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Getting it on with my brother…

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Me and my brother have a very good relationship..

For a while now me and my brother have been close, he’d always come into my room unexpectedly and lay in my bed with me when he was bored. I was 16 and he was 14.

One day i was wanking my hard 7inch cock to some good porn and like usual he came into my room without knocking and i jumped up and pulled my boxers up showing off my huge boner bulge. He asked me what i was doing and i said getting undressed and he said Why is my cock so big and i told him when you get excited over something it gets harder and bigger.

He came fully into my room closing the door behind him at this point, i sat down on the bed with no shirt on and only my boxers. he sat next to me on the bed staring at my bulge. Eventually i laid down and he laid next to me, we were facing oppersite directions back to back.

I got bored of laying on one side of my body so i turned round to face his way and my hard cock rubs against his ass crack. I told him sorry for that and let me sort my dick out. He said it was fine and it’s an accident. i couldn’t help but stretch out my body and my dick just happened to push into his ass and i quickly noticed and moved it again.

He then grabbed it and i let out a small moan and he said it feels big and i said It is big and he said what do you do with it and i said nothing as he’s only 14. He then scooted over moving his ass closer to my cock pushing my cock between his ass cheeks. He didn’t say a word but i could see he was taking his boxers off so i did the same. and once again he pushed back further and at this point my hard cock is buried between his fat ass cheeks and my tip is touching his hole.

I start rubbing his body and tell him what a good boy he is and then i feel his hole tense up and move the tip of my dick as if his hole is squeezing the tip of my dick.

i moan some more and he asked does it feel nice and i say yes. 10 more mins of this goes by and then i tell him to lay on his back in the middle of the bed. this is wear things start hotting up.

He’s completely naked at this point laid in my bed with his perfect sporty ass on show. i buried my face in it and gave it a lick, he let out some moans. then i rubbed my cock on it teasing his young boy hole. i tickle and lick his balls from behind and smack his big ass.

his legs are spread wide open and i’m on my knees behind him, i wanted to kiss him so badly so i laid down on top of him with my dick perfect lined up between his legs and start kissing him, this turns him on as he instantly closes his legs tight whilst my dick is between them. (thigh fuck)
i start thrusting up and down moaning loudly as i do and he lays there taking it. It felt amazing, like fucking my pocket pussy toy, thrusting in and out of his thighs until i took it out and cummed all over his ass.

*Thanks for reading this, i have a second story with my dog linked below, if you want another story with my brother where i suck on his big cock then let me know in the comments. I have a story with a girl involving her and her sister. let me know which you want first, if you want to add me on twitter its @shitmisen – it’s private so follow me and i’ll follow you back then we can talk on snapchat if you want.*

Woke up to some interesting feelings at night

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