dick!”

“Come on. Luke please?”

“Ok. This one time only.”, I said. It was bullshit. I was definitely going to show her again but I did not want her to know that. She watched wide eyed as I jacked off. She touched the head and I just showed her what to do. She started jacking me off. It felt wonderful. I was about to come and I just took over again. “Watch out. I don’t want to get any on you as I finish.” My cum shot out at her. She jumped away. I laughed.

“That cannot be normal. That cannot be good.”, She said. I told her the birds and bees and why it came out and what it does.

That night she researched it on the internet and discovered pornography. “Dude! Dude! You gotta see this!”, She said, “Look at his thing! Wow wonder if your thing will get that big?”, She said.

I laughed. “Why? Do you wonder that?”

“Because you are going to marry me.”, She said I laughed. “Oh I am? Ok. You got the dress picked out and everything? You got the caterer? You got the hall? Should we tell our parents now?”, I said. She punched me lightly. “You better marry me! I will knock you out!” I laughed. “So romantic.”, I said. She laughed.

We walked to the hay loft. “Let me see yours.”, I asked. She blushed and shook her head. “Uh yeah you will! I showed my mine twice and what it does.”, I exclaimed

She shook her head. She giggled and ran away. I chased her and caught her outside. I grabbed her and carried her back in spanking her ass. I set her down on the hay.

“I love you!” She said. “Hey let’s kiss like adults. Look I have a video on how to do it!” She had a video for just about everything.

She pulled up a video she downloaded. We made out on the hay. I went for her pants trying to get them down. She kneed me in the crotch. I bent over in pain.

“Oh my! I am so sorry. I was trying to knee you in the leg.”, She said. “Will everything still work the same? Dude I am sorry.”

I laughed in pain at her question. “I think so.”, I said.

“Ok here. I am sorry.”, She said. I got up. She laid down on the hay and took her pants off. She spread her legs and showed her beautiful treasure. I touched her bald pussy and got a gasp. “Move the skin to the side and you can see inside it.”, I did and found her clit.

I don’t know what made me want to but I wanted to lick it. “Can I lick it?”, I asked.

“Ew boys are gross!”, She said. “Why would you do that?”

“I don’t know I just want to.”, I said. She agreed to try it.

She laughed when I first did it. Squirming away. “Come on let me do it.”, I said. I just licked her all over her pussy. I got an instant boner. I got over her so she could play with my dick. She jacked me off while I ate her out.

“Put it in your mouth. Like in the movies. Put it in your mouth.”, I said. After some coaxing she finally did. She gave about the worst blow job ever. But she was only 10 and it was her first time. Mostly she just kept it in her mouth but it was something we can work on and she did.

“Hey lick me here.”, She said. Pointing to her clit. “Keep it there on the dot please. “. I took my thumb and stuck it in her pussy. She gasped loudly. I just kept moving it in and out. Her body started rocking in rhythm with my fingering her. Squeezing her tunnel tight as it was in there. Her ass cheeks started trembling. She lost interest in my dick and held my head in place. “Mmmmmmm uhhhhhh. Mmmmmmm. Mmmmmm. Ohhhh”, her legs clamped around my head as she came. She was just laying there in a catatonic state after her first orgasm. I think her mind was just trying to process what happened. I asked her if she was okay. She smiled and at me. She more anxious now. She motioned to me with a big smile. She wanted to make out some more. We spent the afternoon laying in the hay and making out.

She started researching blow jobs and how to do one. She came over. I was in my room. “Are your parents home?”, She asked.

I said “no why?”

“Why do you think?”, She asked.

“I dunno”, I said. I smiled.

“Why do you always have to tease me?”, She asked, “I don’t do that to you.” She pretended to be hurt even whipping some tears up.

“Come on Hannah. I don’t mean anything by it. Besides I thought you liked it? Come on. I love you. You know that.”, I said

She started giggling. I called her an ass. I was mad now. “Oh come on. You tease me all the time. At least I got you to say the L word. Come on down with the pants. I did some research last night on the computer. Some things I want to try. I might be a little better at sucking it now. I want to try it.”, She said.

“Nah you will go blind.” I said. Mocking her for what she told me.

She kissed me and we made out and she moved me to the bed. She pushed me on the bed. “Now lay down and be quiet!”, She said and smiled. “I got serious research to do here.” I laughed

She was better this time. She really had studied. She was sucking my head and then going down my pole and slowly coming back up. She smiled at me “Better?”.

“A lot! Wow.”, I said. She giggled and continued. I tried putting my hand in her pants but got rejected. “In a second ok? Let me finish this. I want to make sure I’m doing this right.”, She said.

“But you are let me just…..”, I got a finger on my lips telling me to shut up. “Ya know I…..”

“Do you want to get bit? I have a very sensitive body part in my mouth. Relax and enjoy this please.”, She said.

“But I was just trying to….” I felt her teeth on my cock. “Ok ok ok sorry.” She giggled.

She continued. Sensuously going up and down on the side of my cock with her tongue. Licking the head and sucking on it and then going down on me and slowly sucking hard as she came back up. I seized up as I told her I was about to come. I unloaded into her mouth surprisingly. I thought she was going to take her head away. She smiled at me and she swallowed my load.

“Wow! What happened to gooey and icky and gross?”, I asked

“What happened to me telling you to be quiet?”, She smiled and laughed, “I can still bite it off you know?”

“What happened to that sweet girl across the street?”, I asked

“She got corrupted when she caught her friend jacking off in the hay.”, We laughed.

To be continued.

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    Part 2 please

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    It all happens on the farm

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    A classmate that lived on a farm told me he used a milking machine to get off.