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Fantasies of mine

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Some fantasies I have If you’re willing to meet up.. be 100% thorough and go through with the plan, no matter what

I want to have a small house but decent sized, 1 floor and, maybe one night when i wake up in the middle of the night i go to the kitchen looking for something and only get some water and i forget I’m dog sitting my friends Rottweiler and I’m only in my oversized shirt and I’m leaning over the counter thinking tired as hell, before i feel his cold, snout press into my crotch his hot breath in-between my legs and i get startled turning around, remembering oh right dog sitting.. and i laugh it off and i go to pet him and he nudges at my hand pawing at my legs before i finally crouch down to be eye level with him, and I’m petting him, he’d begin to give me sloppy kisses all over before forcing his tongue into my mouth unexpectedly and I’d be taken back a bit but i allow it.. and he starts being rougher and aggressive, sitting down on the tile as he nips at me before pushing his face into my crotch, his head under my shirt while he laps up at my pussy, eating me out and hitting all the right spots as i grope myself humping into his mouth, growing closer to my climax he’d end up stopping leaving me a panting mess for a moment, eager for more attention before he’d mount me and have his way with me all night until the morning leaving his knot inside of me, filling me with his hot, thick, seed

‘First’ time.
Being manipulated while still a virgin and its my first date with a woman, in a while and we go out to the bar have a couple drinks, she gets me tipsy enough and flirts with me a lot and rubbing up on my thigh and caressing my chin and complimenting me and we get to her car, she met me at my house picked me up and such she drives us back to my home, she lets herself and me in.. while we sit on the couch she still makes me drink the liquor we have at my house and trying to convince me to fuck her that night and I’m saying no and no until i finally give in and she takes us to my room, and makes me get naked before she shoves me onto the bed and gropes me, fondling me as i whimper and whine uncomfortable and weak, vulnerable under her as i squirm before she slaps me and spits into my mouth and begins to ravage me, taking my virginity on my own bed, by force and then soon after she’d whisper into my ear telling me she has a surprise for me.. and it’ll be her dog for the next date

I wanna be on like a camping trip with my owners (older woman and her dog) with her older friends and some of their pets and while we are camping I’ll be a brat sometimes, be sassy have an attitude snap back and be rude and til she finally gets mad and has enough she slaps me and degrades me, lectures me and forces me onto my knees on the ground outside and makes me spread my legs and shoves her heel into my crotch and makes me stay still while she teases me and belittles me to the point i tear up and sniffle and non of her friends know and when we get to the cabin she tells me shes gonna plan a show where I’m the main attraction and I’m begging her no and at the lodge, I’m leashed by chains to the stage and I’m forced to show how i pleasure myself and beg for forgiveness and degrade myself in front of everyone and then her dog comes on stage and bites at me as punishment making me bleed while marking me, and i suppose… but idk about golden showers but he pees on my midriff where it drips down to my crotch marking me as his territory then my mistress pees on me on the same place and I’m forced to clean up myself and then i have to suck off her dog.

Waking up to a older woman sucking on my pussy, licking up every single last drop and suckling on my clit in the morning as she hugs my thighs and I’m humping into her mouth while her dog is on my face, panting and drooling as his throbbing, hard red cock is waiting for me to open my mouth up and serve him and maybe she has a daughter? The daughter can suckle on my breast and grope me while she makes me finger her but i rather it just be me, a older woman, and her dog.

I want to be treated like a pet by her and she has a party where she invites her other older friends over and she shows me off by making me the center of attention and makes me keep my legs spread wide for her guest, and her dog eats me out slowly and after that I’d be denied permission to cum, and her guests play with my pussy, my ass, breast, mouth anything, everything and after I’m fucked by her friends I’m still a bit tight.. until I’m “forced” to mate with her dog and we make a mating press, making out sloppily with him as he stretches me out and molds my pussy to his cock and I take his knot deep inside of me and he fills me with his seed.

Info about me – I am 16, 5’8, chubby, thick thighs, 45DD breast, decent ass and have glasses and braces. I am still in highschool
!!! – !!!
If you want to meet up add my discord or snapchat.. only for meet ups if you’re a man or woman.
my discord is K.S#5290 since I do not have my phone currently
If you come to **my dms demanding or expecting nudes.. expect to be turned down and unadded almost instantly.**

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  • Reply [email protected] ID:5fu38t82zz

    Hey your kik doesn’t work

  • Reply Lust ID:2m80qenn8m

    Can you please create a KIK account, your spap is nowhere to be found, I would like to hear more news from you…you wild girl..

    • LadyK9 ID:1ck66oo4ubn0

      Try k9s.0 did you use all caps for the letters? Its also a zero at the end

    • Cyberwolfl ID:7zv3fpy2qk

      Can you tell me how kik works? You the Big Bad Wolf cyberwolfl [email protected]

  • Reply Jake ID:2px1mhue4hv

    Lady k9 u like younger guys

    • LadyK9 ID:1ck66oo4ubn0

      I dont mind them they are welcomed as well

  • Reply Mike ID:2px1mhue4ht

    She’s working with the child predator team I know for a fact

    • LadyK9 ID:2c3h702e41

      What? I’m not I’m willing to actually meet up with people, theres a hotel near my house that’s a 5 minute or so walk

    • Cyberwolfl ID:7zv3fpy2qk

      Are you sure Mike?

  • Reply Lust ID:2qmflxja39t

    Tell us all about your meetups this monday and tuesday, how did it go? What happend?

  • Reply Meet up ? ID:6e4ubbth

    Where are you from

    • LadyK9 ID:2c3h702e41

      frisco tx