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Luscious Little Lilly Moves Next Door, Part 4 :)

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The next morning at breakfast, I could tell Daddy was a little tense. He wouldn’t even look at me, Of course Mommy had no idea that just the night before I had sucked his cock off. I knew, I had to let him know that I wanted it, that I wanted more, that I wanted to be a lil slut for him. I wanted him to want me more than Lilly.

As Daddy tried and busy himself in the garage, changing the oil in Mommy’s Dodge Omni. I went in the garage with my bike, “Daddy can you fix my bike chain” as I leaned over him, my little crop top exposing my “pokies” , I had on those tight spandex spandex shorts mommy bought me, the ones that say “cheer’ on the ass .I didn’t bother to wear a thong, my camel toe on display. I could see him looking at me, with just a hint of make-up and big hoop ear rings; I knew he wanted me . I turned up my girl meter to full “slut” mode as I strutted around the garage, showing off like a cheap hooker for my Daddy..

Then It happened, I heard my mother calling, what perfect timing, I thought as I rolled my eyes. As I enter the kitchen I could see my mother in tight legging and a bikini top, barely holding in her Mommy tits, seems Mom has stepped up her game also. She tells me Lilly called , and ask if I want to go swimming?, may as well I think, I’m horny and I know Lilly is always up to a little girl/girl action. And I need to get off.

But even that doesn’t work out as planed, Lilly is already out at the pool. When I was leaving my house, I seen my Mother leading my Dad up the stairs, her ass in his face as he followed her to the bedroom. well, at least someone is getting some cock I think to myself. I hope he likes the way I shaved Mommy’s pussy, It’s as smooth and pink as mine is. I hope I have a big clitty like she does when I get older, it looked like a baby boy cock, so cute.

As I went out to the pool, Lilly was looking incredible, as she always does. She was wearing a leopard thong style bikini, her little ass looked molded to the bottom’s. Her Mom spares no expense on the family’s cloths, and it shows. I hoped my Dad was looking as I took the glass of wine Lilly offered me. I took my towel off, showing my little bikini Lilly’s Mom bought me. I wanted him to see me, all kicked back on the lounge chair, sipping wine and sunning myself. I wanted him to see what a big girl ,his baby was becoming.

Even that plan was never meant to be, about an hour later, Chole, Lilly’s Mom came out on the pool deck. “Look who came over to visit” she says, Introducing my Mom and Dad. “Lilly this Is Don, Maddy’s dad” my Mother announces. I could see his eyes on Lilly, he was laser focused on her and that sexy little bikini, her little “A” cups all erect and pointy, my little “pokies” looking quite lame compared to the little sex kitten laying in the chair beside me. I thought that with Chloe around and her “Sex Goddess” body he would soon forget Lilly, but he didn’t.

I soon realized that my Dad liked the “Younger things in life” and me at 11 couldn’t compete with Lilly, just having turned 13 a few weeks before. And when Lilly got in the water, my Dad soon found a new love of swimming. He was right in behind her, Helping her swim, showing her new “strokes” . It was sad, a grown man falling all over himself to impress a little girl. To tell the truth I was just jealous. I wanted my Daddy to want me, not my sleezy little girlfriend. Id have understood him wanting Chloe, hell even I loved my time in Chloe’s bed, but this was just wrong.

After a few hours of watching my Daddy launching Lilly from the water, cupping her little bare ass cheeks as he thrown her around, Lilly giggling, my Father’s obvious hard cock in his swim trunks. Watching Lilly having to put her little titties back in her bikini top for the upteenth time. I was dejected, I couldn’t compete. My Dad wanted Lilly. I was brought up to bake cookies for the church socials, Lilly was raised in a world of sex, where a girl could be free to have fun, explore.

Later that night, when we all went home, I could hear my parent’s in bed, making the noise’s I so wanted to make. My mother grunting as she took my Dad’s cock, I’ve never heard her so loud, I knew my Daddy was fucking my Mother, thinking of Lilly’s tight cunt as he plowed away at hers. I tried to finger my little clit as I listened, thinking of my Father’s hard cock, trying to put Lilly out of my mind, But I couldn’t, I loved, and wanted Lilly as much as he did.

Just as I thought my world could get no stranger. My Mother informed me and my dad, at breakfast, that she wanted to go on a cruse with Chloe, you know, just a girl’s thing. It would only be for a week. And with my Dad having vacation days coming he could watch Lilly and I. My mother never went on vacation, let alone by herself. I thought my Dad would Object, after all ,he thought my Mother’s life was one big “vacation”. I was shocked when he quickly agreed. I was puzzled a first, but the more I thought about it……….

He wanted to be around Lilly without her Mother around. And so It was , as soon as the cab picked up the Mom’s , my Dad announced a BBQ at the pool.
I tried to talk to Lilly about it, telling her how much I wanted to be with her, How we were a couple. That Dad just wanted sex. She told me not to be such a baby, that Don, yes she called my Dad by his first name, was a great guy and how lucky I was to have a Daddy like him, that she never had a Daddy.

Soon it became apparent, things changed, Lilly came out to the pool in just a thong panty, not even trying to hide her sex. as she got wet, the thong became transparent. My Dad and her played grab ass and slap and tickle all night in the pool as I was watched. Even when I pulled my bikini top off, my little titlets showing, he only had eyes for Lilly. Dad was drinking vodka and Lilly and I just wine. Dad was feeling quite…excited as Lilly and I got on either side of him. Lilly easing his Daddy cock out of his Trunks. He kissed Lilly then me, he was so hard, his Daddy cock even harder then the night I sucked it off in the bathroom. I knew tonight was the night.

As we staggered to the bedroom, all three us in an alcohol fueled fog. As we flopped on the bed, Daddy’s cock all hard and ready, He was surprised the way Lilly and I latched on to each other, kissing fondling each other’s little tits. Daddy stroked his cock as he watched. encouraging us as we licked and sucked. That night I had My father’s cock like a good slut should, him drunk, grunting, forcing it in me , it hurt, but I took it like a good whore. I begged Daddy to fuck me as he plowed my baby cunt. We three laid in bed all weekend, him watching Lilly and I, him cumming in us, over and over. That weekend when I kissed my Daddy it was Lilly’s pussy I tasted, and I loved it.

It was 2 months later that I realized Lilly had gotten the better of me that weekend. Seems Lilly was pregnant, I being only 11 couldn’t conceive yet, But Lilly could, and she did. Her mom sent her off to a special school for girl’s, after 10 months Lilly came home. Her Mother Chloe clamed the baby. But we all knew it was my dad that was the Father, and Lilly was the mother. Chloe and my Mother didn’t care, they where so busy in there own love affair.

I kind’a took to raising the baby, she was so cute, and better than Barbie dolls I’d been playing with before. I liked putting make-up on the baby, she looked so cute in Mascara. I’d do her lips in cherry lip gloss , Lilly liked it when I “sexxed” her up, Daddy liked when they baby suckled at Lilly’s tits, Lilly feeding her, the babies lip gloss on Lilly’s nipples. Since I couldn’t get preggers yet it was up to me to take Daddies cumm, and I loved it. Soon I didn’t even go to school, or church, I’d just lay around the pool, all sexxed up, ready to please.

Soon Lilly was calling my Father Don, and acting like I was the nanny. I took care of the baby and Lilly used her sex to lead my Daddy on like a school boy, in love. Lilly was a force, her hot body was her weapon, I so wanted to be like Lilly. After all, she was my Step Sister and My Father’s Mistress, and the love of my life.

>>>> Hope you all liked it ,and hope it gave you a tingle;)<<<<<<<<

Lilly, again, for you , hoped you liked it), you naughty Minx;)


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  • Reply Bob ID:1emirtlib7cu

    Wow!!!! So good of the moms to go on a cruise together for a week and leave Maddy, Lilly and Don all alone. The sex they had cemented them to do more after the moms returned, I’m sure. I’d love to read more parts about the two young girls’ relationships with Don and the hot horny moms. I hope you write more parts. I’ll gladly read them and stroke my cock!!! Let me know when your new parts are posted. Thanks!!
    Love, sucks and fucks,

    [email protected]


  • Reply Danny ID:1dbexv9e7v6m

    I was waiting for you to say that daddy fuck the mouth of the baby

    • Dirtydon ID:1dhx45hmccar

      That wold be breaking the rules Danny;(

  • Reply Lilly ID:7ylren4oic

    That is right baby know one can compete with your little minx lilly.

    • Daughfuker11 ID:1e9vzp48t7iw

      Mmmmh mmmh yr sounds like yr the perfect daughter

  • Reply Lilly ID:7ylren4oic

    Oh dirty don just cannot get enough of you that is for dam sure.im wearing purple bikini panties that are really tight dirty don on my pussy.why dont you run that tongue slowly over your lilly’s pussy.

    • Annie ID:1dgx98qqwlnn

      How old are you?