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a kid to fuck in jail 2

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I started growing up in prison, serving time in place of my parents and feeling fulfilled. My dad visits me from time to time, looking at his son smiling and getting fucked in the ass by the inmates. Since my anus and cunt have popped I hardly feel any dicks fucking me. There is also no point in me getting dressed, when I am naked everyone has the opportunity to fuck my bitch holes. Daddy often joins in the fun, always shoving his dick deep down my throat, I choke on his dick every time I get an orgasm. Today unexpectedly Mom came too. I was shocked, Mom was dressed only in stockings, just like me. My cock stood up immediately when she ran towards me splashing cunt juices. She started to suck me off and I moaned out loud, a line of inmates lined up right behind Mother. One by one they fucked her bitchy pussy while she sucked my cock. Mother lifted my legs high and put her hand in my asshole. She fucked me hard and fast with her hand and after a while her other hand joined in. My mouth was plugged with my father’s cock, my cunt was dripping with juices and begging for a hard fuck. I was rolling my eyes feeling delighted when suddenly the prisoners took me away from my parents. They started to rape me collectively, shoving 3 cocks each up my cunt and ass. My mother was horrified at the sight, but it didn’t last long because she was pulled out of her shock by the next prisoners. My mother screamed as her torturers fucked her with two cocks in each hole, pinching her bitchy nipples. Dad tried to stop them but our torturers quickly overpowered him, stripping off his clothes. I smiled as my father felt 2 cocks inside him at once, he had to suck their cocks. They jerked his dick hard and fast, Father begged them to let him go but they wouldn’t listen, now they finally had a whole family to fuck. Their own filthy slaves.

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    God amazing i truly love rape