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Author: Luke

Twins next door

I was 15 and living with my parents at our lake house. Right next door lived my cousins who had two twin girls Lynn and Lucy both 10. They were from his wife’s first marriage and... # # # #

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I remember the days of my youth living at my dad and stepmom’s lake house. I have a stepsister, Ming, who is almost the same age. She is about six months older than me. She was slowly... # # # #

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The Peeper Part 2

Read “The Peeper” to understand the story. Starting from where I left off. “Yeah baby. You know I love you right?”, she nodded with my dick in her mouth. I stroked... # # # #

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The Peeper

I was 15 and my step sister was 11. I was taking a shower and noticed the curtain under the sink move. I got out and toweled off. Put the towel around me and tucked it in place. I turned... # # # #

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Down on the farm

I was 13 when my friend from school told me about masturbation. He told me how you do it. I lived on a farm with my mom, dad and brother. I was in the hay loft alone one time and thought... # #

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We Are Cousins 3-B

So this is the second part of part 3 of the series. It picks up from where I left off in the last short story. I walked into the other room of the suite and there sat my sister. “Luke... # # # #

1624 words | 0 |4.69

We Are Cousins! Part 3-A

This is going to be a two-parter. I was going to make it all one but the story was going to be super long. So I thought I would divide it. The Sunday after Katie left for LSU to visit... # # # #

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We Are Cousins!

I was 13 when my cousin Katie moved in with us. She was 12 at this time and recently orphaned. Her parents died in a car crash. My mom and dad agreed to let her stay with us. Katie... # # # #

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My Niece’s Lover

I never saw myself doing this. I had perverted sexual fantasies but never did anything like this. My niece is a lesbian. She and her lover live at my Mom’s house. Sandi is pill... # # #

710 words | 3 |4.83

Emma From The Block 2

I wake up in the morning with Emma opening my eyelids with her thumbs. “Wake up sleepy head!”, She said. I grabbed her and slammed her on the bed and tickled her. Pulling... # #

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Emma From The Block

1980 I was 22 and just graduated college. I bought a house in a small town. I was a drummer and my friends and I started a band. One of the neighborhood girls came by and listened as... # #

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My Niece Crystal

I was 22 when I met my first wife. We dated for a while and I met her family. Her sister had a beautiful 8yo daughter and a 12yo daughter. Half sisters different dads. The 8yo instantly... # #

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The Teacher 2: Becoming a Man

Luke went to school the next morning. Carol’s class was last hour and he was so looking forward to seeing her again. But alas she was rather cold to him. Treating him again like... #

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The Teacher

Carol was 8th grade school teacher in the early 1980’s. One year this 13 yo boy Luke was always a problem for her. Would never listen and was always being sent to the principal.... # #

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The Twins #10: Decisions

Erin is narrating: We fell asleep on the couch after the movie. I was a little hung over from the drinks we had. We both fell asleep on Luke’s chest as we usually do after our... # # #

1902 words | 7 |4.71

The Twins 8: Luke and Erin

When I turned 18 I went off to college. It was then that I started realizing my feelings for Erin. I slept with both the twins but that was more of horny teenager wanting to stick his... # #

2106 words | 1 |4.79

The Twins 6: The Harem

So Emma found this friend, Jackie, who happened to be bi-sexual also. She was in between our ages. I was now 15, Jackie was 14 and the twins were 13. I had to resort to condoms now... # # # #

987 words | 3 |4.76

The Twins 5: Home again

Well we finally got home from vacation after going to Springfield Illinois. We went to the Lincoln Home and Presidential Library and Lincoln’s tomb. Erin woke me up next day rubbing... # # # #

841 words | 2 |4.87

The Twins 3: Family Vacation

Read “THE TWINS” to understand what’s going on So I’m going to fast forward the story a little bit. I am now 13 and my step sisters are 11. We did a family trip... # # #

1141 words | 9 |4.70

The Twins 2: some more fun

Read The Twins to understand what’s going on. I went to bed that night. I was hoping the girls would sneak in again but they didn’t. I woke up to Erin licking the head of... # # #

655 words | 3 |4.61

The Twins

Growing up my mom and dad divorced. I lived with my mom who got remarried when I was 8 to a widower. As the story beings I am now 10 years old and my twin step sisters were 8. I have... # # # #

1464 words | 2 |4.61