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My neighbor the nudist family

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A family that walked around their house naked

Many years ago, I lived next door to a girl my age I cannot remember how old we were at the time. I was an only child. Whereas she had four younger siblings. Including a newborn baby.
I was at her place after school waiting for my own parents to come home.
When we went in the front door Anne took me to her room and undressed. She told me to do the same thing. While I stood there not knowing what to do her mother came in stark naked.
Ane was the first girl I had seen naked, but her mother was the first woman. I was staring at her large breasts and her large dark areolas. She walked into Anne’s bedroom and kissed her daughter on the lips, and I even saw tongue. Anne’s mother turned to me and said don’t worry you can put your clothes back on before you go home. Then she just stood there while I removed my clothes, she folded each of them and put them on Anne’s dresser. Then she kissed me on the lips, and I had her tongue in my mouth.
Then Anne hugged me, and she kissed me on the lips, and I had her tongue in my mouth.
Then while still naked we went out into the loungeroom where her younger sisters and brother were, and they were all naked.
The baby started crying and the mother changed his nappy and then sat down, and breast fed the baby.
Everybody watched her as the baby sucked on her breasts. After she put the baby down. Her son sat on her knee and started sucking on his mother’s breasts. Then both of the girls took turns before Anne had a go. Anne’s mother called me over and had me take a turn. Fresh warm milk. It tasted a little funny, but I liked it.
We sat around naked watching cartoons on the TV, but I spent a lot of the time looking at Anne, her mother and sisters.
Then her father came home. He went to his room and soon returned naked. He then kissed his wife on the lips with tongue, Anne on the lips with tongue, her sisters and brother all on the lips with the tongue. Then he came to me, and I found myself sucking on his tongue.
Then he sat back and had Anne put on one of his videos.
It showed a family Like Anne’s but a little older. All naked relaxing in a loungeroom. A dog came in it was a mut mixed bread about medium sized. I started sniffing the girl crotch as she lay on her belly on the floor. She lifted her belly a bit and the dog mounted her and fucked her while her family watched on.
Then the rest of the family started doing things to each other. The eldest girl was sucking her father’s cock. The eldest boy was going down on his mother. That left one more boy and girl who were rolling around on the floor kissing and cuddling and then they started fucking on the floor. The father started fucking the oldest girl while the oldest boy fucked the mother.
The dog had finished with the youngest girl and managed to pull his knot out of her. She then squatted on her brother’s face while he fucked their sister.
I had not seen an adult video before, and I managed to pull my eyes away in time to Anne sucking her father’s cock. He cum on her face and then had her sister’s lick the cum off of Anne’s face. I went back to watching the video. The family were swapping partners. The mother was now being fucked by the dog. The oldest brother and sister were now fucking each other. While the youngest brother was fucking the youngest sister, and the middle sister was sitting on her face.
The father was sitting back and watching.
Just then I heard my parents arrive home. I went back to Anne’s room got dressed. Anne was with me she walked me to the front door as we passed the lounge I looked in and saw her parents fucking on the floor. With one of her sisters sitting on her mother’s face.
Anee kissed me on the lips with tongue and as I left her house, I suddenly had the image of her father’s cock in her mouth. Where my tongue had just been.
That night I kept looking at Anne’s house I quickly realized all the windows had blinds on so you could not see inside the house. I kept wondering what they were doing in there after I had left.
I started to wonder if they had made any home videos

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  • Reply Bob ID:3tlp9yw8hrb

    Wow, you lucky guy!!! I’m sure you went back to Anne’s house again and again. What did you do with her and her family? I’d love to talk further about it with you.
    Love, sucks and fucks,

    [email protected]


  • Reply davis ID:1epjdalds3id

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    dad hold our cunts open and have our doberman Champ come lick us from clit to wide open asshole.,
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    Especially when my parents are there helping.
    Im fucking filthy minded and I loooove it when I meet others thinking the same way.
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